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Gamme vélos de route, VTT, gravel Orbea : orca, terra oiz, occam

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Buying a Second Hand Orbea Bike: the Ultimate Guide

In this Article

Published on April 27, 2023

Orbea bikes: a family story

Orbea is a Spanish bicycle manufacturing company founded in 1840 by 3 brothers. The family business prospered in the manufacture of firearms until the end of the First World War. Faced with the sudden end of the market, the entrepreneurs embarked on a new market: high-end bicycles. Orbea is known for its high quality road, mountain and urban bikes. The Orbea brand focuses on innovation and constantly pushes the limits of bicycle design and technology. Over the years, Orbea has sponsored several professional cycling teams, including the Euskaltel-Euskadi team and the Cofidis team. Today, Orbea is one of the largest bicycle manufacturers in Europe and is present all over the world.

If you are interested in this century-old story, you can find all the details on the the brand's website.

Road, Gravel, MTB, Electric: presentation of the Orbea range

Orbea offers different bike models for every type of cycling: 3 road bikes, 1 gravel bike, 6 mountain bikes, 1 triathlon bike and 4 electric bikes, not to mention the city bikes.

Road bike


Mountain Bike

Electric bike


Orca Aero

Avant (Endurance)

Ordu (Triathlon)


Laufey (Trail)

Occam (Trail)

Oiz (XC)

Alma (XC)

Rallon (Enduro)

Onna (Sports)

Gain (Road)

Wild (Enduro)

Rise (Trail)

Urrun (Hardtrail)

Keram MTB (Hardtrail)

Why buy an Orbea bike?

You're probably wondering why you should choose Orbea over any other brand. Here is a list of the brand's strong points:

  • The riding style Orbea offers a range of bikes for different riding styles, including road and mountain bikes. The brand offers a wide range of models so you can find the right bike for your riding style.
  • Frame materials Frame materials: Orbea offers bicycles made of different materials, including carbon fiber, aluminum and steel. Orbea offers two types of carbon fiber: OMR and OMX.

OMR is a high modulus fiber, very resistant. It offers an excellent quality-price ratio.

OMX is a higher range, in quality and price. The fibers are very light and stiff. They are placed in such a way as to eliminate unsightly excesses and to lighten the bikes.

  • The components Components: Orbea has its own brand of components, OC. Orbea also has a new brand dedicated to wheel construction. The Orbea brand has real know-how. Since the components and wheels come from the same manufacturer, it will be easier for you if you need to change parts on an Orbea bike in the future: no compatibility problems.
  • Innovation Innovation: Orbea works closely with specialists from the University of Mondragon in the Basque Country. They explore and carry out numerous tests to make bicycles more efficient, resistant and aerodynamic.
  • Quality-price ratio Price: Orbea offers bikes at different price levels. For both road and mountain bikes, the first prices start at around 2,000€ and the most expensive moodels go up to 10,000€.
  • Lifetime warranty Lifetime warranty: Orbea offers a lifetime warranty on the frame.

Trail, Enduro, XC: what mountainbike Orbea for what kind of riding?

General information about the Orbea brand before choosing a mountain bike

Most models have either an M or an L, followed by a number (for example: M20, H30...).

The "M" means that the bike is made of carbon, the "H" indicates that the frame is made of aluminum.

If you hesitate between a carbon frame or an aluminum frame, our article on the subject gives you the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

The numbers represent the quality of the components: derailleurs, brakes. The smaller the number, the better the component.

For example, the Orbea Occam H10 is equipped with Shimano XT, which is one of Shimano's highest-end groupsets, and the Orbea Occam H30 is equipped with a mid-range derailleur, Shimano Deore.

The "LT" on some models means that there is more travel.

"LTD" refers to Orbea's high-end models.

Whatever your budget and preferences, the bottom line is is to choose a mountainbike adapted to your practice. If you're not sure about your style, or if you're just starting out and are unsure about several options, we've written a guide dedicated to the different mountain bike practices. 


If you are looking for a mountainbike a trail bike, that is to say a mountainbike If you are looking for a trail bike, i.e. an all-suspension bike with a travel of 120-160mm at the front and up to 150mm at the rear, the brand offers 2 models: the Laufey and the Occam.

Orbea Laufey

Orbea Occam

Orbea Laufey Orbea Occam









H20 Eagle



Price from 1 899€ to 2 299€.

