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The best 2024 Gravel bikes: The Cyclist House selection

In this Article

Published on 21 March 2024

The year 2024 promises yet more exciting innovations in the realm of Gravel bikes. If you aspire to adventure and long rides, there's nothing quite like a bike specifically designed for bikepacking. Gravels come equipped with multiple mounts and supports for bags, bottle cages, mudguards, and much more. But above all, they must be sturdy and responsive to tackle the roughest trails and meet the demands of the most discerning riders.

In this article, we delve into the world of the best Gravel bikes of 2024 to discover the models that stand out for their ingenuity, versatility, and ability to turn every ride into an unforgettable adventure.

Trek Checkpoint: range overview

Checkpoint gravel bikes are versatile and suitable for various activities such as gravel racing, touring, and adventure riding. Available in different versions, including the carbon SLR for racing, the SL for touring, and the ALR in aluminium, they offer a remarkably comfortable experience for gravel rides, commutes, and more. The complete Trek Checkpoint SL 2024 range starts from €3,699 with the SL 5 up to the SL 7 model at €6,499.

👉 It's worth noting that the brand is also known for its road bikes such as the Trek Madone and Emonda.

Our favourite: Trek CheckPoint SL7 AXS

Trek Checkpoint SL7


The Checkpoint SL7, with longer chainstays than most Gravels, is undoubtedly more stable, and some riders will appreciate the imposing riding feel it brings.

Equipped with the SRAM Force AXS groupset, Trek opts for a two-chainring setup rather than a single-ring system. The 43/30t chainrings paired with a 10-36t cassette offer a wide range of gears, which is good news for long-distance cyclists. The bike not only maintains pace on fast terrains but also handles climbs very well.

Although the SL7 lacks a suspension fork and stem, it performs brilliantly off-road.

The Bontrager GR1 Team Issue tires equipped on the bike offer a very pleasant ride, especially on dry and fast terrains. Paired with Bontrager Aeolus Pro 3V carbon wheels, they form a fast and reliable combination. Tire clearance is also remarkable. The new Checkpoint SL can accommodate 45 mm tires when paired with a pair of 700c wheels, but it's possible to go up to 53.3 mm for those who prefer the maneuverability of slightly smaller 650b wheels.

Moreover, with a width of 44 cm, its elite gravel handlebar is pleasantly ergonomic.

The bike proves to be very efficient in power and steep climbs, notably thanks to the wide rear triangle and rigid bottom bracket. In terms of stability, the Checkpoint SL 7 is slightly more agile than other bikes, but it remains well-balanced nonetheless. It stays stable on fast straight lines and maneuvers smoothly in tight corners. It gives control to the rider and will not fail to put a smile on your face, whether you're a seasoned pro or a novice in handlebars, and it will continue to do so even if you venture onto trails.


Trek always includes an IsoSpeed decoupler at the junction of the chainstays. This is a pivot system, similar to the Cannondale Kingpin, which allows the seatpost to flex forwards and backwards. This system, combined with a standard 27.2 mm seatpost, provides a bit more flexibility to the bike. This innovation brings a smoother ride and reduces fatigue although it's not as sophisticated as that of the top-of-the-line SLR. Also note that it doesn't offer as much travel as the Cannondale equivalent.

Additionally, the Checkpoint SL seems ready for all adventures given the large number of attachment points on the frame and forks. Its integrated frame compartment is ideal for long distances, allowing you to store your tools and spare parts in case of a puncture.


Thanks to its lightweight OCLV carbon frame, both robust and light, this bike weighs only 8.9 kg, an ideal weight for bikepacking.


At a price of €6,899, Trek promises a cutting-edge bike incorporating high-end components, a lightweight IsoSpeed system, an integrated frame compartment, and ample protection of the downtube.

Our verdict: the Trek Checkpoint SL 7 AXS has been meticulously designed down to the smallest details. Incredibly pleasant maneuverability, impeccable design, and immense versatility place it at the top of the list.

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Megamo: range overview

The Megamo brand, originating from Catalonia and established in Girona, is not very well known in France, but its expansion seems to be gradually gaining momentum. The 2024 Megamo SILK range currently consists of 4 models ranging from €3,499 for the Silk 10 to €5,999 for the Silk AXS 01. The SILK is the brand's first 100% racing Gravel bike.

Our favourite: Megamo Silk AXS 05

Megamo Silk AXS 05


In the saddle, the SILK stands out for its surprisingly responsiveness. It demonstrates reassuring stability in descents and turns. The frame accommodates single or double chainring drivetrains. It features a SRAM UDH derailleur hanger that allows the use of SRAM MTB derailleurs for mullet drivetrains, meaning road bike shifters paired with a mountain bike derailleur. The Megamo SILK AX 05 benefits from a SRAM Apex AXS electronic drivetrain and an Eagle 10-52 cassette.

