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VTT électrique Wild ou Rise

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Electric mountain bikes: Wild or Rise, which should you choose?

In this Article

Published on May 07, 2024

In a market where electrically assisted mountain bikes (E-MTBs) are gaining more and more importance, Orbea certainly didn't intend to lag behind. Founded in the heart of the Basque Country, Orbea is one of the oldest bicycle manufacturers in the world. After presenting, and succeeding with, the Rise, its lightweight E-MTB, the Basque brand breathes new life into the Wild, E-MTB All Mountain / Enduro in 2023. This "robust" E-MTB draws its inspiration from the enduro Rallon. Two full-suspension E-MTBs from the Orbea range, but also two very different models. Electric mountain bike: Wild or Rise? Here's our opinion.

Rise or Wild Orbea

Electric mountain bike Wild: robust and versatile

Refurbished Orbea Wild FS M20

Refurbished Orbea Wild FS M20


The remarkable Orbea Wild electric mountain bike (E-MTB) positions itself between the All Mountain and Enduro, remaining accessible to all levels.

Wild E-MTB Geometry

The connection with the Rallon is clearly noticeable, especially in terms of geometry, which reflects a modern influence from enduro. However, it's in the suspension where the changes are most remarkable: the Wild now offers increased mid-stroke support, giving it constant agility and allowing experienced riders to accelerate while maintaining high precision at high speeds. Its long seat tube provides 170mm of travel, allowing for optimal height on climbs while ensuring sufficient clearance for descents.

The bike maintains its speed in fast corners and allows for dynamic exits with a light push. In technical sections at high speeds, the Wild offers total control and remarkable precision. Although the comfort is firmer, the bike inspires confidence and allows for tackling varied terrains without hesitation.

This E-MTB proves to be extremely versatile, offering balanced performance both uphill and downhill.

The brand has chosen to reinforce the stiffness of the frame by "closing" the access window present on the previous generation of the Wild. This modification allows for nearly 70% more stiffness in this part of the frame. This increase is clearly felt when riding. This well-dosed stiffness significantly improves steering precision. In terms of grip and tolerance, the Wild requires increased attention, but without becoming excessively demanding.

Progress made by Orbea has allowed the brand to limit weight gain, or even lighten it, as the frame weight, depending on the model, goes from 3,660g to 2,758g and weighs 20.90 kg in its top-of-the-line M-LTD version.

Wild E-MTB equipped with Bosch motorization

Orbea has chosen Bosch for the assistance on the Wild, unlike the choice of Shimano for the Rise. The Bosch motorization harmonizes perfectly with its geometry, offering a dynamic and pleasant riding experience. The Wild is thus equipped with Bosch's Performance CX motor, paired with the entire Smart System ecosystem including high-capacity 625 or 750 Wh batteries, a sensor placed on the rear wheel valve, a dedicated app, and compact controllers.

By combining different assistance modes, for example 20% in Tour mode, 60% in e-MTB mode, 5% in Turbo mode, and 15% in Race mode for faster riding, a rider weighing around 70 kg can easily ride 62 km with a positive elevation gain of 1,520 m on technical trails.

Orbea Wild

Successful aesthetics

The Wild asserts its position in the rugged and versatile E-MTB segment, ready to tackle all terrains. More demanding than its predecessor, it also offers increased performance in terms of maneuverability and stability, while being better equipped to absorb shocks. Its enduro DNA is undeniable, and the technical innovations brought by Orbea, both on and around the chassis, make it a resolutely modern bike, ready to compete with the best on the market.

It is worth noting Orbea's effort to offer an aluminum version of its frame, called the "hydro" version. The design of this version required significant work from the brand to reproduce the complex shapes and tube assemblies, thus offering a bike with lines almost identical to those of the carbon model.

In 2024, the range is available in 8 models: three aluminum models (H10, H20, and H30) and five carbon models ranging from €5,299 to €12,999.

The Wild is recommended for mountain bikers looking for an E-MTB that's easy to handle, secure, well-equipped, and high-performing.

Electric mountain bike Rise: agile and lightweight

Refurbished Orbea Rise M10

Refurbished Orbea Rise M 10


The Orbea Rise presents a silhouette that could easily be mistaken for that of a traditional mountain bike. In motion, it offers agility almost comparable to that of a non-electric mountain bike. Yet, make no mistake, the Orbea Rise is indeed an electric bike, with top-notch performance.

Rise E-MTB Geometry

The new Rise models retain exactly the same geometry and travel as the previous versions. Thus, these bikes still offer 140 mm of rear travel, with a fork of 150 or 140 mm depending on the versions.

The Rise excels as a pedaler, even without assistance. Its relatively light weight and fairly firm damping offer exceptional efficiency. This is one of Rise's strengths: its considerable range (especially in its aluminum version with the large battery) is also attributable to pedaling efficiency, reducing the need to frequently use Boost mode.

The Rise offers an exhilarating downhill experience, with real ability to overcome all obstacles, provided you have a minimum of technical skills.

Rise E-MTB equipped with Shimano motor

This lightweight electric mountain bike is equipped with the Shimano EP8 RS (Rider Synergy) motor, offering reduced torque and power. This bike can be described as "mid-power" due to its Shimano motor delivering 60 Nm of torque. Less energy-intensive, it can be paired with a more compact battery without significantly compromising autonomy. This results in a significant impact on weight: the Rise model, size L, equipped with pedals, weighs 20.2 kg. This is a relatively light weight for an electric mountain bike offering great versatility, capable of tackling some lighter enduro specials.

