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What to do and do not do to sell your bike used

In this Article

Posted on August 2, 2021

Choose the right place to sell your used bike.

You can discuss it from your local cycle shop if it offers an exchange program, sell it on Leboncoin or Ebay, or go through us, The Cyclist House.

The exchange will usually bring you as much money, and the LebonCoin type platforms are the most complicated to handle with phone calls, offers, etc.

Leboncoin vs eBay: Leboncoin is free, but the saying "you get what you paid for" comes into play here. Not only Leboncoin opens the door to more crooks, but the platform also limits the exposure of your bike as it is local.

Ebay opens your bike to a wider audience, which increases the final selling price. However, in most cases, buyers are looking for bargains and you will not get the best price for your bike.

The Cyclist House: Each used bike sold by The Cyclist House is subject to a complete quality assurance process that begins upon arrival of the bike. Each used bike sold as part of the TPC quality assurance process is inspected and a full focus by a team of full-time experienced mechanics. This level of detail and inspection gives confidence to our customers when buying a used bike, and customers are willing to pay more for guaranteed quality. As a result, you eliminate the hassle of the seller who has to deal with an unsatisfied buyer in case of problems with your bike.

6 things to do before selling your bike 

1. Clean your bike before selling

Would you like to buy a dirty bike? Put yourself in the customer's place. A clean bike gives potential buyers the assurance that your bike was loved and well maintained.

2. Do not sell your bike with extras

Pedals, edge computers and backup wheels generally do not add much value to a bike and can be sold alone for a better price.

3. Provide details about the improvements you brought to the bike

Latest and lighter components can add value to your bike.

4. Make sure you describe everything that does not go on the bike

The scratches and bumps are inevitable on a used bike and nothing is worse than surprising your buyer with a bike in less good condition than expected. Be honest and advertise the bicycle honestly.

5. Take as many photos as possible

The old adage that "the photos are worth a thousand words" is especially true when it comes to selling a high-end bike. Show your bike in the smallest detail and make sure you take pictures with a background that will not look attention. If you do not have access to a professional photo studio, we recommend using a concrete wall or a solid color background.

6. Make a focus of your bike

By ensuring that your bike is ready to ride, you will give buyers the assurance that they will not have to do big maintenance once they have bought it.
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