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Vendre son vélo : The Cyclist House

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We buy your bike!

In this Article

Cycling can quickly become a very expensive passion. Indeed, the bikes you own can sometimes prevent you from evolving through your passion because they take up space and money. If you have a quality bike in good condition, The Cyclist House can help you get rid of it and get the best price. Two birds with one stone!

Whether you want to sell your bike directly or trade it in for a new one from our website, we make it easier and faster. We are a leading reference for buying and selling your used bikes, and we buy most bikes whether they are road, MTB, eVTT, Gravel, triathlon, or track.

Simply follow the steps below and we will send you an offer for your bike within 24 hours. If you have a quality used frame or wheels, we are interested in them too! No matter where you live in Europe, we cater to European customers and are committed to offering a fair price for your used bike.

Go to the page

On the pageSell // Tradepage, fill out the quote form to tell us about the bike you have for sale. You must know the make, model and year of your bike. This information must be accurate so that our team of experts can give an accurate estimate of your bike's value. If you are unsure of any of these details, please contact our experts for assistance.

If it is damaged, or if you have made any improvements to your bike, please describe it on this form. These items will affect our quote for your bike. If your quote is accurate, it will make the process easier and faster for everyone!

Upload photos of your bike

You will be asked to upload a photo of your bike, chain side and opposite side. Please make sure your photos are clear and well-lit so that our team can make an accurate assessment of your bike.

You will be able to upload up to three additional photos to show improvements or damage.

Describe the condition of your used bike

You will be asked to describe the condition of your bike using a scale of 1 to 5. A guide will be provided to help you assess the condition of your bike.

Our team methodically evaluates each bike based on make/model/year and condition. If we receive a bike in worse condition than expected, we will have to adjust the offer, which may delay the process. Please make an honest assessment of your bike's condition.

Receive an offer in less than 24 hours

After shipping, you will receive an offer for your bike within 24 working hours. You will have the choice between a cash payment via bank transfer or PayPal and a store credit with The Cyclist House.

Ship your bike

We will email you a prepaid shipping label for your bike.Make sure your bike is well packaged so that it is not damaged in transit. Damaged bikes will be returned or have their bids revised downward.

If you are concerned about properly packing your bike for shipping, our shipping manager, Steve, has some helpful tips:

  • Make sure there is no rubbing or contact between the metal and carbon fiber, such as the front wheel against the frame or the handlebars against the frame. Use proper packing materials to protect contact areas.
  • Make sure nothing can move in the box, such as the front wheel, handlebars, seatpost or other small parts.
  • Make sure the box is free of any old shipping labels. Take a picture of the box before shipping to record its condition.

Read our complete guide to safely pack your bike for shipping.

Receive your payment

Once your bike has arrived and passed inspection, we will send you your store credit or payment via bank transfer or PayPal.

Thank you for choosing The Cyclist House to sell your bike! We are confident that we offer the best customer service and the easiest way to turn your bike into money.

If you are interested in selling your bike we invite you to read our additional articles on this subject: how to sell your used bike, what to do and not to do when selling your used bike and how to estimate the value of your bike ?


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