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Aventure en Espagne : Vélo et Sac à Dos

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Adventure in Spain: bike and backpack

In this Article

Posted March 7, 2022
Photo credits:@elaxcomand@elenrius

The first time I set foot on a bike was to go to primary school with my dad and our traligator. I quickly realized that it was a really nice means of transport allowing you to discover new places, faster than on foot but also, more deeply than by car. This world discovery tool has become my sport! He also made me discover the competition, around which, is articulated today, my life.

For me: training and discovery of the world are two totally compatible things.

In this writing, I want to share with you one of my "adventures" in Spain this winter as part of my preparation for the 2022 season. I hope it can inspire you and make you want to travel too.

Adventure in Spain | The Cyclist House Cédrine Kerbaol


Log book

January 10, 2022

I just learned that the internship we were supposed to carry out with my team, cross -country skiing, is canceled because of the covid ... I am at home, in Brittany, it rains.

I turn on the computer and rushes on Skyscanner, an app that allows you to find flights at the best prices. My criteria: go to a nice place, conducive to training and calm. At this time of year, one of the most popular destinations of cyclists, is the region of Calpe. However ; I want to leave alone and therefore do not have this organizational constraint that the teams have. Despite the fact that Calpe is full of potential training companions, it is certainly not the most safe place to run or with the best climate in Spain.

I continue my research and come across a Nantes-Séville flight for 20 € A/R. But it's delirium! Indeed, several low-cost companies offer disregarding prices for all competition. These are good plans but on one condition! Traveling light ... Indeed, in companies such as Ryanair or Easyjet, all at a price.

It is 8 p.m., and there ... I decide! So I will go to Seville with my cover bike and a backpack. I do not know this city. So I am armed with Google Maps, Airbnb, Booking, Instagram as well as the map of Andalusia bus and trains. After 3 hours of research, the verdict falls. I will therefore go to Algodonals! According to maps maps, it is a mountainous and very green region. On Instagram, I was able to look for the place via hashtags, and found it for my taste. A bus leaves from Seville and goes towards this small village in 1h35 drive for ten euros! Last mission: find accommodation! Be careful not to be trapped, the prices displayed on Booking or Airbnb are prices swollen by the presence of an intermediary. The best thing to do is locate accommodation via these platforms and then find a way to contact the tenant directly.

My tips:

  • Take a single backpack that is included in the price of the ticket and put as many cases as possible in the bike cover without exceeding 30kilos. Traveling light is good for the back, the wallet but especially for the mind! (When you reserve your plane ticket, you have to think about reserving a "bike" or "out -format" background, the price ranges between 50 and 70 euros.))
    PS: Respect the size of the cabin baggage: I got caught upon return and it stings ...!
  • Second tip: at Ryanair, you have to register 24 hours before the flight at least and 2 hours maximum, otherwise, the boarding pass is billed 60 euros! Yes, it's rumors.

 The essential to embark with you :

  • Toiletry and pharmacy: foldable toothbrush, mini-dentifice, sunscreen, moisturizer and restorative, washable cotton, soap, a microfiber towel and the best for the end: a bottle of essential oils of essential oils Tea Tree. Tea Tree is as much a powerful antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal. You can use it as a disinfectant or a prevention of a cold.
  • Sports clothing: with a little organization on washes you can limit yourself to: 2 widers, 1 pair of leggings, 3 pairs of socks, 2 short jerseys, 1 pair of cuffs, a gabba, 2 hot tops like merino wool (surely One of the best investments in the world!), A K-Way, helmet, glasses
  • Civilian clothes: shorts, a t-shirt, underwear, a pair of sports shoes ... and that goes !!
  • Other: The essential laundry in hand (or simply a soap!), Boules quies, anti-light mask as well as an anti-vintage by bicycle.
  • Food: for my shipment; I chose almost everything on site. However, there are certain things that I wanted to be sure I have: my energy powder, my bars, my recovery drink as well as my oatmeal.

No more need if you like minimalism too!

January 13, 2022: Seville is waiting for me!

It is time to leave ! 2 hours of plane towards Seville. Arriving at the airport, I must now find a way to reach the center of Seville, the EA bus line has proven to be the right solution. Even with a bicycle suitcase, it's very simple, moreover, bus drivers here are often very nice!