Fitted with Pirelli 40 mm tires, its wheel clearance accepts tires up to 45 mm.


This bike seems to transcend the boundaries between different gravel categories. The SILK exhibits a versatility that could attract adventurers eager to explore beyond beaten paths without giving up the pleasure of riding on more conventional surfaces. The reach is longer and the bottom bracket is lower for a more aggressive position. The chainstays are shorter to gain agility and acceleration closer to that of a road bike.


With a full carbon frame weighing 940 grams, a fork at 435 grams, and an integrated carbon handlebar at 414 grams, the lightness is instantly noticeable, making climbs less arduous and accelerations more spontaneous.


Its price of €4,499 is justified by its performance, design, and versatility. However, it's an investment for serious cyclists and competitors.

Our verdict: The entire Megamo Silk range uses the same frame, which is very appreciated when targeting a more entry-level model. This bike is made for those aiming for competition speed. For bikepacking enthusiasts and long-distance travelers, look elsewhere.


Scott : range overview

The American-Swiss group has continuously accumulated victories in the most prestigious races in the world. The brand satisfies both professional competitors and Sunday cyclists. The Speedster Gravel range offers models ranging from €1,399 for the Speedster Gravel 60 to €5,845 for the 853 Rohloff Speedster.

Our favorite model : Scott Speedster Gravel 30

Scott Speedster Gravel 30


The SCOTT Speedster Gravel 30 2024 is a reliable partner when deciding to explore less frequented paths. Apart from the Praxis Alba crankset in 48/32, it features the Shimano GRX 400 groupset with a 10-speed 11/34 cassette which, combined with a double chainring, will allow you to climb the steepest slopes and also go fast on flat terrain.

Its extremely light double-butted 6061 aluminum frame, coupled with a carbon fork, gives it a light and precise handling.


Its geometry is oriented towards comfort with longer chainstays and a higher bike than a road bike.

Aesthetically, it displays a certain style with all cables routed internally.

If you want to be confident on the most technical trails, you can fit it with wide tires. It comes with 45 mm tires as standard.


Thanks to its high-quality material, this bike weighs only 10.4 kg.


Starting from €1,899, it offers a more affordable alternative compared to its carbon counterpart, the Scott Addict.

Our verdict: This bike offers excellent value for money, ideal for long randonnées. Only its weight could make the most indecisive cyclists hesitate.

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Canyon: range overview

Canyon has firmly established its presence in the world of MTB competition and the World Tour, notably with the notable presence of Mathieu van der Poel, the champion of Paris-Roubaix in 2023. At the same time, the brand has positioned itself as a major player in gravel development. The 2024 Canyon Grail range comes in 8 models with its entry-level model, the Grail CF SL7 at €2,699 up to the top-of-the-range model, the CFR LTD at €10,000.

Our favorite model : Canyon Grail CF SLX8 AXS

Canyon Grail CF SLX8 AXS


Canyon sets the tone with this second generation of Gravel. This bike stands out for many features starting with its aerodynamic coefficient. You gain 9.1 watts at 45 km/h compared to the first generation of Grail. It's truly a racing Gravel bike (Gravel races often have an average speed close to 40 km/h)! All this thanks to the new cockpit which integrates cable routing and the tube shapes borrowed from the Ultimate.

The geometry is also completely redesigned, with a frame with a wheelbase lengthened by almost 3 centimeters. The fork offset is also increased to offer better stability at high speed, at the expense of climbing capabilities.

Regarding the groupset, Canyon has opted for a Sram Force XPLR AXS groupset in a single chainring version of 42 teeth, combined with a 10-44 cassette. This setup allows you to tackle most terrains without too much difficulty. Furthermore, the bike can accommodate tires up to 42 mm wide.

On tracks and trails, the difference with the first-generation Grail is clearly noticeable. The bike is extremely fast, which allows for easy progress on all types of terrain. A 20% dry climb? No problem, a slight pedal stroke and the bike passes without hindrance. The new geometry is ideal as long as a certain speed is maintained.


The seatpost also undergoes changes. It adopts the shape of the Ultimate seatpost while being more comfortable and lighter by nearly 45 grams compared to the VCLS 2.0 seatpost of the first-generation Grail.

In addition, an internal storage compartment is integrated into the top tube, under the bottle cage, allowing you to store a spare tube, a multi-tool, or even a vest and food.

The Grail also features mounting points on the top tube and under the top tube, making it a viable choice for long distances.


This bike is pleasantly light as it weighs only 8.1 kgs.


The Canyon Grail CF SLX8 AXS has a price tag of €5,299.

Our verdict: It's undeniable that enthusiasts of fast rides or competitions will find joy in it.


