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Ardéchoise 2024

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The Ardéchoise 2024

In this Article

Published on 5 June 2024

Founded in 1992, the Ardéchoise is a cycling event open to all. In recent years, cycling events have become increasingly popular in France, and among them, the Ardéchoise stands out as one of the most popular events, competing with cyclosportives such as the Etape du Tour or the Marmotte Granfondo Alpes. Indeed, every year, in June and for 4 days, 13,000 participants take on one of the many proposed routes, challenging the most iconic passes of the Massif Central. Save the date: 12 to 15 June 2024 for this 31st edition!


2024 Ardéchoise
Source: The Ardéchoise-Matthieu Dupont

The Ardéchoise in a Few Words

An impressive setup is put in place to ensure the safety of the thousands of cyclists, young and old, who ride the roads of the Ardéchoise over these four days. This year, this cycling event will host the European cyclosport championship: the Boutières and Volcanique routes will be the scenes of this prestigious event on Saturday.

What's New for the 2024 Ardéchoise

Introduction of a New Discipline: Gravel

If you already know the roads of Ardèche by heart, why not discover these trails? Three new Gravel routes will allow you to do just that!

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Opening to Electric Assistance Bikes (EAB)

In 2024, all routes of the Ardéchoise will be open to EABs so that everyone can enjoy them! Departure procedures and certain sections of the routes will be adapted to ensure an optimal and safe experience for all participants.

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New Routes to Discover

The Ardéchoise further diversifies its offer with the introduction of routes over two and three days, tailored for EABs.

Today, the Ardéchoise is among the top 10 cyclosportives to do in France. It hosts the largest number of cyclists each year after the Etape du Tour.

2024 Ardéchoise

Ardéchoise Cyclo 2024: Route Details

Spanning several days in June, the Ardéchoise race offers cycling enthusiasts the opportunity to experience a memorable event. Located about 100 km south of Lyon, the village of Saint-Félicien, in Ardèche, hosts the start and finish of the many routes offered to Ardéchoise participants each year.

🟢The Green Ardèche, on 1 Day | Wednesday 12 June

The unmissable meeting of Wednesday invites you to explore the landscapes of the hills of northern Ardèche and Drôme. On roads that are sometimes gentle, sometimes more demanding, enjoy the animations and the gourmet and festive welcomes prepared by the volunteers of the villages crossed.

Electric assistance bikes are allowed.

1 Day Format - Wednesday 12 June


Green Ardèche

4 routes


🚲 93 km

D+ 1,890 m

🏔️4 ascents

High Vivarais Pays d’Ay

🚲 121 km

D+ 1,950 m

🏔️5 ascents

The Rhône

🚲 66 km

D+ 825 m

🏔️1 ascent

Pays d’Ay-Hermitage

🚲 129 km

D+ 1,630 m

🏔️4 ascents

Vallée de la Cance with an excursion to Haute-Loire

This is the unmissable meeting of Wednesday, which will take you to discover the landscapes of the hills of northern Ardèche and Drôme.

High Vivarais - Pays d’Ay

This Ardèche route takes you to the right bank of the Rhône, to Andance, passing through two picturesque villages, Thorrenc and Saint-Étienne-de-Valoux. A gradual ascent awaits you, with the climb of Brunieux overlooking the vineyards of Saint-Désirat, to the gates of the Mont Pilat natural park. You will then reach Annonay, the capital of northern Ardèche, before reaching Saint-Félicien.

The Rhône

This new circuit is particularly suitable for electric assistance bikes, although it is also suitable for classic bikes. Crossing a wide mountain plateau offers magnificent panoramas, then a 10 km stretch along the Via Rhôna allows you to follow the Rhône. You will thus reach Tournon-sur-Rhône with its charming quays and the historic suspended bridge Marc-Seguin. Then, the route continues through the picturesque gorges of the Doux.

Pays d’Ay Hermitage

For the first time, the neighboring towns of Tournon-sur-Rhône and Tain-L'Hermitage are integrated into the Ardéchoise route. This new circuit combines the Drôme and Ardèche, offering splendid landscapes. In addition to these reliefs, you will enjoy 18 km of gentle and bucolic paths along both banks of the Rhône. The circuit ends with a gentle ascent in Ardèche, through the picturesque valley of Ay.

🟡The Ardéchoise, on 1 Day | Saturday 15 June

Six routes await you on Saturday to meet all your expectations. From the Doux route, with its 87 km accessible to beginner cyclists, to the Ardéchoise Vélo Marathon, with its 285 km reserved for seasoned cyclists, choose the route that suits you. Your route will be punctuated by mythical passes such as Mézilhac, la Baricaude, l'Ardéchoise, and Lalouvesc.

