Assembly Guide

Ready to ride? Below are the steps to follow to properly assemble your new bike.

If you encounter any difficulties, you can contact us at contact@thecyclisthouse.com or on the phone +33 3 90 46 19 52. We are here to help you.

Inspect / Before you start

Inspect the box and take pictures if there is any damage caused during shipping. Contact us if this is the case.

Keep the box and all packing materials until the bike is fully assembled and inspected. In the box, you will find your one tool, your invoice and an invitation to win a year of Strava Premium.

Assemble / Steps to follow


Detach the seat and seatpost from the bike.


Detach the handlebars and attach them to the stem.


Tighten each bolt gradually one at a time, alternating.


Detach the front wheel and install it to the fork. Repeat the step for the rear wheel if necessary. If your bike has disc brakes, remove the protective piece between the discs before inserting the wheel.


Also check and test the brakes for proper operation. If your bike has rim brakes, close the caliper lever. If your bike is equipped with disc brakes, make sure the wheel alignment is correct. In some models, you will need to make sure the discs fit into the brake pads.


Install your seatpost at the best height for you and make sure everything is aligned properly.


Remove the protective materials.

Before you head out on your adventure, do a final check:

a. the alignment of the front wheel with the stem

b. the tightening of the stem, handlebars and seatpost

c. the front and rear brakes

d. Make sure the chain is properly engaged with the sprockets and cassette.

e. install the pedals of your choice

Let's go!

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