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Vélo de route : conseils de pro pour une sortie longue. Un couple profite au maximum de sa sortie longue dans les meilleures conditions possibles.

In this Article

Road bike: Pro advice for a long outing

In this Article

Summer is approaching and Opportunities to exhibit your machine, In Europe or elsewhere, there is no shortage of. In group or solo, whether you plan to climb Huez alpeOr traveling the Flanders, a long bike outing is preparing. Mechanical problem, failing planning, climatic hazard, reproach physical condition, the reasons for "stalling" on the road. From checking your cycle to recovering your body, including planning your route and the choice of your equipment, hydration and food before, during and after exercise, The Cyclist House gives you the Keys to get the most out of your road trip.

We don't come back here to the importance of being, if not in an Olympic form, at least capable of fighting it. Without that, your exit might seem long to you ... not to mention the risk of injury, increased. This article does not relate to how to progress (by training, you can imagine), but rather on how to carry out its excursion in the best possible conditions.

Before its release: we leave nothing to chance

You have not yet hit the road, and yet it is just like: a successful outing begins at least the day before departure! We will not push the vice until you advise you to recognize the stage, but plan your journey, that yes! Food and sleep play a preponderant role as always. We review the points not to be overlooked to leave serene.

Check the condition of your bike

If you follow Our maintenance advice, Congratulations, you have nothing to do! Responsible cyclist, your bike shines like a yellow jersey on the shoulders of Julian Alaphilippe and thanks you. If this was not the case, your attention will have to focus mainly on the lubrication of your chain and the inflation of your tires.Your brakes? Testing them cannot hurt.Good chain lubrication will allow you further.

Plan your route

This is an important point, too often overlooked: the effective planning of your route will avoid many inconveniences, especially that of spending the day on your phone (worse, having to stop at all times to know where to go …).
A route is first of all a distance. You alone know what you can do. Make a quick calculation to convert the distance to duration (divide by average speed). A seasoned cyclist will speak of a long exit from 4 hours of effort when a beginner will consider her as such from the second hour of practice. Also, don't forget to take a look at drop! From 1000D+, things could spoil ...
A route is also a path, a type of road: if you hold your life and your tires, avoid nationals and stony paths! If you are a novice, use the GPS trace of other athletes, concocted by them for you, and very often punctuated, commented (this is the case on Komoot). In order to follow it on D-Day, save it in the application or load it on your compatible GPS counter.

Prepare your equipment

Your bike shines and have you traced your journey in advance? It remains to be seen what you will take with you ... to tell the truth, not much. Let's do a check in.
First, and in order to adorn the occurrence of mechanical seeds, the eternal repair kit: air chamber, mini pump, disassembly-pneus.

In terms of clothing, put on the outfit in the colors of your favorite team (helmet, glasses, thighs, etc.). We will never insist enough about the importance of investing in a quality wader, adapted to his morphology.
Check the weather and take a windbreaker in case of doubt. In the mountains, take it even if the weather is nice (for descents and because time changes quickly).

Favor the use of (small) bags to that of the backpack; Even of modest size, wearing the bag turns out to be handicapping in the long run.
Fill your cans (water) and your pockets of sugars (fruit pasta, dried fruit, cereal bars, energy gels, etc.).
Load your mobile phone.

To eat pasta

This is not a secret for anyone: quality sleep and diet will greatly contribute to the success of your long exit.
We recommend the day before your getaway (or even two to three days before) to consume starchy foods; Your body will store maximum energy. Pasta, rice, potatoes, semolina ... Do not hesitate to vary the pleasures! As for proteins, favor fish and white meats (chicken, turkey).

In the morning before departure (at least 2 hours before), have a consistent breakfast, but not too heavy. Avoid dairy products, orange juice and coffee. Prefer bread, jam and tea.

To go to bed early

If you plan to stick it tonight, come back tomorrow! No excess the day before a race (the day before).

During its release: we take advantage of it

So, slept well? You are ready, it's time to get on the Tiger Your machine! No need to stretch before going up in the saddle; It is also not necessary to warm up ... provided, however, to start quietly. Manage your effort, don't go on! You know the course and its difficulties for having studied it carefully. You have potentially cut it into sections, in order to mentally achieve intermediate goals. No unpleasant surprises, you know what to expect, and you will do it! Ride at your own pace and listen to yourself, find sensations. Don’t let the feeling go!

Once on the way, it is important to hydrate yourself and to eat regularly, and this, from the first hour; Refueling is an essential factor for the success of your exit. Don't wait to be thirsty to drink and hungry to eat! Do not wait either to be in the open countryside to recharge your cans;);

Thomas Voeckler fights against heat on the roads of the Tour de France, on July 16, 2013, near Gap.

Photo: Thomas Voeckler fights against heat on the roads of the Tour de France, July 16, 2013, near Gap. (Pascal Guyot / AFP)

If you drive in a group, relay yourself in front of the wind (we hold on the wheels and take advantage of the aspiration). Communicate regularly, look at yourself. Encourage yourself, room! Complain, short, the slowness of your companions. Reproach them, Kebab lover, their burger of the day before.

Observing a stop (to admire the landscape, visit a place of interest, stretch, return to life) is obviously possible, however, make sure not to multiply their number: far from stretching your legs, putting on the ground could have the effect of cutting them off. Before stopping, try to recover by rolling less loudly (raise your foot), stretch by putting yourself as dancers. If that is not enough, the places of your breaks, planned in advance, can coincide with your "micro-objectives".

After its release: we resume our minds

You have given everything and, stars (flies?) Full eyes, you are back in the fold. You now have only one mission: recover! The first recovery factor is sleep, the second, nutrition (hydration included). In other words: you will be fine like four, if you do not sleep, you have no chance of recharging your batteries.

Be careful, do not take a sum of the bike back! Know that there is an hour's shooting window after the effort during which the body is better assimilated to food. Take the opportunity to eat! Take a big snack, sugary/energy drinks, cakes, yogurts, etc. In the evening, resort to starchy foods (you who dreamed of vegetables).

Here, finally! Shower time: do not hesitate to take it cool! By stimulating blood circulation, cold accelerates muscle recovery. In addition, it will promote falling asleep.

Finally, you can afford a small passive stretch session, that is to say at rest, when the muscle is cold. There is not necessarily timing, these stretches can be made a few hours after effort, or even before bed. Good night !

Errors to avoid

If you have read this article carefully, here are five things, in summary, that you should no longer do.

Leaving the flower with a rifle.We can decide to go on a whim, And yet prepare your trip!

Do not plan your journey. The best way, on D -Day, to get tired/worried about nothing, take a ugly and dangerous road when there are beautiful nearby which you ignore everything!

Do not wear a throat, say that a Bermuda will do the trick. It’s a mistake, and bigger than you think.

Wait until you have drawn from its reserves to sustain - Beware of the cravings!

Keep a bicycle at home that you do not useWhy not sell it?
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