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Getting back on the bike after a long break

Want to get back on the bike after a long break, but don't know where to start? Don't panic. With a good dose of motivation and some practical advice from The Cyclist House, you can get back in the saddle in the best possible conditions.

XC and All-Mountain MTB: The Cyclist House Selection

Our selection of the 5 best mountain bikes in the world. Technical specifications, highlights... The experts at The Cyclist House tell you everything about these models!

Electric Mountain Biking: The Best Models on the Market

The electric mountain bike is ideal for those looking to push their limits, as well as for beginners. Discover the most high-performance electric mountain bikes (E-MTBs) now!

Specialized Mountainbikes: all you need to know

Whether you prefer trail, DH or enduro, Specialized has the right bike for you. The Cyclist House helps you choose the perfect mountain bike for your needs!

Aluminium or carbon wheels: our tips for road, gravel and mountain bikes

Carbon wheels or top-of-the-range aluminum wheels? What's the best performance/price ratio for road, gravel and MTB? We share all the keys to making the right choice!  

SRAM vs Shimano MTB groups: comparison and analysis

Sram Eagle GX, SX, XX1, Shimano Deore, SLX, XT: are you lost in this mechanics' technical jargon? We analyse for you the different ranges of Sram and Shimano MTB groupsets, to help you choose the one that best suits your practice and your budget

Guide to Clean your Bike at Home like a Pro

In an apartment, without a garden and without the tools of a pro, you don't know how to clean your bike? No problem! We show you how to clean your bike like a pro, at home and with the means at hand.  

Buying a Second Hand Orbea Bike: the Ultimate Guide

Why choose an Orbea bike? What makes the brand special? Which Orbea bike should I buy? The Cyclist House experts tell you all about it in this new buying guide dedicated to the Spanish brand.

Meet a coach: Roxy

The Cyclist House met Roxy, a German mountain bike coach based in Spain where she offers specific courses for all mountain bike practices. She tells us about her career and shares with us what makes her tick in the coaching profession.

MTB Fork Guide for Beginners

If there's one thing that makes mountain biking so unique, it's our faithful friend, the fork. Speeding down a mountain wouldn't be nearly as much fun without the added traction, comfort and control offered by suspension forks.If you don't know everything about it, don't panic! This article will help you learn all about it so you can choose the right one for you.

Tips to get you started in enduro mountain biking

Mountain bikes halfway between cross-country and downhill, and the promise of strong sensations make the enduro discipline in vogue for some years. How to choose your enduro mountain bike? How to equip yourself? Discover our complete guide.

Road, gravel, mountain biking: what pressure for what tire?

Whether you drive in mountain biking or VTC, in town or in the countryside, or if you go into the race bike, your tires are your first and unique point of contact with the floor and one of the essential elements to check before each outing . This guide shows you how to choose the pressure of your tires according to the type of bike to guarantee you the best compromise between comfort and speed.
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