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Les meilleurs vélos aéro 2022

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The best aero bikes in 2022

In this Article

Published July 13, 2022 (updated November 25, 2022)

The quest for speed is undoubtedly part of what makes cycling so exhilarating. And when it comes to going fast, it's obviously aerodynamics that has the biggest influence.

Always on the cutting edge of technology, the best aero bikes challenge the definition of a fast racing bike. Of course, they're not always on the cutting edge when it comes to weight, but if you think an 8kg road bike can't be fast, think again!

There's a lot to consider when it comes to finding the best aero road bike for your needs. For those of us who aren't lucky enough to be WorldTour professionals with a team of mechanics on hand, an aero bike should be easy to live with. Do you need an engineering degree to maintain it? Do deep-section wheels make it difficult to handle on windy days? How does it handle on rough back roads? We answered these questions in an effort to find the best aero bikes available in 2022.

 Cycling race on enduro bikes

Do I need an aero bike?

Aero bikes are common in the professional peloton, where riders are looking for marginal gains and have access to the latest WorldTour bikes from their sponsors.
The angular, sculpted frames of aero bikes are especially prominent on long, flat stages. It's the first choice of sprinters, where the reduced drag of tubular profiles can give them the extra turn of speed they need to win the race.

Teams typically offer riders a choice between an aero bike and a lightweight mountain bike. Some riders switch between the two depending on the terrain. Others now stick with their aero bike regardless of the terrain, even for the more hilly and mountainous stages. This is especially true for the breakaway specialists, who spend much more time in the wind than others.

In recent years, brands have been designing bikes that combine aerodynamics and lightness. The Specialized S-Works SL7 and the Pinarello Dogma F are just two examples of the aerodynamically influenced all-rounders found in the WorldTour peloton.

Aerodynamic road bikes are the fastest option in most cases, and you don't have to be a professional to enjoy them. After all, for many people, riding fast is fun.

Still not sure what type of road bike you need? Our comparison article aero vs climber vs endurance will help you think about it. If you've already decided on an aero bike, then you're in the right place!

Cannondale SystemSix

Cannondale SystemSix

For a long time, Cannondale neglected the aero market for the simple reason that its SuperSix Evo race bike was so good. However, in 2018, the American brand has made enough inroads into the speed world and released the SystemSix. For its first-ever aerodynamic road bike, the brand pulled out all the stops. It looks exactly like you'd expect an aero bike to look, with its sharp angles and big tubes, and you'd think it would be uncomfortable. In truth, the SystemSix has a comfort that belies its massive nature. It's also a very maneuverable bike, with geometry that almost matches that of the Cannondale SuperSix Evo and hydraulic brakes that inspire confidence on descents.

The SystemSix rides on Cannondale's Knot 64 wheels, which are tubeless ready, very stiff and spin like a freight train. This is a bike with bold claims. At 48 km/h, it will save you 50 W, while its combination of aerodynamics and weight makes it faster than any climbing bike on grades up to 6 percent.

This Cannondale SystemSix is an incredibly fast bike that makes other brands feel like they're still lagging behind Cannondale.

Trek Madone

Trek Madone

The Trek Madonna was once a versatile bike that dominated stage races, built with classic round tubes. But as technology evolved and aerodynamics came to the forefront, Trek decided to evolve the Madone into an aerodynamic machine.

The redesigned Madone debuted in 2016 with deep-section tubes, monolithic aero bars, and an interesting piece, the IsoSpeed decoupler decoupler from Trek. The IsoSpeed decouples the seat tube from the top tube using elastomers and bearings so the seat tube can flex freely to absorb bumps and vibrations. The end result is an ultra-comfortable, aerodynamic bike that keeps you in the saddle for hours.

Having recently lost some weight, it proves that sublime comfort and extreme speed no longer have to be contradictory.

See all available Trek road bikes Certified Pre-Owned by our professional mechanics.

