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Rouler vers un avenir durable : ces marques responsables qui font évoluer l'industrie du cyclisme

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Riding towards a sustainable future: Meet the Sustainable Brands Leading the Change in the cycling industry

In this Article

Published on May 17, 2023

From manufacturing bikes and equipment to building trails and recycling used equipment, cycling can have a significant environmental impact. As we cyclists often say, "you can't improve what you haven't measured." Everyone in the industry, including us, has a significant effort to make to better understand our impact and commit to more responsible and sustainable practices. In 2021, Trek became a pioneer by being the first international manufacturer to publish a comprehensive sustainability report that thoroughly analyzes the environmental impact of every step, from design to production to transportation of their bikes. The good news? As cyclists, we can be part of the solution: "the carbon cost of making a bike can be mitigated or fully offset when the bike is used to its full potential".

By choosing sustainability in our equipment and riding, we can reduce the impact of our sport and help protect natural resources.

In this article, we'll explore some of the ways cyclists can engage in responsible sport.

Responsible Textiles: Sustainable Clothing for Mountain Bikers

When choosing clothing, it's important to pay attention to durability without sacrificing quality and aesthetics. Here are some important points to watch out for when buying eco-friendly clothing:

  • Materials: sustainable cycling apparel is made from eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton, recycled materials like PET bottles, hemp or bamboo. These materials help reduce resource consumption and protect the environment.

  • Manufacturing: the production conditions of sustainable cycling clothing are also important. It must be produced under fair labor conditions, which means that workers are paid fairly and work in safe conditions.

  • Transportation: Sustainable cycling apparel is usually produced close to the production site to save transportation costs and energy.

  • Durability: Responsible cycling apparel is often more durable than conventional clothing. They are made from quality materials that are generally more robust. As a result, clothing is replaced less often and each cyclist generates less waste.

If you are looking for committed clothing for mountain biking, Staubtänzer is for you. The brand is committed to using sustainable and natural materials for its clothing and working ethically and responsibly to ensure that its production process has minimal impact on the environment.

In addition to using sustainable materials, Staubtänzer pays special attention to aesthetics and durability when developing its garments, so that you can enjoy its clothing for many years to come. Each product is handmade and the quality of their products is outstanding.



Keeping a bike clean without harming the environment: sustainable bike care options

If you don't have a lot of space to clean your bike outside, or if you have basic cleaning equipment, our article on how to clean your bike like a pro with the means at hand is a good place to start!

Using environmentally friendly products when cleaning and maintaining your bike is possible and also cheaper. Instead of harsh chemicals, natural cleaning products such as vinegar and baking soda can be used.

Most of your bike's components can be maintained with generic, long-lasting cleaning products. However, you may need specific cleaning products for more technical components as well as a lubricant for your chain.

The new bike care brand Antidot makes bike cleaning surprisingly easy for environmentally conscious cyclists - with biodegradable products and all the tools you need for a complete bike care routine.

The best-selling antidot Bike Cleaner is a product that can be used on all types of bikes (even electric bikes), with 100% biodegradable active ingredients. This means that all ingredients are eliminated from the environment by biological degradation and recovered in the mineral cycle. More than 65% of the ingredients used in Antidot Bike Cleaner disappear without a trace in 28 days. In addition, 90% of the ingredients are natural and the products are guaranteed free of perfumes, dyes and preservatives.

The brand also offers a technical cleaner to ensure the proper functioning of the transmission and brakes, as well as a specific chain cleaner.


Equip yourself for more responsible outings: sustainable bike accessories

Even when it comes to bike accessories like handy panniers, a committed decision can have a positive impact on the environment. The Rolling Ginger specializes in making eco-friendly bike bags. All bags are made from materials considered as "waste": fabric scraps, surplus, end-of-life items... Materials are carefully selected to guarantee their waterproofness, sturdiness and lightness.

Patrick, the founder of the brand, is originally from Dublin (Ireland) and never intended to turn his hobby into a profession. But when the demand for his handmade bags became more and more important, he decided to go full time. For 4 years now, he has made a living from the production and sale of his bags. Developing a bag takes a lot of time and passion, as he chooses all the materials himself. The production of a simple bag takes about 2 hours, while a more complex bag takes up to 8 hours. Everything is of course produced by hand. You can also have a bag made to measure according to your tastes and needs!

Le Rouquin qui roule

Cycling and the circular economy: buying a second-hand bike Certified Pre-Owned

In a world where most of our travel is by car, train or plane, bicycles are the most environmentally friendly way to get around. They don't produce greenhouse gases and are very beneficial to our health. Bicycles are the key to a sustainable mobility future.

But choosing a new or used bike will not have the same environmental impact. Buying a new bike is a less environmentally friendly option than buying a used bike. Choosing a used bike is not only an economical option, it is also a way to reduce the need for raw materials such as aluminum, steel and plastics used in the manufacture of frames and components.

The Cyclist House was launched with a mission to give new life to bicycles and to provide discerning cyclists with high-end bikes at affordable prices. By ensuring that bikes are used to their fullest potential, we support the cycling industry in its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint.

If you are considering buying a used bike, our article will help you find your future dream bike without breaking the bank!


If you are looking to offer a nice gift to one of your cycling friends or simply to please yourself, do not hesitate to read our article on the best gifts to give to a cyclist.

Overall, there are many ways to make a positive contribution to the environment as a cyclist. By buying used bikes, using eco-friendly products for bike maintenance, and using the bike as a means of transportation, we can make a positive difference in this world.

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