The hassle point: strolling in the streets of Seville with a bicycle suitcase: tested and not approved ... I really like Paris-Roubaix But there ... at 9 p.m. and with an more Ailailail bag.

Tomorrow, the start of the Spanish adventure starts!

January 14, 2022: cycling excursion in the city

Training attempt from the center of Seville. About thirty kilometers from the center, there are really deserted and cute natural parks. But for short outings; Better to go pedal boats in the Guadalquivir. No I'm kidding ! To make a walk and tourist visit to the city? Why not! There are superb cycle paths. To train, it remains more complicated near the city center and the region is really flat. But today: it is direction Algodonales !!

January 15, 2022: Arrival in Algodonales

My little village

Deserted street, last… (Lalalala). Frankly, if you like silence and the typical Spanish country atmosphere: the white villages of the Ronda region are for you! Let's say that the atmosphere is relaxing, apart from, perhaps, the arguments of the Spanish mamas who crepes the bun between noon and two ... I think that cyclists there, they do not see masses. However, I noted that there were many mountain bikers in the area, especially on Ronda. I highly recommend the region in Gravel, not a single meter of dish, except to go around Lake Zahara La Sierra (and again ... It takes 600m of D+ for 20km).

Adventure in Spain | The Cyclist House Cédrine Kerbaol


The essential segments to be bicycle

El Puerto de Las Palomas; Surely one of the most beautiful passes I have done so far, with its 1000m of D+ in 10km and an essential view of the two valleys at its top, I strongly reconillate! To do too: from Ronda, going to the village blue of Juzcar, it is the village where the film Les Smroumfs was shot. To reach it, there is a magnificent laces road. To do at sunset is a killing! According to the local cyclists, the best place from where to leave when you are a cyclist remains Ronda. In addition, by making a 140km loop, it is possible to make a detour to the coast on the side of Marbella.


In my BNB air, I had access to a kitchen. I think that to be able to eat what you want, healthy and without breaking the bank with restaurants, it is ideal. Overall, in all supermarkets, we find what is necessary: ​​starchy foods and wholemeal bread, fresh fruits and vegetables, country cheese ... To test: Spanish chorizo; a massacre !

Adventure in Spain | The Cyclist House Cédrine Kerbaol


The best to do in these kinds of places (like everywhere by the way); It’s going to see local producers directly. Cleaner, better and for equivalent prices, see cheaper than in convenience stores. Between January and February, it is the citrus season in Spain, as much to tell you, that we must enjoy it!

Adventure in Spain | The Cyclist House Cédrine Kerbaol


In the place where I lived "La Casa Brigitta", I was fortunate to be in the middle of the citrus field of the owner of the place: Paco! Morning, noon and evening it was: oranges, mandarins, lemons and blood orange: simple pleasure of life but which makes it happy! For the pleasure of the eyes: I also discovered an avocado: he quickly turned into taste pleasure of course!

Adventure in Spain | The Cyclist House Cédrine Kerbaol

Find training partners

As I said earlier, being in a landlocked place to also find other cyclists. Unlike Girona for example; I had a little trouble finding contacts. I analyzed the local Strava segments a lot to see the regulars of neighboring roads. Also, one of the best solutions is undoubtedly to go to a bicycle store and explain its situation. Please note: there must be a minimum Spanish, or ... know the AHAH sign language! In this way, I met Jesus Rosado, an old pro who has 3 towers from France to his credit. He gave me the coordinates of other runners. This is how to make your little network in a sympathetic way.

Adventure in Spain | The Cyclist House Cédrine Kerbaol


Wild and free

To be in a place like this is to have the opportunity to recharge the batteries and get closer to nature. In my performance routine, an essential thing for me and succeed in taking moments of perspective over my life. Disconnecting civilization and getting closer to plants, animals, landscapes is something quite intense and relaxing. Make your stretching or a yoga session in the middle of a field, give its maximum on a PMA session in one of the most beautiful passes in the region.

Adventure in Spain | The Cyclist House Cédrine Kerbaol


Adventure to follow ...

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