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Specialized Mountainbikes: all you need to know

In this Article

Published on August 10, 2023

Specialized MTB are among the best on the market. Whether for cross-country, downhill or enduro, the American brand's off-road bikes excel at least as much as their road bikes. Not surprising, given that Specialized has been the first manufacturer to launch a consumer MTB in 1981: the famous Stumpjumper. A huge commercial success that made the brand world-famous! Always ahead of its time, Specialized continues to innovate (in fact, its slogan is "innovate or die"!) to produce ever more efficient bikes.

What are Specialized's different mountain bike ranges? For what types of riding and terrain? What's special about Specialized's mountain bike sizes? Whether full-suspension or semi-rigid, we tell you everything you need to know about mountainbikes from the Californian brand!


Specialized Trail MTB

What is Trail or All-Mountain?

Quite simply, it's the most common sport in which most mountain bikers engage, without necessarily knowing it. Trail riding involves taking on mountain roads, woodland paths or rocky stretches. It's not just a leisurely ride, it's not about setting the fastest time. The essence of this discipline is pleasure!


Specialized's main models of Trail mountainbikes

The stars of mountainbike are without a doubt the Specialized Stumpjumper and Specialized Stumpjumper Evo.
These models offer a high level of comfort for long outings in close proximity to nature. Both rugged and relatively light (approx. 16 kg), they're at home just about anywhere, thanks in particular to their fork with 160 mm of travel and their rear shock with 150 mm travel.

Now to the damping, Specialized has developed the Rx Tunes. This is a shock absorber in which every detail has been carefully worked out to deliver maximum performance: kinematics, compression ratio, oil viscosity, compression settings and specific air volumes.

But comfort and versatility don't mean they've given up on performance. On the contrary, multiple adjustment options let you fine-tune the geometry so that the bike responds perfectly to your requirements and the terrain, offering you the possibility of riding very fast if you feel like it.

The FlipChip system at the rear shock axle makes it easy to adjust the height of the bottom bracket and the angle of the fork. The low, open position gives you stability, while the high, closed position is more synonymous with agility. When we said Specialized was the king of innovation 😉

🌲 If you can't resist the call of the forest, get on one of our Stumpjumper and get your dose of chlorophyll!


Specialized Cross-Country MTB

MOUNTAIN BIKING Specialized Cross Country

What is cross-country?

It's sometimes called Rally or XC. Here, it's more about competition and performance. In fact, cross-country is an Olympic discipline! In Cross-Country, the aim is to tackle difficult trails, alternating steep climbs and tricky descents. And all as quickly as possible.

Specialized's main Cross-Country Mountainbikes

For those who want to improve their skills or reach a high level of performance, the brand offers a choice of Cross-Country models.

If you're new to this discipline, you may be tempted by the Specialized Rockhopper. An entry-level bike with the advantage of being an all-rounder for getting the hang of it (or rather, the legs!). This semi-rigid is light and easy to ride when you're not yet used to rough trails. However, it will quickly reach its limits on uneven terrain, or when you're at the right level.

In that case, take a look at the Epic or Epic Evo ranges. High-performance bikes that are really hard to fault! Really light (only 11 kg!) and responsive, these carbon MTB have no limits other than yours. They're the perfect bikes for challenging climbs and winding descents. They are widely used in competition.

With their focus on performance and efficiency, Epic bikes have relatively low travels of around 100 to 120 mm. No need for more, thanks to a technology developed by Specialized, the Brain system.

The Brain damping system automatically adapts to the terrain. Even better: the latest version, which equips the top-of-the-range Specialized distinguishes between pedaling and ground shocks! Requiring no intervention, Brain lets you concentrate on pedaling and riding.
Note that the Epic Evo features the same Rx Tunes system as the Stumpjumper.

Specialized Epic is available in Hardtail (semi-rigid), Expert and Pro (both full-suspension) ranges.

🚵‍♀️ Fancy swallowing up the trails at full speed at a reduced price aboard one of these marvels? We've got a nice selection of mountain bikes Specialized Epic and Epic Evo to choose from! 😉


Mountain bikes Specialized enduro and downhill

What is downhill?

Downhill, also known as down-hill or DH, is aptly named because it's all about... going downhill as fast as you can. Very impressive to watch, and even more so to do!

mountainbike Downhill Specialized

What about enduro?

Enduro MTB have been very popular in recent years. In fact, we've already dedicated an article on this discipline. It's really halfway between trail riding and DH, since it combines the long, repeated efforts of the former with the technical side of the latter. You need bikes that are light enough for fast ascents, but stiff enough to absorb the shock of descents. A skilful blend that Specialized enduro bikes master to perfection.

