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Préserver la valeur de votre vélo

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5 ways to preserve the value of your bike

In this Article

Posted on July 5, 2021

Do you want to sell your bike at the best price? Here is a complete list of mistakes not to do! Our experts inspect dozens and dozens of bicycles a week and gives you all their tips to preserve the value of your bike. If you follow their recommendations, you can be sure to get the best price from your used bike when it sells. 

Maintain your bike

It seems logical, but it seems important to us to call it back. The maintenance of your bike is paramount if you intend to sell it later. Like a car, basic maintenance contributes enormously to preserve the value of your bike.

Cables, brakes, gear controls and unannounced transmissions will jump directly to a potential buyer. Nobody wants to pay the strong price to buy your bike, let alone if it is to devote more time and work. 

Follow these simple maintenance tips to preserve the value of your bike:

  • After each bike output, use a water pipe (not a karcher) to gently rinse the dirt or mud of your last output
  • Although it is not necessary after each output, wash your bike with water and soap, paying attention to small corners and crannies. Know that the water may go away the lubricant of the chain, so be sure to reapply!
  • Keep healthy transmission. Clean it as often as possible and use the right amount of lubricant - nor too little, and always wipe the excess.
  • Use suitable grease for alloy components and carbon paste for carbon components.
  • Grease the threads of the pedal, bolts and saddle rod (if it is carbon, use carbon pulp) when installing to make sure nothing is influenza.
  • Replace the cables if they fold or collapse and replace the cable sheath if the change of speed begins to degrade. Ideally, these changes should be done at least once a year.

If you want more tips on how to maintain a bike, please read our article on road bike maintenance

Replace the worn components

The appearance is very important. When you buy a new bike, even if it is used, you still want you like no? So put yourself instead of the future buyer of your bike. Make sure your bike keeps a good look.

Contact points like handles and saddle, and parts that tend to wear as the tires are the hardest hit by regular use. If you replace these items (which are inexpensive!) You will greatly improve the appearance of your bike and so its value. 

Do not put stickers on your bike

In the same line as our first two tips, avoid the stickers at all costs! Not only do you spend money away but in addition you reduce the value of your bike. By adding stickers to your bike, the first impression of a buyer will be ruined by the stickers themselves or by stickers. You may also lose the confidence of your potential buyers; What damage is hidden under the stickers?

Install frame protectors

Install a frame protection on your horizontal tube, base and wherever the cables or chain can come into contact with your frame. Which begins like a minor scratch can become a deep scratch. Over time, cable sheaths and brake hoses can saw carbon and aluminum frames. Even with a clutch derailleur, your chain may come into contact with your base, scratching paint and even damaging a carbon frame. Some people will even go so far as to protect their entire mount of chips and scratches with a transparent protection ribbon. In addition, if you often carry your bike into a van, a protector of the oblique tube can prevent excessive wear caused by repeated journeys on the tailgate. With a little anticipation, all these simple gestures will help you preserve the value of your bike.

Use a torque wrench

The expensive components of your bike are light because they are made from carbon fiber and are fragile. Avoid tightening the bolts on the saddle stems and the handlebar, it causes cracks in carbon and, therefore, considerably reduces the value of your bike. To avoid excessive tightening, always use a torque wrench. This 20 € tool can save you hundreds of euros in the long run.

You are now an expert on the do's and don'ts of preserving the value of your bike. If you want to part with your bike now or in the future, take a look at our article: How to estimate the value of your bike ? We give you all the tips you need to get an idea of what price to sell your bike for. 

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