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1 Day Format - Saturday 15 June

🟡 Saturday

The Ardéchoise

6 routes (profile ranging from cyclosportive to cyclotourist)


🚲 87 km

D+ 1,500 m

🏔️2 passes


🚲 134 /

127 km

D+ 2,470 /

2,320 m

🏔️6 passes


🚲 186 /

179 km

D+ 3,495 /

3,345 m

🏔️10 passes


🚲 230 /

223 km

D+ 4,585 /

4,435 m

🏔️10 passes


🚲 241 /

234 km

D+ 4,660 /

4,510 m

🏔️15 cols


🚲 285 km

D+ 5,570 m

🏔️15 cols

Le Doux: An Ideal Route for Beginner Cyclists

The Doux route, perfectly suited for beginner cyclists, will take you through landscapes with two climbs: the Col du Buisson and then the Col de Lalouvesc.

Les Boutières

The Boutières route offers a gentle ride through the heart of the high Eyrieux valley, a tributary of the Rhône.

La Volcanique

On the Crêtes, La Volcanique is not the easiest with its 3,320 meters of elevation gain. However, it offers a unique experience through the diversity of Ardèche landscapes. The highlight of this challenging ride is undoubtedly Mont Gerbier-de-Jonc where the Loire River originates.


L’Ardéchoise represents a significant challenge for any cyclist with its ascent of 10 cols. This route, rich in landscapes, also includes an incursion into the Cévennes with a physically demanding, yet magnificent ascent of the Col de la Baricaude, one of the most enchanting passes in the Massif Central.

Les Sucs

Its name refers to the local volcanic massifs that punctuate the path of this ride, rivaling with Ardéchoise in terms of beauty and challenges.

Don't forget your camera if you opt for this route, as many enchanting panoramas await you. The highlight is the Col de la Croix de Boutières, offering a splendid view of the "sucs," the wild Ardèche, and in the distance, the Alps.

L'Ardéchoise Vélo Marathon

L'Ardéchoise Vélo Marathon is undoubtedly one of the most challenging cyclosportives in Europe. Combining the routes of Ardéchoise and Les Sucs, it is reserved for the most seasoned cyclists, passionate about challenges and mountain climbs.


cyclo ardéchoise

🔵The Ardéchoise Gravel | Saturday 15 June

Explore the plateaus and forests of northern Ardèche with Gravel routes of 48, 68, and 95 kilometers. Combine the tranquility of nature with the historical ambiance of Ardéchoise for a unique experience.

1 Day Format - Saturday 15 June



3 routes

Gravel 48

🚲48 km

D+ 1,130 m

🏔️3 ascents

Gravel 68

🚲68 km

D+ 1,410 m

🏔️4 ascents

Gravel 95

🚲95 km

D+ 1,910 m

🏔️7 ascents

Gravel 48

Starting from St Félicien, you will head towards the Col du Juvenet, then towards Satillieu. You will discover little-known places in northern Ardèche. You will traverse sometimes rugged paths to reach Lalouvesc, a landmark of L’Ardéchoise. Then, you will return to St Félicien for a well-deserved rest.

Gravel 68

Starting from St Félicien, you will head towards the Col du Juvenet, then towards Satillieu. Then, you will head towards St Symphorien de Mahun, where the long and arduous climb towards Lalouvesc begins.

Gravel 95

Starting from St Félicien, you will head towards the Col de Fontaille, then towards the town of St Victor and the Val d’Ay. After a long climb towards the hamlet of Montplot, you will join the other routes at the Col du Juvenet. You will then continue towards St Symphorien de Mahun, where the long and difficult climb towards Lalouvesc begins.

Attention, these routes include rough paths and trails, with significant elevation gains and long distances. They are intended for those who have already practiced gravel riding in the mountains.

🟤L'Ardéchoise, over 2 Days | Friday 14 and Saturday 15 June

For your two-day journey, you will have a choice of 11 routes offering between 60 and 170 km per day. You will find the great classics of the Ardéchoise on a single day, enriched by the Lignon variant, which will introduce you to the Haute-Loire, and the Hautes Terres variants, which will take you to Jaujac, then to the Ardèche plateau for an enchanting ride along the Loire.

