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Electric mountain bikes: our top 5 brands

In this Article

Published on April 4, 2024

Electric Mountain Bikes (eMTBs) have revolutionised the world of cycling by offering a new dimension of adventure and trail enjoyment. Equipped with a rechargeable battery and an electric motor to provide pedal assistance, they constitute a distinct category in the cycling universe. Electric mountain bikes are becoming increasingly popular as they allow cyclists to ride on varied terrains, including challenging trails, mountain paths, or other rough terrains. For enthusiasts of downhill, freeride, or enduro, selecting an eMTB relies on substantially different criteria than urban or road bikes. Thus, to help you choose among the best models available on the market, here is a list of the most reputable and reliable electric mountain bike brands.

Specialized eMTB

Electric Mountain Bike vs Mountain Bike: What are the Differences?

An electric mountain bike is essentially an off-road bicycle equipped with a battery and an electric motor. To use it, you must pedal like on a traditional bicycle until the motor automatically engages upon receiving a signal from a sensor. Then, the motor provides the power needed to propel the bike forward. Although both offer enhanced features and better user-friendliness for navigating various terrains, their components are quite different. For the electric mountain bike in question, it mainly consists of three distinct elements compared to other bike models: the battery, the motor, and the control panel.

Purists will argue that nothing can replace the experience of traditional mountain bikes for tackling tough slopes. However, electric mountain bikes offer a solution to these challenges. By eliminating trail difficulties, especially during climbs, they allow you to conserve your energy. In essence, eMTBs provide a more accessible and enjoyable mountain biking experience, thus opening up new possibilities for off-road cycling enthusiasts.

The Best Electric Mountain Bike Brands


Specialized, an American brand, is an undisputed leader in the cycling industry, and their range of electric mountain bikes is no exception. Renowned for their commitment to quality, innovation, and performance, Specialized offers a variety of models suited to different types of terrains and skill levels. Their electric mountain bikes feature state-of-the-art technology, long-lasting batteries, and ergonomic design to deliver an exceptional riding experience. Specialized eMTBs combine performance and manoeuvrability, providing you with the power of their motor without compromising your riding experience. Their main goal? Your enjoyment!

One of Our Favourite Models: Specialized Turbo Levo Comp

Specialized Turbo Levo Comp

Specialized has made this bike a benchmark in terms of innovation and performance. The Turbo Levo is one of the most attractive electric bikes on the market. Equipped with a 700 Wh battery, it combines a 27.5-inch rear wheel with a 29-inch front wheel. A system that maximises the benefits of both sizes. The front wheel will facilitate obstacle clearance and optimise stability and grip, while the rear wheel will provide more agility to the bike. The Turbo Levo's geometry leans more towards enduro. However, thanks to options for customising its geometry, this bike is very versatile and can adapt to the cyclist's intended use.

Its suspension offers 160 mm of travel at the front and 150 mm at the rear. At the front, the Rock Shox 35 Silver fork with 35 mm bars ensures good stiffness.

It weighs only 23.7 kg, making it an electric bike that is both lightweight and powerful.

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KTM, an Austrian brand, has captivated electric bike enthusiasts with an extensive range of high-quality models. These include renowned models such as the KTM Macina Ride or the KTM Macina Chacana. The KTM electric bike is easily identifiable by its famous orange colour, but also by its distinctive technical specifications. Suitable for both leisure and touring, the KTM electric bike ensures optimal comfort.

One of Our Favourite Models: The KTM Macina Prowler Exonic

KTM Macina Prowler Exonic

The KTM Macina Prowler Exonic is the flagship of KTM's full-suspension electric mountain bike range in the enduro series. It brings together the best components available on the eMTB market: advanced Bosch Smart system technology, wireless Sram AXS electronic transmission, and full Fox suspensions. With the KTM Macina Prowler Exonic, off-road adventures seem limitless.

Made from top-quality components, this Prowler eMTB, which means wanderer, lives up to its name. You can ride for hours thanks to its 750 Wh Bosch battery. Integrated into the frame, the bike is equipped with a shock absorber with 70 mm of travel, the FOX DHX2.

Its carbon wheels from DT Swiss and Eddy current tyres offer excellent traction uphill and downhill.

This complete electric mountain bike will appeal to enduro and trail enthusiasts.

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Since its inception, Cannondale has been striving to revolutionise the cycling world by breaking conventions. Their passion for creating innovative and iconic bicycles drives them, and it is undeniable that Americans have made a name for themselves in the cycling industry. Cannondale stands out from the competition on several levels:

  • A "proportional response" frame: thanks to the frame design, Cannondale eMTBs adjust the suspension layout according to your size, offering great manoeuvrability.
  • A "Lefty Ocho" fork: the brand's major innovation lies in the fork, a single-sided suspension that ensures stability and optimal control of the eMTB, even in extreme conditions.
  • High-quality electrical components: the bikes are equipped with Bosch electrical components, known as the most powerful on the market. With reliable electric assistance, even on the most rugged terrains, and an impressive range of 150 to 180 km, you can ride with peace of mind.

One of our favorite models: the Cannondale Moterra Neo 4

Cannondale Moterra Neo 4

The model designation is simple: the Moterra Neo 1 represents the high end, while the Moterra Neo 5 is the entry level. The Cannondale Moterra 4 falls halfway between these excellent carbon electric bikes and the very good, cheaper aluminum bikes.

