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l'alsacienne cyclo

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L'Alsacienne cyclo: details and analysis of the route

In this Article

Published on 23 May 2024

L'Alsacienne cyclo, a cycling race for amateurs in the Vosges, invites thousands of cyclists to discover the charms of this picturesque region. Ranked among the most important public cycling events in France, this bike race attracts the attention of cyclists from around the world. This year, it will take place on 30 June 2024 and promises to be another great success. A month before the event, registrations are already closed. Starting from a mountain lake, the four routes include the surprising Haag greenway and the panoramic Route des Crêtes. Tempted by L'Alsacienne cyclo? Discover the different routes summarized below.

L'Alsacienne cyclo

L'Alsacienne cyclo in a few words

L'Alsacienne cyclo is an annual race held every year since 2016. It is renowned for its friendly and festive atmosphere. It is also appreciated for its cosmopolitan and colorful peloton, the relentless climbs of the Vosges Massif, the beauty of its landscapes, and the diversity of its routes. Indeed, cyclists will have the choice between four routes.

The 100 km and 170 km routes will take the panoramic Route des Crêtes, with the Col du Bramont as the final obstacle. Each distance offers a unique experience, with landscapes that invite you to take on the challenge, regardless of your level.

This year, the refreshment points with local products will be even more numerous than in previous editions. However, be sure not to linger too long, as the 147 km and 170 km stages have time limits to ensure the safety of participants!

The advantages of L'Alsacienne cyclo?

  • an easy and customizable registration;
  • three timed routes and one non-timed route;
  • the possibility to change routes during the event;
  • passes closed to road traffic;
  • Alsatian entertainment and traditions.

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L'Alsacienne cyclo: 4 routes to choose from

First route

L'Alsacienne cyclo route

This first non-timed route of 71 km includes a positive elevation gain of 1,700 meters comprising 4 climbs with a maximum gradient of 19%.

The riders will then pass through:

  • The Col d'Oderen, smooth and very pleasant in the forest with a climb of 6.8 kilometers, a positive elevation gain of 393 meters and an average gradient of 5.8%.
  • The Col du Page, 1.6 kilometers long, with a positive elevation gain of 137 meters and an average gradient of 8.4%.
  • The Col de Bussang at an altitude of 757 meters.
  • The Col du Haag. A climb that will not leave any cyclist indifferent. Inaugurated by L'Alsacienne in 2023, this new challenge has quickly become a must in the Vosges. Over 11.1 km, you will climb 828 meters with an average gradient of 8%. The climb reaches a maximum gradient of 19.5% and includes a 500-meter section at 12% near the summit, classifying it as beyond category. Moreover, the last 4.5 kilometers of this climb, known as the "Voie Verte du Haag", are closed to road traffic all year round. During L'Alsacienne, you will pass through this unique natural area while gritting your teeth to overcome the steep sections of asphalt.

All types of bikes are allowed, including electric bikes. Furthermore, this route has no time barriers.

Second route

L'Alsacienne cyclo route

The start of this cyclosportive or non-timed sportive (the registrant's choice) of 100 km will begin at 7:30 am at the Kruth - Wildenstein lake dam in Kruth 68820. This pleasant route offers hikers the opportunity to experience the unique atmosphere of a major cycling event. This superb route, winding between lakes and mountain stations, offers a crossing of the most breathtaking landscapes of the Vosges Massif. It includes a positive elevation gain of 2,200 meters comprising 5 climbs with a maximum gradient of 19%. In addition to the first four passes already mentioned, the riders will also pass through:

  • The Col des Feignes.
  • The Col du Bramont, relatively smooth, is located near the Grand Ballon. Reaching an altitude of 956 meters and stretching over 7 kilometers, this pass has an elevation gain of 385 meters and a maximum gradient of 7%.

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Third route

147 km route of L'Alsacienne cyclo

This cyclosportive or non-timed sportive (the registrant's choice) of 147 km includes a positive elevation gain of 3,800 meters.

This route, already taken by the Tour de France, offers a succession of climbs from the first pedal strokes, providing a series of thrilling challenges. Indeed, the riders will pass through 9 climbs with a maximum gradient of 19%. An adventure full of emotions at every turn!

The cyclists will start at 7:30 am at the Kruth lake dam.

In addition to the Cols of Oderen, Col du Page, Col de Bussang, and Col du Haag, the riders will also discover:

  • The Col du Bannstein, very popular with local cyclists. It is the first pass that Mulhousians like to cross at the end of winter.
  • The Col du Firstplan, peaceful, narrow, and densely wooded.
  • The Petit Ballon, climbed from Wasserbourg. Already used by the riders of the women's Tour de France in 2022 and during the Tour de France 2023, this 8.9 km pass at 7.9% leaves a mark on the legs and memory of those who have dared to face it. Less famous than its older sibling, the Grand Ballon, this pass is still worth a visit. Shaded in summer on its first part, this climb ends with some steeper bends, but the resulting panorama is worth it. First on the mountainside then on a small plateau at the top, you can see the ski stations and the Vosges villages. However, be careful during the descent, whichever side you take: narrow roads and some hairpins require your vigilance and good brakes.
  • The Col du Platzerwasel.
  • The Col du Breitfirst.

Fourth route

170 km route of L'Alsacienne cyclo

This fourth and last timed route of 170 km with a positive elevation gain of 4,200 meters includes 11 climbs with a maximum gradient of 19%. Challenging, this cyclosportive or non-timed sportive, depending on the rider's choice, inspires admiration from all cyclists, both for the series of challenges it offers and the diversity of landscapes it traverses.

The riders will also start at 7:30 am at the Kruth lake dam.

On these last three routes, electric bikes, time trial bikes, tandems, as well as extension bars and headphones, are prohibited.

For all events, the age requirement to participate is 18 years old on the day of the event

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Climbing a pass: what is the ideal bike?

In addition to good training, L'Alsacienne cyclo requires an ideal road bike for climbing and always well-equipped.

We highly recommend using appropriate gears to climb the most beautiful mountain passes in Alsace. While professional cyclists can climb the steep slopes of legendary passes with a 39-28 gear ratio, you will quickly find that this can be challenging for an average-level amateur. It is better to have a 36-32, or even a 36-34 gear ratio, to ensure you can tackle these climbs without difficulty and achieve your goal.

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In summary, L'Alsacienne Cyclo is not just a regional cyclosportive. It asserts itself as a real challenge for amateur and professional cyclists. The rigor of each cycling route and the beauty of the Alsatian landscapes make it an unforgettable experience.

Moreover, the date of L'Alsacienne fits very well into the cyclist's calendar who wishes to participate in the 2024 Étape du Tour scheduled a week later. Participating in L'Alsacienne is then a good warm-up and a good physical and mental preparation before experiencing the myth of the Grande Boucle. It offers a unique opportunity to prepare effectively for the Étape du Tour, while enjoying the magnificent landscapes and rich culture of Alsace.

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