2 Day Format - Friday and Saturday 15 June

🟤Friday and Saturday


11 routes


🚲223 km

D+ 4,435 m

🏔️10 cols


🚲278 km

D+ 5,600 m

🏔️15 cols


🚲277 km

D+ 5,070 m

🏔️11 cols


🚲127 km

D+ 2,320 m

🏔️6 cols

Haut Vivarais

🚲164 km

D+ 2,875 m

🏔️6 cols

Hautes Terres

🚲346 km

D+ 6,960 m

🏔️21 cols

Hautes Terres-Lignon

🚲345 km

D+ 6,425 m

🏔️17 cols

Hautes Terres-Loire

🚲291 km

D+ 5,795 m

🏔️16 cols

🏔️16 cols


🚲234 km

D+ 4 510 m

🏔️15 cols


🚲233 km

D+ 3 980 m

🏔️11 cols


🚲179 km

D+ 3 345 m

🏔️10 cols



This route, rich in landscapes, also offers an incursion into the Cévennes, as well as a physically demanding but beautiful climb of the Col de la Barricaude.

AVM and AVM-Lignon

Combining the Ardéchoise and Sucs routes, the Ardéchoise Vélo Marathon is reserved for the most experienced cyclists.


The Boutières route, named after the rich lands of central Ardèche, offers a gentle ride through the high valley of the Eyrieux, a tributary of the Rhône.

Haut Vivarais

The Haut Vivarais extends over a long north-south undulating plateau, marked by numerous hills and variations in relief, and crossed by a succession of rivers from west to east, such as the Doux gorges. It offers a peaceful countryside, animated by its edges with splendid views and refreshed by winding gorges. This route was specially created for electric bikes (e-bikes).

Hautes Terres, Hautes Terres-Lignon and Hautes Terres-Loire

The Hautes Terres route offers a high-altitude escape between southern Ardèche and Atlantic Ardèche.

Les Sucs and Sucs-Lignon

The Sucs is a circuit offering unique sensations. Its name refers to the local volcanic massifs that you will follow throughout this ride, rivaling the Ardéchoise. The highest point is the col de la Croix-de-Boutières, offering a splendid view of "les sucs", the wild Ardèche, and in the distance, the Alps.


On the ridges, La Volcanique spares no effort with its 3,320 m of elevation gain. However, it will let you discover the full diversity of the Ardèche landscapes. The highest point of this athletic tour is undoubtedly Mont Gerbier-de-Jonc, where the Loire has its source. You will also discover astonishing villages like Lachamp-Raphaël, perched at 1,329 m, dominating the Ardèche.

🟣 L'Ardéchoise, over 3 Days | Thursday 13, Friday 14 and Saturday 15 June

Set off on an adventure for 3 days in the heart of the department. You will have the choice of 21 routes, offering between 65 and 170 km per day. Choose between the Crêtes or Châtaigne variants, the Gorges Ardèche or Méridionale Pas du Loup routes.

3-Day Formula - Thursday to Saturday 15 June

🟣Thursday to Saturday


21 routes

Chât. Ardèche

🚲462 km

D+ 9 180 m

🏔️29 cols


🚲341 km

D+ 6 745 m

🏔️18 cols



🚲397 km

D+ 7 910 m

🏔️22 cols


🚲395 km

D+ 7 380 m

🏔️19 cols

Chât-Hautes Terres

🚲464 km

D+ 9 270 m

🏔️27 cols

Chât-Hautes Terres-Lignon

🚲463 km

D+ 8 740 m

🏔️25 cols


🚲409 km

D+ 8 105 m

🏔️23 cols


🚲365 km

D+ 7 380 m

🏔️24 cols


🚲244 km

D+ 4 945 m

🏔️14 cols


🚲299 km

D+ 6 110 m

🏔️19 cols 


🚲298 km

D+ 5 580 m

🏔️15 cols



🚲216 km

D+ 3 875 m

🏔️8 cols 

Crêtes-Hautes Terres

🚲367 km

D+ 7 465 m

🏔️25 cols

Crêtes-Hautes Terres-Lignon

🚲365 km

D+ 6 935 m

🏔️21 cols


🚲312 km

D+ 6 300 m

🏔️20 cols 


🚲255 km

D+ 5 020 m

🏔️19 cols


🚲254 km

D+ 4 490 m

🏔️15 cols


🚲420 km

D+ 8 540 m




🚲418 km

D+ 8 010 m

🏔️25 cols 


🚲480 km

D+ 8 905 m

🏔️24 cols

Southern-Pas du Loup

🚲516 km

Elevation gain: 9,230 m

🏔️25 cols


From Châtaigne-Ardèche to Châtaigne-Loire

This route offers you a picturesque adventure in the heart of Ardèche, through splendid and varied landscapes that are hard to get tired of.

From Crêtes-Ardèche to Crêtes-Tanargue-Lignon

For three days, a unique landscape awaits you on this route inaugurated in 2018. After the Col de Mézilhac, you'll have the freedom to choose your route back to Saint-Félicien.


After a ride through the basaltic massifs of Coiron, you'll be drawn to the southern Ardèche, surrounded by villages with a festive atmosphere. On your way to the watershed between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, you'll be able to admire the majestic gorges of the Ardèche. The highlight of the show is the view of the Ardèche meanders from Serre de Tourre, followed a few kilometers further by the famous Pont d'Arc: a moment to immortalize!

