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Faire VTT avec son chien en montagne : guide pratique

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Mountain biking with your dog: Complete guide

In this Article

Posted March 14, 2022

The pleasure of rolling by bike in symbiosis with nature, nothing can beat this. But, this experience can be improved with an additional ingredient -a friend. We all know that dogs are man's best friends, so here is everything you need to know to ride with them without putting their health in danger, so that you can both experience the best possible experience. I will share here some tips on how I have drawn up Asha, a Pitbull-Boxer crossing, and makes her the best imaginable mountain bike companion, and what you need to do to fully enjoy this experience.

Almost every day before work, I take my female dog, Asha, for an adventure on the trails near us. Nothing better to start the day. She knows it since the day before when she sees me preparing all our equipment - we are going to her favorite forest.

Cycling and dog mountain biking in the forest

 Asha in pursuit

These two hours in the mountain are the best part of the day for both of us. While I stay on the path, she runs in the woods, pursuing, exploring and sniffing as dogs are supposed to do so. Sometimes she sniffs something, and it looks like she's ready to run and never stop. But what is wonderful is that she always comes back to me. When I call her, she turns around and rushes towards me, staying by my side for a few moments before leaving. Fortunately for me, Asha has a natural gift for the mountain, but she was still guided to become an excellent partner on the descents. If you have a four -legged friend, this guide will help you get the most out of it to make the most of it with him.

Train and test your dog to make sure he obeys your orders!

It seems obvious, but do not leave your dog freely if you do not yet know if he will respond to your orders. Many owners manage to control their dog at the voice, but do not forget that the mountain bike paths pose additional problems. Wild animals, other users of trails and pure and simple exhaustion can distract very obedient dogs.

In my case with Asha, we started by going to the wood without bicycle to get used to any situation, odor or animal that is different that it could meet. Then, when I was sure of my control and his own, we faced the trails with the bicycle - first of the small paths accessible in the lower part of the mountain where she knew the land. After a few laps, she was ready to explore and go on more demanding trails. Be sure to know your dog well!

Be precise and stand in your orders

When you give the dog an order, make sure it performs this task. You cannot suddenly decide that it is no longer so important or abandon because the dog does not obey immediately. It would teach the dog that he does not always need to obey your orders.

Make sure it's fun for you and for him!

Your dog must think that taking a look is not just about running and catching up with you. The walk must be a great experience, an excellent opportunity to discover other places, other dogs and to play! Asha is always looking for sticks or other objects to report. This is part of our agreement so that the exit is profitable for both of us. I have to throw it so that it can bring it back. In summary, make sure your dog has fun like crazy on the trail!

Dog in forest with mountain bike cyclist

Do not attach your dog to your bike

Never. It is not only dangerous for the cyclist, but also for the dog. Consider that your dog could throw himself on a squirrel and stop you. If you have to put your dog a leash for any reason, for example to cross a section of road where there is a little traffic, be sure to attach it to your body and not to your bike.

Make sure your dog will have many opportunities to hydrate

If there is no watercourse or water bodies along your route, you will have to take additional water for your dog. And don't forget a foldable dog bowl, unless you have taught your dog drinking a gourd.

Dog crossing stream with mountain bike cyclist

Photo credit :Bark and ride

Do not take your dog on a ride with extreme temperatures

It is mainly the hot days, where a run in fur that runs will find it difficult to stay cool, but this also applies to cold and frozen conditions. Fresh days are generally the most conducive to walks with your dog.

Check if the dogs without a leash are allowed in the area where you plan to walk around

Some places do not allow dogs at all, whether he is held on a leash or not, so ask before leaving. To find out, you can consult applications such as Trailforks or Singletracks. Facebook groups or the bicycle park website are other good options to find out.

Avoid crowded trails

Even if your dog will be subject to strict voice control or is a certified veteran in the fields of trails, there are always potential conflicts. You do not know if other people like dogs or even have contact with a dog. In addition, your dog could jeopardize the promenade of other users or even cause an accident.

Write your contact details

Make sure your dog wears a collar indicating your address. The best idea is to have a GPS tracer. You can have a micropuce on your animal if it has to spend a lot of time running in the woods or do like Asha and get a tractive or something similar.

Know your dog's limits

It is essential to know the limits of your dog and remind you that dogs cannot descend the slopes in freewheeling. They work permanently and their short legs are far from being as effective as those of a bicycle. Some dog breeds are better suited to long -distance hikes. So keep in mind the physical characteristics and physical condition of your dog when you choose a route. In the case of Asha, it is excellent for morning walks that last until 2:30 am. After that, we know that we push the limits. If you cycle every day, don't forget to give your dog rest days. Otherwise, it can frustrate it and be dangerous for your health.

Dog in forest with cycling mountain bike descent

Clean your dog droppings

This is not a question of rules or regulations; No one likes to collect dog droppings on their tires, so make sure you clean them.

With this in mind, the main thing is to have fun with your companion. Remember that you are not in competition and that you do not try to break records, but that you have fun and that you are getting closer to your friend. Remember that if you want to train your dog to run or go with you, you can do it! Dog training takes time and regularity, not magic. If you have difficulty, local trainers can help almost all dogs (and their masters) go on the trails without a leash.

It's up to you to explore now! Wow, wouf!

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