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Giving a new life to bicycles

Our mission

In Europe, less than 1 bike out of 10 is bought second-hand

Why so few? Bicycles are complex objects, with dozens of technical components, which require serious guarantees on quality and safety.

At The Cyclist House, we are passionate about bicycles: road, urban, gravel or mountain bikes, muscular or electric. Our mission is to offer the largest number of cyclists the opportunity to ride the most beautiful machines available, without breaking the bank and with complete confidence.

Like you, we refuse to be satisfied with approximate information, and to take the risk of buying defective, dangerous and unusable equipment.

Our values

Our team searches daily for the best used bikes available. Our mechanics inspect, refurbish and upgrade each one of them to give them a second life. Each Certified Pre-Owned bike by The Cyclist House is delivered within 3 days, ready to ride and guaranteed for 1 year. And if it doesn't fit, we'll take it back, no questions asked, within 30 days.

All our bikes are purchased in Europe, serviced and stored in our warehouse near Strasbourg.

Each bike has a story. Our ambition is to make it as long as possible!

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