Southern-Pas du Loup

Get ready to head south with this Southern route that will take you to the departments of Gard and Lozère. Very comprehensive, this route of all challenges requires good training, especially to climb along its 25 cols (if you choose La Méridionale Montagne Ardéchoise).

⚫The Ardéchoise, 4 Days | Wednesday 12th, Thursday 13th, Friday 14th, and Saturday 15th June

Experience the Ardéchoise over 4 days with the Gorges or Southern routes by choosing from 15 routes, from 120 to 155 km per day.

4-Day Package - Wednesday 12th to Saturday 15th June

⚫Wednesday to Saturday


15 routes


🚲558 km

Elevation gain: 10,125 m

🏔️30 ascents


🚲494 km

Elevation gain: 8,945 m

🏔️25 ascents

Gorges-Montagne Ardéchoise

🚲614 km

Elevation gain: 11,290 m

🏔️35 ascents

Gorges-Montagne Ardéchoise-Lignon

🚲612 km

Elevation gain: 10,760 m

🏔️31 ascents

Gorges-Pas du Loup

🚲517 km

Elevation gain: 9,135 m

🏔️28 ascents

Gorges-Pas du Loup-Sucs

🚲573 km

Elevation gain: 10,300 m

🏔️32 ascents

Gorges-Wolf Pass-Sucs-Lignon

🚲571 km

D+ 9 770 m

🏔️29 ascents


🚲550 km

D+ 10 105 m

🏔️29 ascents


🚲548 km

D+ 9 575 m

🏔️26 ascents


🚲571 km

D+ 10 250 m

🏔️27 ascents

Southern-Ardèche Mountain

🚲626 km

D+ 11 415 m

🏔️32 ascents

Southern-Ardèche Mountain-Lignon

🚲625 km

D+ 10 885 m

🏔️28 ascents

Southern-Wolf Pass

🚲530 km

D+ 9 265 m

🏔️25 ascents

Southern-Wolf Pass-Sucs

🚲586 km

D+ 10 425 m

🏔️30 ascents

Southern-Wolf Pass-Sucs-Lignon

🚲584 km

D+ 9 895 m

🏔️26 ascents

From Gorges-Allier to Gorges-Tanargue-Lignon

The highest point of the route is the breathtaking view of Ardèche from Serre de Tourre, followed by the famous Pont d'Arc.

From Southern-Allier to Southern-Wolf Pass-Sucs-Lignon

This route requires good training, especially for climbing the numerous passes. Despite the difficulty, a unique atmosphere and unforgettable landscapes await you on this exceptional circuit.

🟠The Ardéchoise for Young People, on 1 Day | 12 or 13 June

This event, open to young people aged 8 to 16, is a moment of sharing celebrating the taste of effort, solidarity, and respect for the environment.

1 DAY Formula - 12 or 13 June

🟠Wednesday or Thursday

Ardéchoise for Young People

4 routes

South Frogs

🚲 27 km

D+ 350 m

🏔️1 ascent

South Foxes

🚲40 km

D+ 670 m

🏔️1 ascent

North Squirrels

🚲 30 km

D+ 440 m

🏔️4 ascents

North Eagles

🚲 51 km

D+ 881 m

🏔️3 ascents

From South Frogs to North Eagles

The event takes place around St Félicien for the northern part of the department and around Gras for southern Ardèche. The Ardéchoise for Young People is also open to those who do not regularly practice cycling.

👉 Resume cycling after a long break: a gentle return to the saddle

Register for the Ardéchoise cyclo: 3 good reasons to participate

Discover breathtaking landscapes

The Ardéchoise offers you the opportunity to discover the magnificent landscapes of the region. From green mountains to impressive gorges, every kilometer traveled is a real adventure.

A diversity of routes

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced cyclist, the Ardéchoise offers a variety of routes suitable for all levels. You can choose the one that best suits your abilities and goals.

An incredible atmosphere

The Ardéchoise is known for providing cyclists with a memorable experience. Numerous animations, refreshment stands, and festivities line the routes, making the event even more enjoyable.

The Ardéchoise 2024 promises to be an exceptional edition, full of innovations and challenges for all cycling enthusiasts. From exploring the green landscapes of Doux to the demanding routes of La Méridionale and Hautes Terres, each itinerary offers a unique experience.

The opening to electric-assist bikes and the introduction of new Gravel routes testify to the evolution of the event, making the Ardéchoise accessible to an even wider audience. Discover our selection of the best Gravel bikes 2024 and take advantage of the best deals on the market refurbished by our team of professionals.

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