BMC: range overview

Are you ready to explore all trails? With the various models of Gravel URS from the Swiss brand BMC, you will be perfectly equipped! The Gravel URS is available in several versions, including the URS, URS 01, URS AL, and URS LT to meet your specific needs on the roads and trails you want to ride.

Our favorite model : BMC URS AL ONE



Thanks to BMC's experience in MTB, the BMC URS AL ONE equipped with a SRAM Apex 11-speed transmission has a perfectly refined frame. The URS is a high-end versatile bike that suits a wide range of cyclists. It is built with a premium carbon frame designed with TCC Gravel technology and Gravel+ geometry, offering a comfortable ride on a variety of terrains.

The URS is designed for modern and aggressive gravel riding. With a head angle of 70° for the front end and a long wheelbase, it offers exceptional stability. This means you can tackle challenging terrain with confidence, knowing that your bike will respond predictably and allow you to maintain control even in the most demanding situations.

Braking is provided by powerful SRAM Rival HRD hydraulic disc brakes.

With suitable components such as wheels equipped with 45mm tubeless tires and compatibility with a dropper seatpost, the URS is ready to take on any challenge.


The MTT technology integrated into the carbon frame, located at the top of the seatstays, provides 10mm of travel, a mini-suspension that provides exceptional grip and comfort.

The carbon fork also contributes to a very comfortable setup, allowing you to ride on all types of terrain.

Bikepacking enthusiasts will be delighted with the multiple mounting options on the top tube, allowing for the installation of a rack and fenders. As for those looking to push the limits of their gravel bike and ride intensely, they will be pleased to learn that the URS is compatible with the Fox 32 SC SX suspension fork.

The BMC URS AL ONE stands out with its long reach combined with an extremely short integrated ICS stem (55 or 70mm), offering better control and increased responsiveness on all terrains.


This all-carbon bike weighs 9.9 kg.


The BMC URS AL ONE is priced at €2,999.

Our verdict: The BMC URS AL ONE is ideal for the ambitious competitor as well as for the cyclist passionate about long rides in the countryside, while also being a great companion for bikepacking enthusiasts.

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Adris: range overview

For fans of Made in France and human-sized companies, the Adris brand will please you! Still relatively unknown to the general public, this French bike brand designs, draws, and assembles its bikes in Brittany. Adris is gradually building a reputation in the cycling world. Currently, the Gravel range is available in 2 models: Aventure and Vadrouille ranging from €1,799 for the Vadrouille GRX 400 to €5,599 for the Aventure GRX 815 Di2.

Discover more about the Adris brand in this article.

Our favorite model: the Vadrouille GRX 400



The Vadrouille GRX400 model is a gravel bike with a 6061 aluminum frame paired with a carbon fork and steerer. The bike is fully equipped with inserts on the frame, fork, and seatstays to enjoy long bike rides. It is equipped with the GRX400 groupset, with double chainrings of 46×30, 10 speeds, and hydraulic disc brakes from the GRX group.

ADRIS offers the bike equipped with Vittoria Terreno Dry tubeless tires in 40-622 mounted on MAVIC AllRoad wheels. The internal cable routing is perfectly executed, with a semi-integrated stem making maintenance easier while maintaining a neat aesthetic. This choice is an ideal compromise between versatility and aesthetics.


Thanks to its compact frame, this bike is both lively and comfortable. It responds very well during accelerations as well as in climbs. With the Italia ModelX Superflow saddle, which is both short and wide, you quickly find your position, although comfort and saddle choice are very personal.


This bike weighs 9.9 kg.


Priced at €1,799, the Vadrouille GRX 400 is accessible to a larger number of cyclists.

Our verdict: We love this Made in France bike. The brand pays special attention to details, and this is clearly reflected in the Vadrouille.


Finally, which gravel bike to choose for 2024?

  Trek CheckPoint SL7 AXS Megamo Silk AXS 05 Scott Speedster Gravel 30 Canyon Grail CF SLX8 BMC URS AL ONE VADROUILLE GRX 400
Maniabilité + + + + + +
Confort + - + + + +
Poids + + - + + + + +
Prix - - + - + +

If we had to choose just one, we would be tempted to choose the Vadrouille GRX 400, which meets all the criteria and offers excellent value for money. Moreover, it is perfectly suited for bikepacking. However, this choice obviously needs to be reconsidered depending on whether you are more of a competitor or a touring rider.


In 2024, gravel bikes offer remarkable performance and exceptional versatility, meeting the needs of cyclists of all levels. Discover the refurbished gravel bike that suits you at The Cyclist House and save up to 60% compared to the new price. All that's left is to enjoy the pleasure of riding off the beaten path and exploring the world around you.

Looking to buy a used gravel bike but not sure where to start? Here's our complete guide to buying the gravel bike you need.

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