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Vélos reconditionnés The Cyclist House : processus de reconditionnement

Reconditioned The Cyclist House: the purchase guaranteed with confidence

Posted on May 2, 2022

At The Cyclist House, we are of the opinion that the bikes are made to be used, that the scratches and the light traces of wear tell the story of the bicycle and make it unique. This is why we strive to make all members of the The Cyclist House community have at hand the important information when buying a used bicycle.
All our bikes pass a complete inspection, a certification and a focus so that you can use them as soon as you receive them. The transparency is the key word: we share the information objectively, clear and detailed on the state of each bike.

This guide will allow you to better understand our overall condition score, the level of information shared for each bike and, finally, the notes of our chief mechanic. All to allow you to buy your future used bike with confidence.

Selection, inspection and reconditioning

First of all, let's start with the basics. How can we guarantee the state of a used bike? Well, first of all, all our bikes are carefully selected. We spend a lot of time on each bicycle to guarantee the future owner a high -quality used product.

Then, each bike is inspected at the time of arrival and developed by our team of cycle mechanics. Any problems are diagnosed and taken into account during our in -depth inspection. Any improvement made by its previous owner is taken into account. The whole thing is to filter bikes that do not meet our strict criteria. If the bike does not fit in our criteria, we do not sell it on our site. Our goal is to provide a used bike in excellent condition, ready to drive as soon as you receive it.

Below is the list of different components and elements of the bicycle that we are scrutinizing during reconditioning:

Inspection: Checklist



Rear suspension


Front wheel hub

Rear wheel

Front wheel rim

Rear wheel


Front tire

Rear tire




Crankling screw




Front derailleur

Rear derailleur

Pedal box


Front brake controller

Rear brake controller

Front speed controller

Rear joystick

Front brake stirrup

Rear brake

Front brake pads

Rear brake pads

Derailleur cable

Brake cable

Derailleur sheath

Brake sheath

Brake fluid

Saddle stem




Reconditioning: Checklist

Deep cleaning and lubrication

Revealing the wheels and verification of the voltage

Lubrication or cable and sheath replacement

Derailleur paw adjustment

Adjustment of the front derailleur

Rear derailleur adjustment

Brake adjustment or purge

Maintenance or replacement damaged parts

Global condition score

Once we have completed the inspection and reconditioning process, our experts are able to define a global score on its condition. The score varies between 6 and 10 - Between means and excellent - and you will find it on all the bikes sold on our platform.

You can find the details of the score on each product page under the "Condition" tab. It is often said that an image is worth 1000 words and at The Cyclist House we are of the same opinion: we share all the details of the bicycle with photos in high definition so that you are certain of what you buy (and yes, all photos are real!).

Photos detailed bikes and its condition. Bikes delivered to you

The note is associated with the state of the frame, the components and accessories used and with replaced parts, among others. In the description you will also find the notes of our mechanic: these indicate the possible improvements made by its former owner and the detailed state of the main faults (if there are any).

Bike condition graphic

To have a precise understanding of the condition of your bike in addition to the overall condition score, The Cyclist House provides you with the condition graphic. This shows in detail the condition of each of the fundamental parts of the bicycle: the steering, the transmission, the frame, the wheels, and the tires.

Bike condition guide: steering, transmission, frame, wheels, tires

To better understand, let's explore each of these scores in detail.

Note 10/10: Like new

These bikes are in perfect condition, often directly out of the manufacturer's box. Original stickers, parts and accessories are included. The transmission, the levers, the steering elements and the suspension (if applicable) are in perfect condition.

Mountain bike detail used derailleur reconditioned like new


Note 9/10: Excellent

Light mountain bike fork scratches. Excellent condition. Reconditioned occasion The Cyclist House

Although these bikes display a few kilometers on the clock, they remain in excellent condition. The frame and the wheels can show slight signs of wear with scratches and minor scratches - no paint scales. Transmission can show slight wear, but derailleurs, controllers and levers have not suffered any damage. The steering elements can have slight wear, mainly on the handles or the hanger ribbon. Bikes with suspension can have scratches and minor scratches on the fork and shock absorbers.

Lapierre Zesty mountain bike suspension. Excellent condition. Reconditioned occasion The Cyclist House


Note 8/10: Very good

Routefourche Road Bike Bike. SPECIALIZED AVERAGE with a small paint spurt. Very good state. Reconditioned occasion The Cyclist House

These bikes have undergone some wear, but no important damage. The frame can have a slight loss of paint, scratches and/or scratches. The wheels can also have minor superficial damage to rims, shelves and/or hubs. Transmission may have wear due to normal use and there will be slight scratches and scratches on derailleurs, controllers and levers. The steering elements, the saddle and the bottom of the suspension (if applicable) can also have scratches and superficial scratches.

BIANCHI ARIA BIRS BIGH BRAKE BRAKE. Very good state. Reconditioned occasion The Cyclist House

Note 7/10: Good

Road bike in good condition. Reconditioned occasion The Cyclist House

Bikes in this category have moderate wear. The frame and the wheels may have superficial scratches, scratches and/or paint losses, but they will not be structurally damaged. The frames may have very light bumps or transmission can have moderate to strong wear. Also the hanger, the gallows, the derailleurs and the levers may have scratch or moderate scratches, and the saddle may have slight tears. If the bike has a suspension, these components can have scratches and scratches.
That said, any bike in this category will run exceptionally especially after the development by our experts.

Road bike derailleur in good condition. Reconditioned occasion The Cyclist House


Note 6/10: Middle

You will not find these bikes at The Cyclist House.
If for any reason we receive a bicycle like this and that during the inspection we realize that it has for example important bumps, structural damage in carbon, excessive wear of transmission and/or Moderate to significant wear of the components of the suspension, they returned to their original owner.


Finished the days when the purchase of a used bike was a real ordeal, an unpleasant task that only the bravest could face.

At The Cyclist House Transparency is our reason for being and it is for this purpose that we share with you the tools allowing you to find the bike of your dreams and to drive in all serenity!

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