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Vélo Look 795 785 765 : comparatif pour bien choisir

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Look 795 Blade, 785 Huez, 765 Optimum: which Look road bike to choose?

In this Article

Published on January 11, 2023

Pioneer in the field of carbon road bikes in the early '90s, the French brand Look still holds a prominent position among the best bike brands today. In the catalog of Look road bikes, you'll find three high-end models: the 795 Blade, the 785 Huez, and the 765 Optimum. These three highly performant bikes cater to different expectations. Climber, roller, endurance enthusiast, and ultra-distance rider... Which Look bike to choose based on your cycling style? What are the differences between Look 795 Blade, 785 Huez, and 765 Optimum? In this article, The Cyclist House details their technical specifications and provides the strengths and weaknesses of the best bikes from the Look brand.

Comparison of Look Road Bikes: which model is right for you?

Look 795 Blade: an aerodynamic bike to win it all

Vélo Look 795 Blade occasion reconditionné

Winner of two stages with the Cofidis team at the Tour de France 2023, this bike is clearly the best from the Look brand. Comfortable on all terrains, it is both stable and powerful on flat sections, and light and airy in the mountains.

It falls into the category of versatile aero bikes, just like other big names such as the Pinarello Dogma or the Specialized Tarmac.

Weighing in at only 6.8 kg (simply the minimum imposed by the UCI), the Look 795 won't be the issue if you struggle a bit on steep slopes. This weight is thanks to an Ultra High Module carbon frame that is as light as it is rigid.

The Look Combo Aero Handlebar allows for easy replacement of the handlebar or stem and allows for adjusting the tilt without much difficulty.

Aerodynamically, there's nothing to say: the tubes and all components have been designed for the lowest possible aerodynamic drag.

Finally, with a price under 10,000 euros in its Pro Team version, it is certainly not among the most inaccessible in the high-end bike market.

This bike is for you if ...

... you are looking for performance. It is particularly suitable for those who compete or love to generate power during their numerous weekly rides. It's definitely a bike tailored for victory!

➕: weight, refined aerodynamics, efficiency, good value for money

➖: playing the weight card, the frame may be a bit too rigid... but let's admit that you have to be very meticulous to find fault with this marvel!

Look 785 Huez: the bike for climbers

Vélo Look 785 Huez occasion reconditionné

This model is the worthy heir of the Look 585, a mountain bike marketed in the 2000s that was a great success with cyclosportive riders and competitors.

As a good mountain bike, the Look 785 Huez RS weighs 7.6 kg with Ultegra groupset (for weight hunters, you can always opt for Dura-Ace or Sram). Note that it is also available in a classic carbon version, a bit heavier (around 8 kg only!) but a bit cheaper. In any case, it ranks among the lightest mountain bikes in the world, alongside its main competitors: the BMC Teammachine SLR or the Trek Emonda.

Visually, it can be observed that its geometry is designed for climbers. The pedaling position is not too leaned forward for more comfort during the ascent of long climbs and to facilitate pedaling out of the saddle when necessary.

Regarding the transmission, it features a 52-36 double chainring, ideal for competition but a bit challenging for beginners and the most occasional riders. For them, it may be necessary to switch to a more versatile 50-34. At the rear, you can rely on a cassette going up to 34 teeth when the slope goes beyond 10 or 12%.

This bike is for you if ...

... you aim to tackle legendary climbs, or if you live in a mountainous region. It is also the ideal partner if you are a fan of cyclosportives and gran fondo with a lot of elevation gain.

➕: weight, excellent value for money (8,000 euros in its new version), comfort

➖: a 36-tooth chainring not easy to handle in climbs if you lack training

Look 765 Optimum: the comfortable and versatile bike

Vélo Look 765 Optimum occasion reconditionné

The Look 765 is less focused on competition and performance than the 795 Blade and 785 Huez. It is more of a comfortable, user-friendly, and versatile bike. It's truly an ideal choice for beginners looking to progress with a high-end bike. It's also a model that lends itself very well to ultra-distance and endurance riding in general.

With this bike, Look is betting on the all-road trend. Thanks to its widened wheel clearance, the Look 765 can accommodate tires up to 34 mm, including moderately wide gravel tires or endurance tires for more comfort.

Comfort is definitely what guided the engineers of the French brand when designing the Look 765 Optimum. Thus, it features 3D Wave technology seatstays designed to ensure 20% more comfort than conventional seatstays.


Proof that this model is versatile and geared towards a more relaxed cycling style than the other two: the possibility of equipping it with Look mudguards.

But beware, it is entirely possible to ride fast with this Look 765 Optimum. Weighing in at only 7.8 kg, it is very comfortable when climbing. In essence, the philosophy of this bike is somewhat similar to that of the Giant TCR or the Cannondale SuperSix Hi-Mod: models that feel good and perform well in the mountains.

Finally, in terms of price, we are well below its two Look siblings since, in the mechanical Ultegra version, this bike is available for less than 4,000 euros. A very reasonable price for a high-end bike capable of taking you quite far within your limits, especially in terms of distance.

This bike is for you if ...

... you love very long bike rides. Comfortable and versatile, it also lends itself very well to recreational riding on unpaved trails. Finally, it will also delight beginners in search of equipment worthy of their ambitions because it is really very maneuverable.

➕: comfort, versatility, the ability to use wide tires, affordable price for a high-end bike

➖: not suitable for competitive cycling

👉 Not sure which bike is best suited to your cycling style? Mountain bike, pure aero, endurance model... Feel free to discover or rediscover our very comprehensive article to help you choose the ideal road bike for you.

Used Look Bike: the advantages of reconditioning

Since its transition from skiing to cycling under the direction of Bernard Tapie in the 80s, the French brand Look has been recognized as one of the leading high-end bike brands. Its most performant road bikes (those we have just presented to you) depreciate very little.

At The Cyclist House, you will find all the best used Look bikes at reduced prices! Passed through the skilled hands of our talented mechanics, they are refurbished and sold with a one-year warranty! And during this first year, we commit to making you a trade-in offer.

That's not all: some of our models ... are new! They have never been ridden and are sold with the 2-year Look warranty and even a lifetime warranty on the frame! Sometimes these are the same bikes used in recent years by the professional Cofidis team. All this from 30 to 60% cheaper than the new price... Honestly, it's worth considering, isn't it? 😉

Discover all our reconditioned Look bikes quickly!

We haven't mentioned it in this article, but Look shares with Shimano the largest share of the pedal market and is probably the world's best track cycling brand. The World Championships in the discipline and the Olympic Games generally confirm this dominance.

On the road, Look is also among the greatest. The Blade 795 RS is undoubtedly one of the most performant bikes on the market right now.

For "made in France" enthusiasts looking for an ultra-performant bike, riding a Look bike seems like the ideal choice. Indeed, among French manufacturers, only Lapierre offers high-end bikes of equivalent quality.

Brand bikes Certified Pre-Owned by The Cyclist House

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