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Emballer son vélo de route, VTT, gravel avant de l'envoyer : conseils

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How to pack your bike before sending it?

In this Article

Posted on August 16, 2021

You sold your bike to The Cyclist House. Great! It is now time to pack it and ship it. If you have never packed bike before, do not worry. This video will help you through the basic steps. We use here a city bike, but note that the same instructions apply to almost any other bike - road, Gravel, Cyclocross, etc. In addition, we have included other tips and suggestions below.

Important: Nothing should be in bulk in the box. If in doubt, paddle more!

6 tips for packing your bike

1. Remove accessories

If you ship a bike to The Cyclist House, remove and keep your pedals, cante holders, counter brackets, saddlebags and any other accessory that is not part of your bike.

2. Frame and fork

Protect the frame of your bike from any friction or direct contact with the packing carton, the front wheel or the handlebars. There is a good chance that your frame is carbon fiber and we would not want to see it damaged during transport. Do not lesse on foam padding (or bubbles failing that and make sure it is securely attached to your frame.

3. Transmission

Go to the easiest front and rear combination before starting to prepare your bike for shipping. This will protect derailors during transport. It is generally preferable to remove the rear derailleur, protect it carefully and fix it to your frame with a lot of padding to separate it from the frame. This protects both your derailleur and the shock derailleur tab.

4. Front wheel

You will need to remove the front wheel to put your bike in the carton. It is crucial to ensure that the front wheel is attached to the frame with a padding at each point of contact to protect the frame. The damage during transport often occurs when the front wheel hub comes into contact with the frame. Position your wheel with the hub away from the oblique tube of your frame. Use a plastic tip on your hub to prevent it from passing through the packing box.

5. Handlebar

As is the case with your front wheel, your handlebars must be attached to the frame with sufficient padding. Try some different orientations to position the gear shift controllers and brake controllers on the side of the packaging board. You may need to add padding to protect them.

6. Tighten everything!

Avoid at all costs that some of your bike can move freely in the packing box. This will result in damage for sure. Use plastic necklaces and padding to secure the set.

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