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How to sell your used bike?

In this Article

Posted on July 12, 2021

That's it, you are decided. It's time to get rid of your used bike to find the ideal companion for your future adventures. But how do you take it?

There are many methods for selling your used bike. Some are much easier than others and some offer more value to your bike and time. 

Which one suits you best?How much is your bike?  How to sell a bike at The Cyclist House?  What can you do to prepare your bike for sale?

The Cyclist House answers all these questions and offers you the 5 most common methods for reselling your bike and make room for your garage!

Sell with The Cyclist House

The Cyclist House is the largest online bike market Used certified. If you want to exchange your bike against a new on our site, our process of sale / exchangeOnline has been specially designed to help you sell it at the best price.

If your used bike has a new purchase price greater than € 1,500, we will definitely want to buy it. More headaches to search for a platform to sell your bike!

Just follow the instructions on our pageSell ​​/ exchangeTo submit your bike and you will receive an answer with a purchase offer within a working day.

Click for more information.

Sell your bike on troc-bike, lebonnoin, facebook or local online sales platforms

In recent years, online classified ads have flourish on all sides. Their advantages are that they offer you a free platform to sell your used bike and that it is enough to take some photos and write a description for your bike to be online.

But let's not forget, the main goal is to make the best price of your used bike so you can offer you the next bike that makes you look. The disadvantage of these platforms is that they are very often conducive to negotiation, which many of you find exhausting. And we understand you!
In addition, if your bike has a relatively large value, expect low offers and aggressive buyers ...

People who visit online classified ads have very diverse profiles and can go experts to enthusiasts, via the novices.

The other disadvantage is that when you sell online, you should always be wary of crook and cans. It is important when treating and meet unknown on the internet, always make sure the transactions are safe and secure.

In addition, you must fight for your ad attracts attention because it will be constantly displayed after new ads. Hear that if someone does not look exactly what you sell, it may never see your ad. If you are ready to provide these efforts and the resulting personal exchanges, you can choose this option.

Sell your bike to a second-hand sports goods store

Today, many bicycle shops do not take the need to buy and sell used bicycles. But if you are lucky, you may have near you, a shop specializing in the purchase, sale and consignment of used sports equipment.

The advantage of this method is to be able to sell locally and to conclude a transaction the same day. However, the main problem of this method is to get the maximum value for your bike. Many stores may not have the expertise to estimate the value of your bike, or their economic model does not allow them to redeem it to its true value.

Sell your bike on eBay

Ebay is a great way to reach buyers around the world.

You will have to deal with shipping costs and eBay expenses, but in return, you have a good visibility and you will have better chances to sell your bike.

The main disadvantage of eBay is that you have to succeed in developing a good reputation as a seller through positive comments. Very buyers are more likely to buy from trusted sellers with a good assessment. But that does not mean that you can not sell with bad ratings or few ratings, but if you do not sell often or if you are selling for the first time, you may miss some buyers who are ready to spend a little more for trust and security.

Ebay is also a popular option for enthusiasts looking for specific bicycle parts. This can be a good option if you have trouble selling your used bike as a whole, or if you want to maximize your performance by dividing your bike into its components. Thanks to Ebay's global marketplace, you will probably find one (or, hopefully, several) buyers looking for what you sell.

Sell your bike on a forum or website dedicated to bicycles

Internet is full of bicycle enthusiasts and online forums are their favorite meeting place. There are forums devoted to all cycling disciplines imaginable. In addition, many cycling sites have specific purchasing and sales forums, which are a little more elaborate versions of your local online sales platform. Nevertheless, visibility can be random depending on the site or the bike, and you can hit you cheap sellers, potential crooks or lack of interest.

Remember that if your bike does not sell locally, you will need to pack it and ship it. It costs money (sometimes a lot!), And if you do not have the material or experience, it can be difficult. That's why we wrote an article about How to pack and ship a bike.

Sell ​​its used bike on a forum can be a little extra work, but this can be useful when you want to sell to a more specific type of buyer than you could not find locally.


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