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The Cyclist House 10 cadeaux parfaits pour cyclistes

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The most beautiful gifts to get for a cyclist

In this Article

Published on November 15, 2021 (updated on November 17, 2022)

The year is coming to an end, the holidays are fast approaching... and you are looking for the perfect gift that will make your favorite cyclist happy? Look no further, The Cyclist House team has put together the perfect wishlist of what they'd like to find under the tree next month. Whether you're a hardcore rider in all weathers, a climber looking for KOM, or just a fan of riding in the great outdoors in good weather, there's something for every taste and every budget.

The useful gift: a professional toolbox

As the famous quote says: "he who wants to ride far, spares his mount". For seasonal maintenance or major winter repairs, whether it's a simple bolt to tighten, or retensioning a chain, disassembling a pedal, a tire or a handlebar, you need to have a whole set of wacky tools that usually only bike shops have. With this kit, your favorite cyclist will be able to take care of his bike independently for years to come. And save on repair costs. And resell his bike at the best price thanks to our advice to preserve the value of your bike.

Toolkit to repair your bike

The gift that saves life: a car radar

No need to name it, everyone knows who the number one enemy of cyclists on the road is. There are dozens of models of rear lights on the market that act as radar and warn cyclists of approaching vehicles. Garmin has innovated by launching this year a radar with integrated camera, which automatically records images as soon as an incident is detected. So your favorite cyclist can ride for hours with peace of mind.

Bike radar

The gift for happy feet: socks

OK, socks?! Nobody wants socks for Christmas! Well, we cyclists do. Our shoes don't ventilate well, so we need socks to keep our feet dry in summer and warm in winter.

The Cyclist House 10 perfect gifts for cyclists : socks

Socks should be tight enough to keep them from falling off, but not so tight that they prevent proper circulation. Finally, like most sports socks, cycling socks should be seamless. This is an essential feature, especially around the toes and heels, to avoid chafing and blisters.

The smart gift: a book about cycling

What could be better than a good book to get you through the long winter evenings? This Christmas, you can give something that is always a great source of motivation and inspiration to go further. There are thousands of options, but here are some good suggestions:

  • Tour de Force: My history-making Tour de France, Mark Cavendish: Cavendish’s miraculous return from the depths of depression, severe illness and poor form to stage-winning glory at the 2021 Tour de France, where he equalled the great Eddy Merckx’s record, is one of sport’s best comebacks. This is the Manx Missile’s account of how he did it.
  • My World, by Peter Sagan: embark on the life of one of the greatest sprinters of all time.
  • Epic Bike Rides of the World, Lonely Planet: Organised by continent, this Lonely Planet book details 200 amazing rides the world has to offer. Each route comes with a map, practical advice and stunning photography. This hardback is beautiful and doubles up as a great coffee table book as well.
  • The Cycling Chef: Recipes for Performance and Pleasure, Alan Murchison: Alan Murchison is a Michelin-starred chef who also happens to be a champion athlete. He now cooks for British Cycling athletes, and in this book he shares 65 recipes for nutritionally balanced, fuelling meals.
  • Women on the Move: The Forgotten Era of Women’s Bicycle Racing, Roger Gilles: Staying in the 1890s but heading across the Atlantic, Roger Gilles looks at the early days of women’s racing and in particular how it thrived from 1895 to 1902. He tells the stories of some of the best female racers of the time: Lizzie Glaw, Tillie Anderson and Dottie Farnsworth to name a few.

The taboo gift: chamois cream

Chamois cream, and its application, are taboo subjects. Few experienced runners talk openly about it. But believe us, it will be a very welcome gift. You may be wondering what it is? Chamois cream is an antibacterial substance that helps reduce friction between the skin and clothing, and therefore the friction that can occur during a run. This cream comes in many forms: balms, creams, and sometimes powder.

This type of cream will help prevent saddle sores or, even worse, bacterial infections that could keep your rider off the bike for several days and require medical attention. An unusual but essential gift, isn't it?

Chamois cream one of the 10 perfect gifts for cyclists

The mechanic gift: a workshop stand

Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or experienced rider, sooner or later your bike will need maintenance and repair. While many cyclists take their bikes to a mechanic for service, more and more prefer to do it at home. Bike repair stands provide a solid platform to maintain and repair your bike, whether it's a simple lube top-up or a more complex tune-up. Equipped with a workshop stand, your favorite cyclist will no longer need to leave his or her bike at the store and can familiarize himself or herself with the dozens of components that need to be adjusted! Be careful though, he might also turn his (your?) living room / dining room / bedroom into a cycle workshop...

Bike workshop stand

The gift that travels: a carrying case

We stay in the maintenance accessories for the bike fans who like to pamper their bike. During a transport, the risks of damaging a bike are numerous, and the stress of the owner is generally at its maximum. To limit the risks during transport, nothing beats the peace of mind of a cover specially designed for this perilous exercise. Thus equipped, your favorite cyclist will be ready to go on an adventure, for example in Spain like we did last summer.

Bicycle carrying case

The dream gift: a Certified Pre-Owned bike

Nothing can beat this gift, the ultimate gift for the cyclist. The Cyclist House offers dozens of used bikes from the top brands, serviced and inspected by professional mechanics and guaranteed for 1 year. All bikes can be returned within 30 days if they don't fit. Mountain bikes, gravel bikes, road bikes and even electric bikes: everyone can find their dream bike for up to 70% less than the new price. What could be better than riding a great bike and getting a good deal?

Don't wait and check out all our available bikes, delivered within 3 days!

Bikes Certified Pre-Owneds by The Cyclist House

The influencer gift: a subscription to Strava premium

You or your cycling friend probably have a Strava account. And if you don't, what are you waiting for? You can create an account for free. With more than 50 million users, Strava is the leading community of cyclists and runners in the world. Through it, you can log your data, join different clubs, create and complete challenges, and get motivated to go further, faster and higher. Although you can have the main features with the free version, Strava is something else entirely with the premium version. A thoughtful gift that is appreciated by all cyclists. You can even get two months free by giving a gift card. With its pro subscription and our tips for a successful cyclosportivethere is no excuse not to go out and train!

 Strava premium

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