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Gravel Bergamont : aussi élégant que polyvalent

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Gravel Bergamont: as elegant as it is versatile

In this Article

Published on 25 June 2024


Bergamont is a renowned German brand in the cycling world, known for its innovative and high-performance bikes suited to a wide variety of disciplines. Founded in 1993 in Hamburg, Bergamont has stood out for its commitment to quality, design, and advanced technology in bike manufacturing. The brand quickly made a name for itself and attracted the attention of major companies such as BMC, before being acquired by Scott in 2015. Let's take a closer look at the Gravel range and three favourite models, some of which are available in refurbished versions!

Bergamont Grandurance

Bergamont: the story of a German brand turned Swiss

Bergamont is now a recognized brand for the quality and innovation of its bikes. It offers a wide range of bikes from electric bikes to mountain bikes, including city bikes and gravel bikes.

Since 2015, the brand has belonged to the Scott group, which saw its full potential. The Swiss company, deeply linked to the mountain world, knows what it takes to offer an exceptional experience to gravel bike enthusiasts. Among Scott and Bergamont bikes, you will find similar equipment such as the stem, handlebars, wheels, and seat post from the Synchros brand.

For its components, Bergamont collaborates with well-known brands like Bosch and Shimano for the motors of its electric bikes, but the brand also innovates with manufacturers such as Mahle and TQ.

Bergamont's gravel bikes, notably the Grandurance series, are designed to be versatile bikes with a good quality/price ratio, allowing cyclists to get into gravel riding whether it's for a first gravel bike, a secondary bike, all without breaking the bank!

Gravel Bergamont: range overview

Like other brands, Bergamont offers models with aluminum frames and others with carbon frames, both designed to accommodate accessories such as luggage racks, mudguards, and lighting systems. The carbon versions are designated by the Expert and Elite suffixes, the latter being the top-of-the-range model.

Bergamont Grandurance range in detail

In the gravel sector, Bergamont has a well-stocked catalog to meet the needs of all cyclists.

Grandurance RD

Usage: the RD versions are equipped with front and rear mudguards, more oriented towards commuting, but also allowing for weekend excursions. They are more commonly referred to as versatile utility bikes. The Bergamont Grandurance RD are equipped versions. Equipped for what? For everything you want, really. The Grandurance RD won't shy away from a few itinerant getaways, as long as they're not too loaded (the luggage rack supports a maximum of 15 kg).

Features: aluminum or carbon frame (depending on the models), carbon fork for vibration absorption, endurance geometry for more comfort on long distances.

Components: Shimano or SRAM groupsets, hydraulic disc brakes for better braking power and increased safety.

Grandurance Gravel

Usage: this model is designed for pure and tough gravel with the ability to adapt to various terrains.

Features: sturdy aluminum or carbon frame, specific gravel geometry for better control and comfort on varied terrains, wide tires for better traction and stability.

Components: Shimano GRX or SRAM transmissions, often equipped with gravel-specific gearing, hydraulic disc brakes for reliable performance in all conditions.

Grandurance bikes: The Cyclist House selection

The Grandurance range is divided into different models. It starts with the entry-level model, the Grandurance 4 at a price of €1,199, up to the high-end carbon models, the Grandurance Expert priced at €2,499 and Elite priced at €3,399.

Bergamont Grandurance 6: the all-terrain bike

The Bergamont Grandurance 6, priced from €1,399, is a gravel bike with an aluminum frame and carbon fork. It thus falls into the mid-range of the series.

The handlebars have a 10-degree flare. The hoods are quite high and wide, providing a feeling of comfort.

Well equipped, it is often referred to as an "all-terrain" bike offering excellent value for money. This model resembles a classic endurance road bike, equipped with gravel tires, mudguards, and a luggage rack. For its attractive price, it is equipped with the entry-level Shimano GRX 400 groupset.

The Bergamont Grandurance 6 is an ideal bike for daily commuting, exploring small roads, and occasional bikepacking.

Bergamont Grandurance 6

Bergamont Grandurance 8: excellent value for money

The Bergamont Grandurance 8 is the version just above the previously mentioned gravel bike. It is also made of aluminum with a carbon fork, but has slightly higher-end components with a Shimano GRX 11-speed drivetrain with a single chainring. To improve comfort and grip on varied terrains, Bergamont equips the Grandurance with fairly wide tires at 45mm. The plus of this bike is the width and inclination of the handlebars, offering a good compromise between sportiness and off-road capability. Additionally, the slightly flattened top of the handlebars provides comfortable support for relaxed pedaling. They can be found on our site starting at €1,599.

In summary, this bike, also available in an RD version, is well-equipped to meet the varied needs of cyclists, whether for daily use, gravel adventures or bikepacking. It doesn't have any real weak points, but if you're looking for the same features at a slightly lower price, it might be wise to consider the Grandurance 6. This model offers the same benefits but with a two-speed drivetrain.

Bergamont Grandurance 8

Bergamont Grandurance Expert: the high-end model

The Expert model with a double chainring is a Gravel bike offering excellent value for money. For €2,499 and only 9.8 kg, you get a carbon bike ideal for your adventures and long rides. This adventure-oriented bike is equipped with many integrated mounts for bikepacking, particularly on the frame and fork.

Given its price, this Expert version offers a high-performance and comfortable carbon Gravel bike, with quality wheels and components, which is quite rare in this price range. Although its Shimano GRX-400 groupset is not the fastest and smoothest, unlike the GRX 800 or 820, it remains perfectly suited to our practice.

In addition to functionality, aesthetics also play an important role, with the characteristic Bergamont fork adorning this Grandurance Expert. Its bright colors and marked contrast with the frame make it particularly attractive.

The bike's geometry ensures optimal comfort. As soon as you get on the bike, you feel this comfort: relaxed back, comfortable arms and hands, and smooth pedaling.

The wheelbase is extended, the steering angle is advanced, the head tube is high, and the saddle angle is also adjusted accordingly. This carefully thought-out design results in an extremely stable, comfortable, and particularly enjoyable bike to ride.

Bergamont Grandurance Expert

You got it, it's hard to find fault with the Bergamont Grandurance offering excellent value for money. Over the years, the brand has perfectly evolved its Gravel, making it today a prime outsider for cyclists who want to enjoy themselves without breaking the bank.

Want to know more about these versatile bikes? Discover our selection of the best Gravel 2024 and enjoy the models in refurbished versions.

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