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Estimer la valeur de votre vélo d'occasion

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How to estimate the value of your used bike?

In this Article

Published on July 19, 2021 

You've made up your mind! You're about to say goodbye to your old road companion! It no longer suits you, your needs have changed or your desires have simply evolved. 

But the low offers, the endless negotiations, the unsecured payments etc... All this makes you sweat! And we understand you! That's why The Cyclist House offers you the opportunity to resell or exchange your used bike with peace of mind and quickly (more information below in this article).

Extending the life of your bike and increasing its usage rate are at the heart of our ambitions, so we're sharing with you tips on how to estimate the value of your bike yourself and not get cheated when selling it. The Cyclist House is composed of a team of bike experts who appraise dozens of high-end bikes every day. These same bikes are then professionally inspected and tuned to give you access to the most selection of pre-owned bikes Certified Pre-Owneds in Europe.

So how do you determine the value of your used bike?Details when estimating the value of a used bike


Like any other object, the value of your used bike varies over time. This is why we advise you to use existing databases such as cote-velo.fr or nyd-velos.fr. This is a good first step that will allow you to see where your bike stands on the second hand market.

The price of your old ally can vary depending on a number of different factors such as:

  • The amount of inventory available on the market
  • Current component technology
  • The fashion effect
  • Seasonality
  • And of course, the condition of your bike!



Almost all bikes degrade or lose value over time. But there are different factors that help some bikes retain their youthful glory versus others that are quickly in demand.

If you're curious about whether the price you're being offered in exchange for your bike is fair when you receive an offer from The Cyclist House or a private buyer, here are some things to consider:


  • The age of your bike - Depreciation only gets worse with age. Of course, there are bikes that hold their value very well over time, but if you want to get the most money back for your bike, the earlier you sell, the better.
  • The state - It seems obvious, but the better condition your bike is in, the more it will retain its value. If it has been pampered and well maintained throughout your life together. If you have the opportunity to replace inexpensive parts (such as the grips, thehandlebarsthe saddle). If you have protected its frame and components from scratches and other damage. All these elements will increase the value of your bike. If you have not already done so, we invite you to visit our guide with our best tips to preserve the value of your bike.
  • The size - If your bike is a common size that fits more riders, it will be in higher demand. Sizes S, M and L will go much faster than an equivalent size XS or XL.
  • The model and brands in high demand - Some bikes and brands are simply more in demand than others. Because of their reputation they retain their value much longer.


    • Low new purchase price - It's like anything else, the cheaper a bike is when it's new, the faster it will lose value over time. This is one of the main reasons why at The Cyclist House we focus on buying bikes with a new purchase price of at least $1,500. High-end, brand name bikes are worth more.
    • Unusual upgrades - Some modifications can increase the value of your bike, but most have no effect. Some, on the contrary, can actually hurt the value of your bike. Untraceable, non-professional upgrades can scare off buyers, especially if they are difficult to maintain or limit compatibility with other components on the used market. For example, mixing models between groupset components: a Dura-Ace front derailleur with a 105 rear derailleur or mismatched wheels etc. For more detailswhat to do and not to do to sell your used bike.
    • Incompatibility with new technologies or standards - Bicycle technology is advancing very rapidly. Bikes with obsolete components (rim brakes, old axle standards, 26-inch wheels, etc.) or bikes that lack spare parts and service will have a harder time maintaining their value.

      To understand the value of your used bike, it is important to study it in detail according to its components and its place on the used bike market.

      At The Cyclist House, our experts can track purchase prices, observed selling prices, depreciation trends and customer demand because we have a large volume of data. But if you want to sell your bike locally, you'll need to look closely at their own market to estimate its value.

      Here are two simple options to help you quickly and easily determine an approximate value for your bike: 


      If you are considering selling your bike locally, the best way to determine its value is to look at comparable bikes in your city and/or region. This will let you know what other sellers are asking for the same bike, and depending on whether they can sell it, what people will be willing to pay. But unless you live in an area with a lot of supply and demand for bikes, you may not find many bikes that match yours. That's why we recommend you check out the online used bike market on sites like Troc-Vélo or Le Bon Coin.

      Bikes sold on Bike Swap are a great way to judge the value of your own bike. The basic method is to search for your own bike and see what other sellers are asking. Better yet, you can use their estimation tool to see the "sold listings".

      If you've decided to use these platforms, check out our two handy reference guides: how to sell your used bike and how to pack your bike before sending it.


      The Cyclist House: get the value of your bike for free

      At The Cyclist House, we know that your time is precious! That's why we don't want you wasting it scouring the entire used bike market to find out what your bike is worth.

      Our process of estimation and process is simple, efficient and rigorous. The discount profiles are adapted to each type of bike and adjusted according to the second-hand market. Sell your bike in three steps:

      1. Receive an offer Submit your bike in a few minutes using our form and receive a non-binding offer within 24 hours
      2. We come to you We will contact you to make an appointment. Our expert mechanic will quickly inspect your bike at your place
      3. You are paid : you receive the money immediately by bank transfer before we pick up the bike

      Like any self-respecting professional, we have the most accurate tools to determine the fairest value of your bike! Our tools combined with our extensive knowledge and experience with all kinds of high-end bikes, we can give you an estimate for the sale or exchange of your used bike quickly, accurately, free of charge and with no obligation on your part.

      So if you're tired of wasting your time, go to the Sell / Trade your bike page of our website to find out what your bike is worth. Follow the instructions to submit your bike and if it meets our buyback criteria, you will receive an offer within one business day. Our goal is to get you a great value quickly and make it easy for you to buy your next bike!

      *Note: The Cyclist House only buys bikes with a new purchase price of 1500€ or more. Unfortunately, we do not buy bikes that are low value, in poor condition or too hard to sell.

      **Please do not submit your estimate requests in the comments below! The tools listed above are your best options. Comments requesting bike estimates will be deleted.

      Now that you've gotten rid of your old bike that no longer fits, go here to find the new bike of your dreams or discover our buying guides for road bikes, MOUNTAIN BIKESs and gravel (traditional and electric).

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