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The best 2024 Gravel bikes: The Cyclist House selection

Discover The Cyclist House's selection of the best Gravel bikes of 2024. Bikes that offer the perfect combination of performance, comfort and style. Whether you're more of a tourer or a competitor, discover the ideal Gravel bike!

Bikes Gravel 2023: The Cyclist House presents its top 5

The Cyclist House presents its top 5 gravel bikes for 2023. These bikes continue to gain popularity among cycling enthusiasts, offering exceptional versatility to explore a variety of terrains, from paved roads to gravel trails to dirt paths.

Getting back on the bike after a long break

Want to get back on the bike after a long break, but don't know where to start? Don't panic. With a good dose of motivation and some practical advice from The Cyclist House, you can get back in the saddle in the best possible conditions.

What tire width for road and gravel bikes?

Gravel tires on a road bike, tire width and implications, selection criteria... The Cyclist House answers your questions!

Daily commute with a gravel bike: why is it the best solution?

From now on, you'll be pedaling to work! But with which bike? We explain why the gravel is the ideal bike for your daily commute!

Gravel / cyclo-cross: what are the differences?

They look alike, they like the same terrain... But gravel and cyclo-cross bikes are very different! The Cyclist House Here's a detailed explanation.

The differences between road and gravel bikes

What's the difference between a gravel bike and a road bike? Can you ride a gravel bike on the road? And vice versa? We clear it all up!

Which bike to choose after 60? A new youth on 2 wheels!

Want to enjoy a nice bike after 60? The Cyclist House is happy to advise you on the best choice for you, so you can ride for a long time to come! Freedom is yours!

SRAM vs Shimano gravel groups: comparison and analysis

While the first gravel bikes were equipped with road groupsets, manufacturers have now released their gravel-specific ranges. The practice has also diversified, from bikepacking to racing. Our experts will help you find the best equipment for your future gravel bike!

Bikepacking: the ultimate checklist to make sure you don't forget anything

Freedom is yours! Bikepacking isn't just a long bike trip, it's a state of mind. But even if the watchword is disconnection, it's best to be well prepared... This week, we're giving you all our top tips for setting off with a free mind.

Aluminium or carbon wheels: our tips for road, gravel and mountain bikes

Carbon wheels or top-of-the-range aluminum wheels? What's the best performance/price ratio for road, gravel and MTB? We share all the keys to making the right choice!  

Guide to Clean your Bike at Home like a Pro

In an apartment, without a garden and without the tools of a pro, you don't know how to clean your bike? No problem! We show you how to clean your bike like a pro, at home and with the means at hand.  
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