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Réparation cadre carbone

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Carbon Frame Repair: Good or Bad Idea?

In this Article

Published on November 2, 2023

Repairing your carbon bike can be an interesting solution after an impact or a fall that has damaged the frame, fork, or chainstays. In fact, it's more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than buying a new carbon frame. But be careful, this decision should not be taken lightly because it concerns your safety. How to tell if a carbon frame is truly broken? How to repair a carbon frame? Should you repair a damaged carbon bike? The Cyclist House explains everything you need to know to evaluate the situation and determine whether or not repair is a good idea 🧰

Carbon frame repair

Repairing a broken carbon bike

Can a carbon frame be repaired?

Unlike aluminium (which tends to bend), carbon tends to break or crack in the event of an accident. Even though it's a stronger material than you might think, an impact is never good. So, you should stop riding your bike until you have a reliable diagnosis or repair. 

The good news is that carbon can be repaired! 🎉

Even if it's broken into several pieces, your frame can be resurrected without putting you in danger if the operation is done correctly.

How to tell if a carbon frame is broken, damaged, or cracked?

Your carbon bike is damaged after a fall or impact, and you're not sure if it's just a paint chip on the frame or if the carbon is damaged? 🤔

The first thing to do is to perform an initial diagnosis at home. The simplest method is commonly called "the coin test." Take a 2- or 5-cent coin and tap it around the damaged area and then on the impact point. If the sound is different, it means the carbon structure is no longer uniform.

To be sure, you can consult your regular bike shop. The problem is that they may not want to give a definite diagnosis.

First, not all of them are experts in this area: mechanics are primarily professionals in mechanics. The repairability of a frame is more a question for a body shop or even an engineer.

Second, you need to understand that this is a delicate issue. They know that their opinion will be crucial in your decision to ride the bike or not. Therefore, they must be absolutely certain of their diagnosis, and it's not evident by just looking at the bike...

Because even though it may look intact, there can sometimes be tiny cracks that weaken the structure of your bike. So, it's essential to have your carbon frame checked by a specialist in this type of repair.

Generally, these experts have in-depth knowledge in the field. To support their diagnosis, they sometimes use an ultrasound scan. It's quite expensive, but it provides a definitive opinion on the condition of the frame.

How much does it cost to repair a carbon frame?

The cost of repairing a carbon frame varies from £100 to £1200 💰 Indeed, between a simple impact and a network of cracks running through the frame, the working time will not be the same... 

Clean breaks at the chainstays, fork, main frame tubes, and seatpost are relatively easy to repair. However, traces of cracks in several places will require thorough sanding to precisely determine the areas that need to be reworked. 

The level of finish you request will also affect the price. If you want your bike to look like new, you will need to budget for a car body paint job, which can be very costly if the patterns are complex or if it's a special design.

You can always choose the sticker option, but it's much less aesthetic...

Repairing a carbon frame: the various options

Carbon frame repair kit: the DIY solution

Repairing your carbon bike frame yourself is possible... but it's technical! If you're not at all handy, we don't recommend attempting this kind of operation.

You'll need quite a bit of equipment and consumables that are not easily found, such as carbon tape, shrink film, and epoxy resin (special adhesive for carbon fiber). If you do some research, you'll see that you can't even find a carbon repair kit at Decathlon.

Some websites, more or less reliable, offer kits that include the necessary materials. You'll need to follow tutorials scrupulously to succeed. 

Carbon bike repair specialist: the safest solution

Carbon frame repair

You've understood that DIY repair seems a bit too complicated. It's better to turn to a specialist. 

Here too, you'll find that it's not so easy to find. The vast majority of bike shops do not offer this service, even if they sell carbon frames. 

The specialist will first carry out a brief assessment of your carbon frame to determine the necessary repairs and provide you with a cost estimate. If you accept it, you'll need to be patient because the waiting time for a proper repair is about 3 weeks (to allow for drying times, among other things). After this seemingly endless wait (especially when the weather is nice!), you'll leave with a bike as strong as before! 💪

Broken carbon fiber bike: should you repair it?

Assessing the extent of the damage and estimating the bike's value

As we've seen, repairing a carbon bike is not cheap! 

To determine whether or not to carry out the work, you'll need to obtain a reliable quote. Then it's up to you to decide based on the value of your bike. 

For a high-end carbon fiber bike less than 2 or 3 years old, the answer is clear. However, for an entry-level carbon bike that's 5 years old or older, it's better to move on.

Regaining confidence in your bike

It's not just about the financial aspect. You need to ask yourself if you will feel comfortable on this bike again. Even if the specialist assures you that it's as strong as before, you may have some apprehension in fast descents... It's up to you to judge whether you will regain confidence.

Initially, opt for routes without technical descents or high-speed sections. Take your time to regain your sensations, especially if the damage was caused by a fall. Once you have no doubts about the reliability of the repair, you can return to normal riding.

What to do with a broken carbon bike?

Whether for economic reasons or to avoid any risk, you may need to say goodbye to your precious companion. Sometimes, it's a bit tough to accept for a simple crack in your carbon frame.

To part with it, you can try to sell it through a classified ads website, specifying the points of damage and the diagnosis. Sometimes, some cyclists buy inexpensive bike frames for purposes like home trainer, for example. 

Also, contact small bike shops in your area; the owners may know someone looking for a broken carbon frame for a home trainer.

To minimize your loss, consider selling the components separately, which is always more advantageous. If you manage to find a buyer for the complete, well-maintained groupset, handlebar, stem, saddle, seatpost, and wheelset, you should have a decent sum to treat yourself to a new bike. 

Replace it with a premium Certified Pre-Owned bike from The Cyclist House

Carbon frame repair

Don't dwell on this misadventure for too long; turn it into an opportunity! It's a chance to acquire a higher quality bike. How? By opting for reconditioned bikes! 🤩

The Cyclist House offers you a wide range of road, gravel, mountain, and electric bikes to ride on professional-quality equipment! And if you want to keep your components, we also offer frame-only options 😉

All our bikes have been meticulously inspected by our mechanics and come with a one-year warranty. Plus, if you're not satisfied, you have 30 days to return it!

Breaking your beautiful carbon fiber bike is never pleasant. Repair by a specialist is expensive, but it can be a good solution for a relatively recent high-quality bike.

Otherwise, sell the components and the frame, stating that it's broken, or keep it for your indoor trainer. And to move on, treat yourself to one of our superb reconditioned bikes! 

Your love story with cycling is far from over 💛

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