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Quelles aides pour l’achat d’un vélo à assistance électrique reconditionné ?

In this Article

Everything you need to know on European subsidies before buying a certified pre-owned e-bike

In this Article

Published on November 11, 2022

This article focuses on existing subsidies for French residents. If you are looking for tips on a another european country, we found European subsidies for e-bikes.

On July 25 was voted, within the rectifying finance law for 2022, the strengthening of national aid for the purchase of a bicycle charged between August 15 and December 31, 2022. This funding measure aims to encourage the development of environmentally friendly modes of transportation. If you are planning to acquire a electrically assisted bicyclenew or used, classic, cargo or adapted, you can, under certain conditions, benefit from from the State, and this, independently initiatives of the municipality, the department or the in which you live. Ecological bonus and conversion bonusWe tell you everything about the terms and conditions of these grants, their amount and the steps to take to benefit from them.

As some of these elements are likely to change rapidly, we invite you to check for updates on the government website and/or your local authority.

For more information, please consult our purchasing guides for e-MTB and electric gravels. Check out here our full E-MTB collection.

electric bike

National subsidies

You can benefit, under income conditions, from two grants for the acquisition of a bicycle: the ecological bonus and the conversion bonus. As part of the measures voted by the Government to support the purchasing power of the French, these subsidies have been increased for bicycles invoiced between August 15 and December 31, 2022; they are cumulative They can be combined with each other, as well as with aid paid by local authorities. An individual can only benefit from this aid once.

The ecological bonus

The ecological bonus (also known as the "bicycle bonus") is means-tested, except for people with disabilities; it only concerns new bicycles, electric or not. Since August 15, 2022, obtaining the ecological bonus is no longer dependent on obtaining a local subsidy.

Who is eligible?

Are eligible for the ecological bonus, on the one hand, persons of legal age, domiciled in France, with a reference tax income per unit less than or equal to €13,489; on the other hand, disabled persons holding proof of their situation.

What is the amount of the aid ?

The amount of the ecological bonus is set at 40% of the purchase price of the bicycle, within the following limits:

  • 150 € for the purchase of a classic bike (not electric);
  • 400 € for the purchase of a electrically assisted bicycle;
  • 2 000 € for the purchase of a cargo bikeand a folding bikea recumbent bikea bicycle adapted for people with disabilitieswhether electric or not, or a electric bicycle trailer.

How do I do it?

To benefit from the ecological bonus, you must submit your application on the website primealaconverstion.gouv.fr within six months of the invoice date of the bicycle. Find the list of supporting documents to be provided.

NB : As its name does not indicate, the site primealaconverstion.gouv.fr concerns also the ecological bonus.

The conversion bonus

The conversion bonus, previously reserved for the purchase of an electric vehicle, has been extended to electric bikes since July 26, 2021. This means that you can finance (in part, of course) the purchase of your electric bike by scrapping your diesel or gasoline car.

Who are the beneficiaries of the aid?

The conversion premium is granted to natural persons of legal age, domiciled in France, for the purchase of a a new or used electric bicycle in exchange for the scrapping of a polluting vehicle (car or van classified Crit'Air 3 or older). Considering that it may be necessary, in order to replace the same vehicle, to acquire several bicycles, the scrapping of a polluting vehicle gives the right to the attribution of a conversion premium for the purchase of a bicycle per adult person of the household. The conversion bonus can be combined with the ecological bonus and any local aid.

Unlike the ecological bonus, it is possible to benefit from the conversion premium if your reference tax income per unit is higher than 13 489 €.

What is the amount of the aid ?

The amount of the conversion bonus is set at 40% of the purchase price of the bicycle, up to a maximum of €3,000. In low-emission zones (ZFE), the government grants an additional bonus of up to €1,000, provided that you have received local assistance for the same bicycle. For more information, visit the Ministry of Economy and Finance's website.

How to apply?

As with the ecological bonus, you have six months from the date of the bike's invoice to submit your request via the Ministry of Energy Transition.

Electric bike

Local subsidies

Electric and sometimes mechanical bicycles, new and sometimes second-hand... Some local authorities even offer aid for the purchase of cargo, folding or adapted bicycles, each according to its own formula... This local aid may or may not be combined with the national aid described in the previous section.


If you live in one of the 33 municipalities of the Strasbourg Eurometropole and you have acquired a new electrically assisted bicycle from an approved distributor of the Véloptimiste network, you are entitled to a grant of between €300 and €500 depending on your income. Click here for more details.


Regardless of where you live in Île-de-France and the amount of your income, you can receive assistance in purchasing an electrically assisted bicycle newup to a maximum of €600. This bonus can be combined with aid provided by local authorities in Île-de-France, subject to a ceiling.

For more information, consult the Île-de-France Mobilités website.


If you live in the Lyon metropolitan area, you can receive a grant of up to €800 for the purchase of a VAE new or used from a dealer established in the region. For more information, consult the city's website.


If you live in the Bouches-du-Rhône, you are eligible for a maximum of 400 € for the purchase of a VAE new contracted before January 31, 2022. More information on the department's website.


Bordeaux Metropole offers its most modest households a bonus for the acquisition of electrically assisted bicycles new in the amount of 100 €. Visit here to know more about it.


With a view to accelerating the transition to clean mobility, Nantes Métropole offers a scheme to help with the purchase of cargo or family bikes new or usedup to a maximum of 300 €.

Dozens of other localities (cities, metropolises, departments or regions) offer subsidies to support the transition to ecological modes of transport. Contact your local city hall for more information if your city is not listed in this article!

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