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Bike trade-in: why choose The Cyclist House?

Safer, more comfortable and easier... Sell your bike to The Cyclist Housefor a worry-free transaction.

We buy your bike!

Cycling can quickly become a passion that comes back to you very expensive. Indeed, the bikes that own can sometimes prevent you from evolving through your passion because they take you from ...

How to pack your bike before sending it?

You sold your bike to The Cyclist House. Great! It is now time to pack it and ship it. If you have never packed bike before, do not worry ...

What to do and do not do to sell your bike used

Choose the right place to sell your used bike. You can discuss it from your local cycle shop if it offers an exchange program ...

How to sell your used bike?

Say goodbye to indecisive buyers and classified ads. Submit your bike in a few clicks and receive an offer within 24 hours. Safe, simple and fast! All our bikes are inspected and reconditioned by professional mechanics.

How to estimate the value of your used bike?

The Cyclist House is a team of bike experts who value high-end used bikes every day. In this article, we share our strategies for valuing your bike when you want to resell it.

5 ways to preserve the value of your bike

Our professional mechanics inspect dozens of bicycles a week and provided us with a complete list of errors not to commit if you want to preserve the value of your bike ...
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