Specialized's main DH and Enduro MTB

Simple and versatile, Status is the perfect way to start having fun. It'll be a faithful companion whatever your playground: uphill, downhill or even bike park!

But if you're really looking for performance, you'll have to turn to the aptly named Specialized Enduro. Equipped with the latest innovations from the brand, the Enduro is one of the best mountain bikes around. Its technical prowess is essentially due to the fact that Specialized has combined a wide 170 mm wheel travel (for manoeuvrability downhill) with 29-inch wheels, making it easier to maintain speed (and therefore a little less effort uphill).

Specialized E-MTB

Specialized has gone far beyond the simple electric city bike. The brand's commitment to research and development has led to the development of highly intelligent electric bikes. High-performance Specialized E-MTB will also let you benefit from the power of their motors, without losing any of their maneuverability. Their watchword? Fun!

👉 Autonomy, engine, suspension... Find out all our tips for choosing your electric mountain bike ⚡ 

In this section, we will introduce you to the two flagship models from the American brand: the Turbo Kenovo and the Turbo Levo. For the record, they both come in SL versions, which are slightly lighter (19 and 17 kg respectively vs. 24 and 21 kg) but less powerful.

The Specialized Turbo Kenovo: at ease when the going gets tough

The Turbo Kenovo is a mountainbike all-suspension vehicle 180 mm of travel. This makes it an excellent downhill bike. What's more, the slightly more backward trajectory of its rear wheel provides better control on very rough trails. Its low center of gravity and wide handlebars also enhance maneuverability.

But before going downhill, you have to go uphill. And here too, the Specialized Turbo Kenovo doesn't do badly. With its lightweight frame and motor capable of developing up to 410% of the rider's power, you'll get to the top without going into the red. All the more reason to stay clear-headed before a dizzying down-hill session!

The Specialized Turbo Levo: the intelligent VTTAE

The Specialized Turbo Levo is more suited to trail riding. Sometimes considered the best VTTAE, it combines comfort, performance and maneuverability.

To best manage its enormous 565 W motor and its 700 Wh battery the Turbo Levo is equipped with a real brain: the MasterMind TCU. In addition to displaying information, this system will analyze the bike's data and update itself over time, for an ever more efficient bike.

But that's not all! This intelligent bike is capable of helping you to manage the battery. By telling it in advance the distance or duration of your outing, the integrated Smart Control automatically adjusts the level of assistance to ensure optimum power from start to finish.
All you have to do is unplug your brain and pedal without worrying about your charge level!

On the traditional hardware side, the Specialized Turbo Levo is also particularly innovative.

The rear wheel is smaller than the front: 27.5" versus 29". This allows the Turbo Levo to combine the stability and efficiency of the front wheel's inertia with the ease of relaunching and changing pace of a lighter rear wheel.
With 160 mm front suspension and 150 mm rear wheel travel, this electric bike is also very good on rough trails. It absorbs shocks so you're always in control.

mountainbike electric Specialized Turbo Levo

Have you already fallen in love with the Turbo Levo? 😍 The Cyclist House here's a selection. New or Certified Pre-Owned, but always at a reduced price, these little marvels have been inspected by our expert mechanics. Get your heart rate up and your adrenalin flowing as you alternate between steep slopes and sheer descents!

Specialized MTB Size Guide

Specialized's mountain bikes size system is based on the observation that a rider's size determines the size of his or her bike, and therefore its behavior. A small mountain biker will inherit a bike with a short wheelbase, more maneuverable but less stable. Conversely, a tall rider will have a bike that's more stable but less playful. But this is no longer an inexorable rule!

So that everyone can choose the bike they want, Specialized adapts frame geometry to offer several possibilities for everyone.

Below is a summary of the 6 possible sizes and the corresponding range, taken from the website Specialized.

Mountain bike size guide Specialized

As you can see, a 1.80 m tall mountain biker can opt for an S3, S4 or S5, depending on whether he prefers a more maneuverable or more stable bike, while always having a model adapted to his size.

A revolutionary evolution! 🔥

Our Certified Pre-Own and brand new Specialized mountain bikes

Specialized mountain bikes are clearly at the top of the range. Innovative, high-performance, light and easy to handle, they're hard to fault...
The downside is that this level of quality comes at a price. Mountain bikes Specialized are generally very expensive.

Fortunately, at The Cyclist House we like to break the price barrier and give you the chance to ride mountainbike new or used without leaving all your savings behind!

Discover now our Speciliaed mountain bikes. They're waiting for you!

Now you know all you need to know about the different mountain bikes. mountainbike brand products Specialized. To help you make an even more informed choice, take a look at our comprehensive guide to choosing the right second-hand mountain bike.

Brand bikes Certified Pre-Owned by The Cyclist House

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