It's fast, has good range, and can tackle most obstacles. It's particularly suited for all-trail and enduro riding, but can handle most types of trails.

Its aluminum frame gives it a sturdy feel on difficult descents, while it takes speed very well. It's surprisingly agile, despite its 25.9 kgs, and handles corners and winding sections very well thanks to wide handlebars.

The Moterra Neo 4 is equipped with a large 630Wh battery, with a range of 125 km. Its 250W Shimano EP8 motor gives you a good punch as you ride. The battery and motor are centrally located in the frame, creating an ideal center of gravity for smooth, enjoyable riding on trails.

The motor has three settings: Eco, Trail, and Boost. This prevents draining the battery when you don't need to ride at full throttle.

This bike adapts to a wide variety of terrains thanks to its full suspension, with 150 mm of travel at the front and rear. It's equipped with a RockShox 35 Silver R Solo Air fork at the front and a Deluxe Select R DebonAir rear shock absorber.

At a price of €5,500 (or €4,099 for its refurbished version), it's certainly not within everyone's budget, but this is not surprising given the full suspension, powerful battery, and motor of this bike.

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Orbea, one of the oldest bicycle manufacturers in the world, hails from Spain. Orbea has embraced the trend of electric assist bikes (E-bikes). Whether for urban or off-road use, electric bikes now occupy an important place in their catalog. Orbea was one of the first brands to venture into full-suspension E-MTBs with very low weight.

Orbea's success with its Rise model seems to be confirmed, making it one of the leaders in its category. Faced with this success, as well as that of its direct competitors, several brands have also followed suit in this sector of so-called lightweight e-bikes.

One of our favorite models: the Orbea Rise M20 2023

Orbea rise M20 2023

This bike is an e-bike that retains the spirit of the traditional bike by offering light assistance proportional to the effort exerted during pedaling. It's aimed at cyclists who already have a good level. With 60 Nm of torque, the bike is a bit less powerful than the bigger E-MTBs. The trade-off is that this bike is very light at 19 kgs.

Its full carbon frame makes it very maneuverable. It's equipped with 29-inch wheels and a Fox Performance suspension platform with 140 mm of travel (with the option to switch to a 150 mm fork). The Orbea Rise in carbon comes standard with a 360 Wh battery, the model recommended by Orbea, but you can also opt for a 540 Wh battery. In terms of transmission, the Orbea Rise is equipped with a Shimano XT groupset.

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Trek is another renowned brand in the cycling world, and their expertise is also reflected in their electric mountain bikes. With a focus on durability, comfort, and performance, Trek's electric mountain bikes are designed to withstand the rigors of the toughest trails. Their models offer excellent range, smooth pedal assistance, and robust construction that inspires confidence in even the most demanding cyclists.

One of our favorite models: TREK Fuel Exe 5

Trek Fuel Exe 5

The all-new Trek Fuel EXe is the first Light E-MTB designed by Trek. The Wisconsin brand has taken a unique approach by offering a riding experience that comes as close as possible to that of a traditional MTB. With the Fuel EXe, Trek promises lightness (displayed weight of 19.9 kgs), maneuverability, and quiet operation. The Trek Fuel EXe is a carbon E-MTB with 140 mm of rear travel and 150 mm at the front. Equipped with 29-inch wheels, it features the novelty of integrating a brand-new motor from the German company TQ, developed in partnership with Trek.

The Trek Fuel EXe is not a very demanding bike. It can be used for leisurely rides as well as more demanding routes. It's therefore suitable for all types of riders. Although the front end is quite stiff, the rear offers good tolerance, making the bike quite easy to handle.

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Light E-MTB vs E-MTB: which to choose?

Today, most brands offer a version of lightweight E-MTBs with less motorization, less battery, and less weight (usually under 20kg for the aluminum version and even less for the carbon version). It is therefore ideal for combining good sensations closer to muscle MTBs and light assistance such as models like Specialized Turbo Levo SL, Orbea Rise, Moterra SL.

The lightweight E-MTB is perfect for cyclists with less intensive practice who want to have good sensations without tackling too complicated terrains. Downhill, it rides like a muscle MTB and is thus easier to handle. However, in very technical climbs, the lightweight electric MTB will lack wattage. You will therefore not be able to overcome all obstacles. This model is therefore more suitable for hilly terrain. Nevertheless, if you ride with cyclists who have a traditional MTB, you will feel much more comfortable.

The very motorized versions (torques beyond 80Nm) and having large batteries (beyond 600Wh) are suitable for cyclists who already have good technique and who want to have fun both downhill and on D+. We can then mention models like Specialized Turbo Levo, Orbea Wild or the Cannondale Moterra.

Among those we have already mentioned, the electric mountain bike market is full of reputable brands offering a variety of models suitable for different types of riders and terrains. The key is to know whether you will choose between a semi-rigid electric MTB or a full-suspension one. If the first model is mainly designed for leisure rides, the full-suspension E-MTB is specially adapted to sports practice. But we won't spoil this part for you. We invite you to read this article to find out more.

👉 Full-suspension or semi-rigid electric MTB

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