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Daily commute with a gravel bike: why is it the best solution?

In this Article

Published on October 12, 2023

Cycling to work is good for the planet, for your wallet and for you! Three good reasons why more and more people are taking to the saddle for their work. But to cycle 20 km or 30 km a day, you need to be able to rely on a comfortable, efficient model. Often considered the most versatile type of bike, gravel is the best bike for daily commuting. Which are advantages of gravel for commutingWhich gravel should you choose ? In this article, we explain why gravel commuting is so much fun! 🦉

Commuting on a gravel bike: the advantages

An economical and ecological solution

Did you know? The 1st source of greenhouse gas emissions from office activities is ... employees' commutes! A statistic that's all it takes to understand just how much taking your bike rather than your car to work has a positive impact on the environment. a real impact on the environment

For example, for a 10 km journeya car will emit 1.9 kg of CO2 (excluding manufacturing), 1.9 kg more than the same journey by bike. If you count 2 journeys a day, around 200 days a year, that's still 760 kg of CO2 saved per year by cycling ! 🌿

And what's more, it can save you (a lot of) money! 💰 

At a time when the price of a liter of petrol is approaching 2 euros, let's take our car driver and his 10 km journey from home to work, the saving is around 280 euros a year (with an average consumption of 7 L/100 km).

Staying on the subject of finance, it's becoming increasingly common for employers to grant financial assistance to employees who cycle to work.

Want a good bonus reason? Saving time! It doesn't work everywhere, but it does if you live in a big city, the time saved by cycling can be very significant. If you always drive to work, just think for a second how many cyclists overtake you in the morning... You could be one of them.

Bike commmuting: benefits for body and mind

Let's face it: it's not always easy to take a break after a hard day's work. Pedaling for a while helps to clear the mind.It's a great way to take your mind off things, to think about other things, and to look at your surroundings from a different perspective than that of a car window. This time on the bike is all yours, and a welcome break from the worries of work on the way.

And, of course, cycling is good for your health! If you work in an office, you're sedentary for most of the day. These daily journeys will activate your cardiovascular and pulmonary systems..

Small efforts for big benefits! 🧡


Why is gravel the best bike for velotafing?

Are you convinced by bike commuting? Good for you! Now the question is, what type of bike is best for velotafing? Road, VTC or gravel? We'll explain why gravel is best for the commute.

A comfortable, all-purpose bike

When it comes to comfort and performance, the gravel bike is undoubtedly the winner. By offering a upright riding position than on a road bike while still allowing more efficient pedaling than basic urban bikes gravel is the best way to cycle to work.

It's not by accident that gravel bikes are the preferred choice for cyclists on their bikepacking trips or ultra-distance touring. These are bikes designed for a comfortable riding position without offering too much wind.

Another advantage of this type of bike is its ability to go anywhere. It's true that the cycle paths you'll be using aren't necessarily paved. Sometimes it's necessary to cross a park or ride along a canal... With a gravel bike, the risk of a puncture is very low because the tires are designed for these conditions.

What's more, with a width of up to 46 mm and even more, these tires will absorb most of the jolts associated with the terrain.

Finally, if your route isn't quite flat and you don't want to tire yourself out, you'll be pleased to know that gravel wheels have a very wide development rangewith large rear sprockets. This will enable you to climb the hills of your daily route without too much difficulty.

A practical, robust bike with excellent value for money

As we've said, gravel bikes are ideal for bikepacking. For comfort, of course, but also because it's convenient to attach satchels to your bike. Whether on the handlebars, on the frame or on the back of the saddle, your gravel bike can easily carry your work bag. 👜

It's also a great investment because these bikes are particularly sturdy. Since they're not performance-oriented, there's no question of choosing weight over sturdiness. An argument that weighs in the balance when you're looking for the best bike for commuting.

Well, precisely because they're not made from highly advanced materials to make them lighter and more aerodynamic, gravels offer excellent value for money. Cheaper than an equivalent road bike, and more durable over the long term than a city bike.

A versatile bike

Finally, unlike a classic city bike, a gravel bike can be used for weekend or vacation rides in the woods. Its versatility means it's not confined to city cycle paths... A bike for every occasion!

(By the way, we've got a little guide for those who want to gravel adventure 👉 right here!)


Which gravel for your daily bike commute?

A well-equipped gravel for commuting

The gravel you need is first and foremost one that's well suited to your commute.

To achieve this, you'll need a few items of equipment, such as mudguards, adequate lighting to be clearly seen by motorists and luggage racks for your daily essentials.

Even if punctures are rare in gravel, be sure to include a small repair kit.

Finally, plan to buya good U-shaped lock to prevent theft of your precious travel companion.

Bikes for the workplace

The Cervélo Aspero GRX or the Cannondale Topstone Carbon are models particularly suited to cycling to work

Their comfortable geometrytheir upright position and gear ratios make them practical bikes for regular use.

What's more, they're among the best gravels on the market today They're also among the best gravels on the market today, making them ideal for intensive outings on the trails.

If budget is a bit of a barrier, you can turn to the Cannondale Topstone 1 Mercury. This aluminum gravel is an excellent choice for the velotaf, but won't perform as well as the other two if you want to use it for weekend sports.

An electric bike for commuting: why not?


If you don't want to tire yourself out too much on the way to work, the electric gravel can also be a solution.

No doubt about it, the best in the business is the 3T Exploro RaceMax Boost. With a weight of just 12 kg (almost unbelievable for an electric bike!), it features a battery integrated into the frame 250 Wh battery. This is more than enough assistance for your daily commute. ⚡

And with it, no need to worry about weekend pleasure rides or bikepacking trips... It can take you anywhere!

If you haven't yet converted to bike commuting, we really encourage you to take the plunge. For your health, for the planet and for your bank account, you won't regret it!

As we've just seen, the gravel is the perfect bike for commuting. In fact, it combines the all-round appeal of the  mountain bike, the efficiency of the road bike and the comfort of a mountain bike.

A word of advice though: the models we've suggested are all top-quality bikes, pampered by our mechanics before they reach you! For this reason, they can attract a lot of attention... So it's essential to store your bike in a safe place during the day.

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