Orbea's Rise is an electric mountain bike that generates a lot of enthusiasm thanks to its natural and smooth riding experience provided by its motor. Unlike other motors, the Shimano EP8 is progressive and smooth, offering seamless assistance even in the highest mode. Moreover, once you exceed 25 km/h, the motor offers minimal resistance, enhancing the riding experience.

The Rise comes with a 540 Wh battery showing impressive autonomy, even on demanding uphill and downhill courses. By adding the additional 252 Wh battery, autonomy increases significantly. On a technical course, and using the Sport profile, you could reach 55 km with 1,280 m of positive elevation gain. The Range Extender discharges first, then the main battery takes over. By using the Eco profile, you can count on over 60 kilometers and at least 1,400 m of positive elevation gain.

It is worth mentioning that a 500 Wh battery is the standard size for most electric bikes, offering a good balance between power and autonomy. However, for high-performance road electric bikes, it is common to use smaller 250 Wh batteries to reduce weight and improve maneuverability, while still maintaining sufficient autonomy for the needs of this type of bike.

The Rise is offered in two versions: carbon (M series) and aluminum (H series) and is available in the same way as the Wild. Although both models share many components (Fox/RockShox, Shimano, and SRAM), the main difference lies in the battery. It is crucial to note: the carbon version offers a capacity of 360 Wh (expandable to 540 Wh with an extension option), while the aluminum version comes standard with a 540 Wh battery. Thus, whether on aluminum or carbon models, you now have the freedom to choose between optimizing weight and riding feel or prioritizing autonomy.

Furthermore, it is important to mention that all Rise Carbon models are now equipped with the new Shimano EP801 motor. This motor offers more adjustment possibilities and connectivity.

Orbea Rise

An ultra-light electric mountain bike

The Rise knows no bounds. While Orbea's lightweight full-suspension electric mountain bike was previously equipped with a Shimano EP801 RS motor limited to 60 Nm of torque to preserve the small battery, the new 2025 Rise now features the Shimano EP801 RS2. This motor can operate at its full maximum power of 600 W and offers a torque of 85 Nm.

This new version has a reserve capacity of 360 Wh and weighs 1,898 grams, 300 grams less than the previous version, which represents significant savings. Consequently, the total weight of the bike benefits, with 16.2 kg for a size M model in its top-of-the-range version, the Rise SL M-Team. Furthermore, Orbea has made improvements to the frame itself to further lighten it. The frame, without the motor, weighs only 2.2 kg.

👉 Quick reminder: Torque, expressed in Newton-meters (Nm), represents the force of the motor in an electric bike. This value typically ranges between 15 and 85 Nm depending on the models. A high motor torque makes climbing hills easier. Before purchasing your E-MTB, it is crucial to determine the intended use of your bike. If you plan to ride in hilly or mountainous environments, a motor with high torque will be necessary to ensure sufficient assistance on climbs.

Orbea Rise vs Wild: Which model to choose?

In summary, the Orbea Wild bike, derived from the Rallon, Orbea's flagship enduro model, is designed for lovers of rugged terrain. Enthusiasts of downhill and steep climbs, often off the beaten track, will appreciate the electric assistance of the Wild. Remaining true to its enduro heritage, the Wild offers generous suspension and robust tires. With a 170 mm fork and a 160 mm rear shock, it easily absorbs the largest obstacles and the most brutal shocks. Ideal for downhill enthusiasts who aren't afraid of the extra weight, the Wild offers an authentic, responsive, and fast electric experience. Available in carbon (M) or alloy (H) versions, the Wild differs from the Rise by its higher weight, higher torque, increased autonomy, greater travel, and decidedly enduro-oriented character. With a reach of 455 mm and a head angle of 64 degrees, the Wild offers a longer and more stable ride than the Rise and operates with a Bosch motor.

The Orbea Rise bike stands out for its lightweight and familiarity. With its featherweight, this E-MTB offers a riding sensation similar to that of a traditional trail bike. Easy to maneuver and steer, it launches with ease and doesn't feel like an ordinary electric bike. It is ideal for cyclists who prioritize a natural riding experience. Available in carbon (M) and aluminum (H) versions, the Rise differs from the Wild in its lightness, maneuverability, and standard bike feel. With a reach of 450 mm and a head angle of 65.5 degrees, the Rise offers a more agile and responsive ride than the Wild and is equipped with a Shimano EP8 motor. Compared to the Wild, the Rise offers less torque and slightly reduced battery autonomy. The Rise is intended for sporty mountain bikers looking for a bike with a natural feel rather than those who simply want to be "carried" by their bike.

Weight - +
Powertrain - +
Battery Autonomy + -
Agility - +

Equipped with powerful motors and long-lasting batteries, these two models of E-MTB amplify the rider's natural strength, enabling them to cover longer distances and reach higher speeds. Their power and speed also offer the opportunity to explore terrains previously inaccessible to amateurs. Thus, E-MTBs represent an excellent way to have fun, whether for beginners looking for a gentle reintroduction to the sport or for experienced cyclists seeking new thrills.

Among these two Orbea bikes, discover in this article the best E-MTB models on the market.

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