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parcours de l'étape du tour 2024

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Etape du Tour 2024: analysis of the route

In this Article

Published on 28 March 2024

The 32nd edition of the Étape du Tour will take place on July 07, 2024, following the route of the 20th stage of the Tour de France. From Nice to the Col de la Couillole, the race will cover a distance of 138 km and will feature a cumulative positive elevation gain of over 4,600 meters, including climbs up the cols de Braus, Turini, Colmiane, and Couillole. A real challenge for participants! This Étape du Tour 2024 promises to be one of the most demanding among the previous 31 editions. Adequate preparation is therefore essential to face and above all finish this race in good conditions.

Étape du Tour 2024 route
Source: ASO

Étape du Tour: What Is It?

The Étape du Tour offers cyclists the unique opportunity to ride a stage of the Tour de France: the same stage towns, the same legendary roads, the same mythical cols, and above all the same racing conditions as those encountered during the Grande Boucle. Every year, since 1993, the Étape du Tour has been a major event in the world of cycling. This cyclosportive event brings together one of the largest annual gatherings of cyclists in the world.

Thanks to close collaboration with local authorities, law enforcement, and public authorities, the Tour de France Étape is the only cyclosportive event to offer fully closed roads to traffic.

With a rich experience of 31 editions and the participation of 16,000 registered cyclists, the Tour de France Étape is now recognized as the benchmark cyclosportive event in Europe.

Tour de France Etape: Ride Anywhere in the World

With the Étape by Tour de France, experience a unique adventure around the world. From the Cypriot coasts to the Ecuadorian summits, passing through the landscapes of Slovenia, challenge yourself on routes that match those of the Tour de France and share the emotions of the greatest champions. Have you ever imagined riding on closed roads amidst exceptional landscapes? Do you want to participate in an extraordinary sports adventure? The Étape Greece, Étape Las Vegas, or Étape Rio are waiting for you.

Analysis of the Etape du Tour 2024 Course

As in previous years, the massif des Alpes has been selected to host the world's largest cyclosportive event. From Nice, the peloton of amateur cyclists will embark on one of the most demanding Tour stages in recent years. The route through the heart of the Mercantour massif promises to be compact yet explosive. Although the average gradients of the 4 listed ascents may not seem insurmountable on paper, the accumulation of difficulties, without any respite, may severely test cyclists during the final climb to the Col de la Couillole. Thus, a good preparation is essential.

Let's explore this unprecedented route in the heart of the Nice hinterland together.

Col de Braus: First Major Difficulty of the Course

The start of this stage in the heart of the French Riviera will showcase the Alpes-Maritimes and the city of Nice. Participants will start from Boulevard Jean Jaurès, near Place Masséna, to leave the city to the north, taking a long false flat ascent. In the excitement of the start and with still compact pelotons, the moderate slope of 1.2% will not be too noticeable.

After approximately 15 km, the first significant relief will appear on the horizon. The Col de Nice (4 km at an average gradient of 5%) will narrow as the pass approaches, requiring vigilance as cyclists could still be numerous on the road, potentially causing traffic jams.

After a short descent and passing through l'Escarène, it will be time to tackle the ascent of the Col de Braus, the first difficulty of this race. Despite an average gradient of 6.6%, the 10 km are quite irregular. The steepest percentages, around 8/9%, are found at the exit of Touët-sur-l'Escarène and after a series of bends in the middle of the climb, where percentages exceeding 10% can even be encountered for a few tens of meters. However, the climb offers a welcome respite with a flat section before approaching this series of bends.

Col de Braus
Source: cols-cyclisme.com

The peculiarity of this ascent is its almost constant exposure to the sun. Even if the pass is climbed early in the day, it is very likely that temperatures will already be high, making hydration and heat management essential elements to consider in your preparation for this race.

After reaching the summit at an altitude of 998 meters, cyclists will begin a technical descent towards Sospel. The first part of the descent includes no less than 20 hairpin turns over 7 kilometers, while the next 4 kilometers will be faster.

Col de Turini: The Tour de France Special

Almost without transition, cyclists will have to tackle the Col de Turini and its 20.7 km ascent at 5.7%. The ascent of this eastern slope is divided into two parts. The first, 10 km long, is quite regular and not very steep, with gradients between 5 and 6%. There is even a flat section before crossing the village of Moulinet in the middle of the ascent. The road is momentarily enclosed between the mountains, offering some freshness on this July day.

Col de Turini
Source: cols-cyclisme.com

The second part, which mainly traverses a forest, has an average gradient of about 8% over ten kilometers. With a total positive elevation gain of 1,210 meters, the Col de Turini presents a significant challenge. Once again, effort management will be the key to success for a successful stage of the Étape du Tour 2024. At the summit, at an altitude of 1,607 meters, take the time to refuel because the subsequent descent will not be easy. Indeed, the hairpin turns follow one another at a frantic pace for over 15 km, until you reach the road at the bottom of the Vésubie valley.

Col de Braus


Vésubie Valley and Ascent of Col de la Colmiane

From Roquebillière, the slope will resume its ascent with a stretch of about ten kilometers that promises to be particularly challenging due to the irregularity of the gradients, alternating between steep sections and flat sections. Take advantage of these flat sections to refuel while conserving your strength for the end of the route.

The official start of the Col de la Colmiane (also known as Col Saint-Martin) is located at the village of Saint-Martin-Vésubie. You will then have 7 kilometers to climb with an average gradient of 7.2% to reach an altitude of 1500 meters. The regular ascent takes place on a beautiful road and does not feature particularly steep ramps exceeding 8%. You should therefore be able to find a rhythm more easily, even though at this stage of the race, fatigue will begin to be felt.

Col de la Colmiane

Source: cols-cyclisme.com

Col de la Couillole: The Final Stretch of the Challenge

The descent from the Col de la Colmiane will be fast and much less technical than the first two descents encountered on the route. From kilometer 123, after covering 4 kilometers in the valley to reach Saint-Sauveur-sur-Tinée, the final ascent will appear on the horizon: the Col de la Couillole and its 15.7 km at an average gradient of 7.1%.

This pass, often used during the Paris-Nice race, remains largely unknown to the general public. It is characterized by a climb on a winding narrow road, with a positive elevation gain exceeding 1,000 meters. The gradient, steady, oscillates between 7 and 8%, rarely exceeding 9%. Besides the inherent difficulty of the Col de la Couillole, it is undeniable that managing the heat will play a crucial role in your ability to reach the summit under the best conditions.

Col de la Couillole
Source: cols-cyclisme.com


The Étape du Tour is definitely an event to experience for those who love climbing passes. The atmosphere is there, and the organization is perfectly fine-tuned. At the end of this event, after facing the kilometers, the elevation gain, and the heat, you will definitely be proud of yourself!

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