Pinarello Dogma

Pinarello Dogma

With Chris Froome on board, the Pinarello Dogma F8 won two times at the Tour de France. Geraint Thomas won one on board the model Dogma F10. While the F12 obtained its first victory in the Tour under Egan Bernal.

At The Cyclist Housewe even have a Dogma F10 Team Sky 2018, which was part of Froomey's spare bikes. A dream opportunity for fans of the Great Loop!

Since then, Pinarello has decided not to increase the numbers anymore. The latest Pinarello Dogma is now known as the Dogma F. The final article, as revealed to Fausto by the god of cycling, is still available with traditional caliper brakes. However, even Ineos has opted for the more elegant disc version.

See all Pinarello road bikes Certified Pre-Owned available.

Specialized Venge

Specialized Venge

In its time, the Specialized Venge was the king of aerodynamic bikes. Released in 2012, Specialized collaborated with the legendary McLaren Formula 1 team to optimize carbon composition and aerodynamics.

At the time, aero bikes were still a niche category, only used on slate-like flat roads. The Venge was meant to be a versatile aero bike that didn't compromise on stiffness, ride quality or weight. It became one of the most popular aero bikes ever made. Unfortunately, its time in the sun came to an end when it was replaced by the Tarmac SL7 in 2020. Fortunately, you can still buy it used!

See all road bikes Specialized Certified Pre-Owned available and delivered in 72 hours.

Cervélo S5

Cervelo S5

Cervelo practically invented the aero bike category when it launched the Soloist in 2001, the first aerodynamic road bike to achieve widespread commercial success.

Its latest aero bike, the S5, has long been considered one of the fastest bikes on the market and continues to dominate the professional peloton under the direction of superstars like Wout van Aert and Primoz Roglic.

The S5 uses Cervelo's CS28 stem, a V-shaped stem designed to maximize aerodynamic performance and stiffness. It integrates seamlessly with Cervelo's aerodynamic handlebars and provides an integrated cable management system for easier mounting and adjustment than other one-piece cockpits.

BMC Timemachine

BMC Timemachine

When a bike is both a time trial bike and a road bike, you can say it's fast, and when a reconfigured version of the Timemachine helped Rohan Dennis win the hour record quickly-but briefly-it only added to the credibility of BMC's aero machine.

The front end assembly integrates like a Transformer, while the rear end places the seatstays as low in the seat tube as UCI rules allow, a design that is almost ubiquitous in the aero field.

The frame's "aero module" beautifully integrates a pair of bottle holders and a handy storage compartment in the front triangle.

See all BMC road bikes Certified Pre-Owned road bikes in stock.

Bianchi Oltre XR4

Bianchi Oltre XR4

The range of Bianchi racing bikes has recently been completed with the latest Oltre XR4which features Countervail, a viscoelastic carbon material that reduces road noise.

Although the frame's tubes look like blades, Bianchi believes the real gains in aerodynamics come from the rider's ability to maintain an aerodynamic position for longer, thanks to Countervail, which makes the ride less harsh and reduces fatigue. After all, it's the rider who creates most of the drag.

See all Bianchi road bikes Certified Pre-Owned in stock.

3T Exploro RaceMax

style="text-align: left;"> Cyclists doing gravel on the 3T Exploro RaceMax

A gravel bike in a selection of the best aero bikes? You're not dreaming! In 2016, Italian manufacturer 3T shook up the bike world by introducing the first aero gravel frame. And since then the brand continues to evolve its range every year to offer ever more performance to cyclists who love speed and unpaved trails.

With a cutaway rear wheel, narrower head tube and aerodynamic frame tubes, the Exploro RaceMax is designed to be fast in all conditions.The RaceMax range is equipped with Campagnolo Ekar 13-speed or Eagle AXS groupsets depending on the model.

See all 3T aero bikes in stock, delivered within 3 days

Whatever type of bike you're looking for, aero, endurance, mountain bike or gravel, 3T's Certified Pre-Owned offer unbeatable value for money. You benefit from the expertise of a professional at the time of purchase, guarantees almost equivalent to new, and a price up to 60% lower.

Find all our tips for buying a used bike.

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