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Les 12 chaînes YouTube préférées des cyclistes par The Cyclist House

In this Article

12 best YouTube cycling channels

In this Article

Published on November 4, 2022

Discover without further delay The Cyclist House selection of the 12 best YouTube channels around the world of cycling: history and news of cycling, troubleshooting and maintenance tutorials, product tests and reviews, tips to start/progress, circuits and routes, targeted for road, gravel and mountain biking. Let's get to it!

To get information

GCN - Global Cycling Network

With over 1.6 million subscribers and content on a daily basis we need to start our list with this channel. In addition to maintenance tutorials and technical videos on training and the latest technology, cycling fans will find behind-the-scenes reports on races, summaries of stages of major tours, as well as interviews with professional cyclists and presentations of their machines.

To get equipped

David Arthur - Just Ride Bikes

This channel is for you if you are looking for reviews and tips on which bike to buy or learn about new models. In this channel, you will learn, from its host David Arthur, everything about each new model, features, how it will improve your cycling, and if it a bike suits your riding style or not. The essential attribute of his channel is that you will feel you are chatting with a friend who happens to own a bike shop. 

For road cycling

Cycling Pulse

If you want to get a glimpse into the day-to-day of a professional cycling team, the Cycling Pulse is for you. With interviews with pro riders, several product reviews, and all things relating to road cycling and the world around it. 

Lantern Rouge

If you are looking for good race commentary, data, and everything related to good road cycling, Lantern Rouge is for you. So grab your coffee and get ready for an incredible race strategy broken down, insight into tactics, and more. If you are a beginner in the sport, this is a great place to go too, as he can explain the unfolding of a race and why things happen as they should. Finally, if you have little planned during the off-season, this is a channel you will binge on until racing resumes in the spring. 

For more information, visit our selection of the best aero bikes of 2022.

For gravel cycling

Path Less Pedaled

Do you want a channel to discover how and where to ride further on unridden paths? Do you love to travel, use bicycles, camera gear, and craft coffee? So, this channel is for you. Watch travel tips, gear reviews, and trip inspiration to get you stoked for your next outdoor adventure. So, if you like to explore the outdoors (primarily by bike), join Russ and Laura, who sold everything they owned in 2009 to bike across different countries. 

Gravel Cyclist

Find the best ride experience videos, pure gravel bike reviews, and everything that makes gravel unique. Join Jayson, a regular Aussie with a full-time job but a true gravel passion that takes him to travel around the world to find the best gravel rides. Along the way, you'll see him riding and reviewing all bikes in his ride and race experience videos.

Get your adventure companion by checking our Gravel collection. 

For Mountain Bike

Berm Peak

The Berm Peak channel hosted by Seth Alvo (formerly known as "Seth's bike Hacks") is one of the best mountain bike channels out there because it is so easily relatable. He is a regular guy who loves mountain biking and knows a lot about it. He is not a Red Bull Rampage hardcore athlete, just someone that rides. His channel began with simple how-to videos for tricks, skills, and bike maintenance. Since then, it has grown exponentially. He documents exploits with friends, mountain bike travels, and a massive series of trail-building projects on his property. Pretty much what all mountain bikers want to do. 


With almost two million subscribers, the mountain biking equivalent to GCN is the reference on Youtube for what a Mountain Bike channel should be. With videos for everyone who loves dirt: from the full-faced helmet downhill mountain biker to the lycra-clad cross-country rider, along with everyone and anyone in between. You can find bike reviews, tech, riding tips, experiences, and even Enduro World Series broadcasting here. 

For Maintenance and DIY tips

Park Tool 

Who never wondered how can I repair my bike or how this component works? Well, this channel is the solution to all your doubts. Newbies or seasoned cyclists need to know one thing or two about bike maintenance and repair: there's no better way than having your bike ready to ride and on point to enjoy the benefits of cycling properly. 

For more information, on how to maintain your bike visit our posts on how to keep your road bike and mountain bike

To improve your training

Dylan Johnson

The channel for cyclists looking to progress. Power, heart rate, planning, calibration... all the topics of training are covered, from the combined angle of experience and research. If you do appreciate science-based and well-researched training tips? Then Dylan Johnson’s is the YouTube channel you must follow. Dylan is a cycling coach who is not afraid to research, summarize and communicate about what works and what doesn’t. 

For inspiration

The Col Collective

If you lack the inspiration of what cycling destination or climb to conquer next, The Col Collective is the cycling YouTube channel to watch. This channel will provide you with the inspiration and education needed to reach the summit of the greatest mountain passes in the world, with expert advice from Mike Cotty and the team. With beautiful settings and gorgeous photography you will envy him for not being there.

The Vegan Cyclist

You don't need to be vegan to watch this channel. The creator, despite being vegan, this channel is not about that. As he describes, it is a channel about "an average man doing above average things. I'm a family man who rides bikes and tells stories."He shares his experiences riding, training, and racing in his videos. He intimately narrates and distills his joy, self-doubt, and pain. It's easy for any dedicated rider to relate to his physical and mental struggles as he tries to improve. Seeing the effort that comes before achieving something great is excellent; this is where he excels. Actual storytelling makes us connect and feel empathy for the human behind the bike. If you need the inspiration to push your limits, this is the place.

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