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Specialized Turbo Levo: How to choose your bike

The Specialized Turbo Levo is often referred to as a must-have reference, and is a flagship model in the VTTAE market. The electric mountain bike has revolutionised the way we approach the trails, and among the most popular models, this Specialized stands out for its exceptional performance.

Look or Shimano Road Pedals: Which Ones to Choose?

Discover our buying guide to choose between Look and Shimano road bike pedals. Analyze the advantages, disadvantages, and features to find the perfect pair according to your needs and preferences.

Rockshox vs Fox: which fork to choose?

Rockshox vs Fox: The theme of forks and suspensions in general remains a complex and highly technical subject for the uninitiated. In this guide, we compare the two leading brands in the market, shedding light on the different models they offer for various riding styles.

Bikes Gravel 2023: The Cyclist House presents its top 5

The Cyclist House presents its top 5 gravel bikes for 2023. These bikes continue to gain popularity among cycling enthusiasts, offering exceptional versatility to explore a variety of terrains, from paved roads to gravel trails to dirt paths.

Look 795 Blade, 785 Huez, 765 Optimum: which Look road bike to choose?

Look 795 Blade, Look 785 Huez, Look 765 Optimum... The Cyclist House has compared for you the 3 high-end road bikes from the iconic brand Look!

Choosing between the Trek Emonda and the Trek Domane.

Translate the following text into English: Trek Emonda or Trek Domane? Which is the best for mountain riding? And which one is more comfortable? To help you make the right choice, The Cyclist House explains all the differences between these two models!

What is the best bike for climbing? The selection by The Cyclist House

Looking for a bike to conquer Alpe d'Huez, Mont Ventoux, or another iconic mountain pass? The Cyclist House presents its selection of the top 5 road bikes for climbing.

What are the best high-end bicycle brands?

Our selection of the top 5 bicycle brands in the world! Thanks to refurbished options, their models (often quite expensive) are becoming increasingly accessible!

The Differences Between a Used Bike and a Certified Pre-Owned Bike

There's increasing talk about Certified Pre-Owned bikes. But what does that mean? What are the differences compared to a used bike? Spoiler: Certified Pre-Owned is better!

Electric Mountain Biking: The Best Models on the Market

The electric mountain bike is ideal for those looking to push their limits, as well as for beginners. Discover the most high-performance electric mountain bikes (E-MTBs) now!

How to choose your road bike crankset?

Chainrings, crank length, axle, bottom bracket... In this article, we help you choose the right crankset for your road bike.

Choosing your GPS bike computer

A GPS computer is an essential piece of equipment when it comes to cycling! In this article, we tell you everything you need to know to make the right choice!
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