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Buying a used gravel bike: the complete guide

Every year, brands offer new models at prices defying (often) any reason. To get a new bike without breaking the bank, an interesting option is to buy a used gravel bike. Our experts share their tips for buying your certified pre-owned gravel bike without making a mistake.

Women's cycling: should you buy a bike specially designed for women?

What are the real differences between men's and women's bikes? Which components offer options that are really adapted to the particularities of the female body? How to choose a bike when you are a woman cyclist? The Cyclist House accompanies you to find your bike!

We buy your bike!

Cycling can quickly become a passion that comes back to you very expensive. Indeed, the bikes that own can sometimes prevent you from evolving through your passion because they take you from ...

Ride like a pro: tips for buying a professional team bike

Every cyclist would like to get their hands on a pro bike, especially if the bike is a Tour de France winner. While this may seem difficult, it doesn't have to be impossible. Guy Tucker reveals for The Cyclist House how to do it!

Buying a bike online effortlessly: the essential guide

The bicycle market has not escaped the rise of e-commerce! The sale of bicycles online attracts a growing number of buyers... and opportunists. Counterfeiting, receiving stolen goods, phishing... all our advice to avoid them and buy a bike online safely.

Can you still ride a road bike without breaking the bank? Our selection under €2,500

Not easy to keep a cool head when you see the price of the new bikes proposed each year by the manufacturers... However, it is still possible to have fun, at a reasonable price. Here is the selection of our favorite models at less than €2,500, and our opinion on the the question that agitates the bikeosphere: the increase of bicycle prices, real or fake news?

SRAM vs Shimano road groups : our guide to help you choose

Force, Ultegra, 105, Rival, Dura-Ace, Red: our experts have analyzed for you the main differences between the groupsets of the leading manufacturers in the bike components market. An essential guide before choosing your next bike.

Buying a used bike: all you need to know

There is no shortage of reasons to buy a second-hand bike these days. Shortage of new equipment, ecological and anti-waste approach, low prices, good deals. In this article, we offer you a series of tips to follow and points to check to make the most of your research and avoid scams.

10 resolutions for 2023 and how to hold them

New year, new goals. A lot of kilometers, a healthy diet and new disciplines are sure to be part of what comes to mind when you think of ...

My journey to become a pro cyclist

Picking a coach, training alone or with a team, setting goals, participating in races... Guy Tucker, a young cyclist, tells you about his journey and shares his personal advice to become a professional cyclist in France.

Winter cycling: pro tips to manage the winter break

After all the work we've done this season, and not having a single watt left in our pockets, it's time to take a break from our best friend on two wheels. In this article, we explain what the winter of a cyclist who competes or "Granfondos" looks like.

Guillaume Martin, philosopher cyclist

Guillaume Martin is a professional cyclist with a master's degree in philosophy. Best climber in the 2020 Tour of Spain, he finished 8th in the 2021 Tour de France. Portrait of the most literate French cyclist, author of 3 books on sports and philosophy.
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