Price from 2 599€ to 8 999€


If you are looking for a mountainbike XC (cross-country) bike, you can choose between the Orbea Oiz or the Orbea Alma. The mountainbike XC bikes are mountainbike light as effective in both uphill and downhill. On this type of mountainbike the travels are more limited: between 100 and 120mm. They are either all suspended or semi-rigid.

Orbea Oiz

Orbea Alma

Orbea Oiz
Orbea Alma


M Team

M Pro




M Team

M Pro


Price from 2 599€ to 10 399€.

Price from 1 199€ to 7 999€

The difference between the M Pro and the M Team is mainly in the rear derailleur. The Orbea Alma M Pro is equipped with Shimano XT while the Orbea Alma M Team has an XTR derailleur. They are both high-end Shimano derailleurs but the XTR derailleur is a step up from the XT.


If you are a downhill rider, this is a mountainbike Enduro you need. On the mountainbike Enduro, we find suspensions, travels around 160mm and geometries designed to be comfortable in descent. At Orbea we find the Rallon model, in carbon. As for the other models there are: the Rallon M-LTD; M-TEAM; M10 and M20.

Orbea Rallon

Here, the Rallon M-LTD has a Shimano XTR derailleur and the Rallon M-TEAM an XT derailleur.

Prices for this model range from 4 599€ to 9 999€.

In addition, you can read our article on the different mountain bike forks to help you choose.

All rounder, Endurance, Aero Which Orbea road bike should you choose?

General information to know before choosing an Orbea road bike

Choosing an Orbea road bike is easy, because the brand offers three different models, each one for a specific use.

As with mountain bikes, there are a few things you need to know to understand the different models and make your choice.

The meaning of the letters M and H is the same as for mountain bikes: M for carbon frame and H for aluminum frame. The numbering system is also the same: the higher the number, the more technical (and expensive) the components.

PWR means that the crankset is equipped with a power sensor. To learn more about the different power sensors, please read our article on the subject.

As for mountain bikes, LTD is the highest end model. For road bikes, the difference between a LTD and TEAM model is on the quality of the carbon fibers used. The LTD is made with OMX fiber (the highest quality) while the TEAM frame is made with OMR fiber.

On the highest end models (LTD), it is often specified "iLTD" or "eLTD". The "i" stands for "i" in Di2, meaning that the bike has a Shimano electric group. The "e" stands for "eTap", so the bike has a Sram eTap electric group.

How to choose between SRAM and Shimano? Ne have compared for you the components of both brands.

Endurance bike, aero or not aero... You don't know what to choose ? Take a look at our article to find the bike that suits you best.


The Orbea Orca road bike is a versatile, lightweight, high-performance road bike. If you're looking for a road bike for both flat and mountain biking, this is the bike for you.

Orbea Orca

The different versions of this model :

  • Orca M10iLTD PWR
  • Orca M11eLTD PWR
  • Orca M20iLTD or TEAM or TEAM PW
  • Orca M21eLTD PWR or eTEAM PWR
  • Orca M31eLTD PWR or eTEAM
  • Orca M30
  • Orca M40

Prices range from 2 299€ to 10 999€.

Orca Aero 

If you're looking for pure speed and don't do much climbing, this is the bike for you. This is the aerodynamic version of the Orca.

Everything is optimized in the smallest details to limit the air intake, up to the streamlined water bottle sold with the bike and the integrated pannier under the down tube, protected from the front wheel.

Orbea Orca Aero

They have the same variations as the classic Orca.

Prices for this bike range from 4 199€ to 10 499€.


The Avant is the endurance bike from Orbea. It's a bike that focuses on comfort. If you're a fan of long rides, cyclosportives or ultra-distance races, this is the bike for you.

This model is available in 2 versions: H40 and H60.

Prices range from 1 349€ to 1 999€.

Orbea Avant


The Orbea Ordu is designed specifically for triathlon. It is a bike for people who are looking for speed, aerodynamics and who compete.

Orbea Ordu

Except for the M20, all Ordu bikes have a Shimano electric group.

Prices for this model range from 5 299€ to 10 999€.

Which Orbea gravel bike should I choose?


This is the only gravel bike of the brand. For people who want to go everywhere with their bike: on roads, trails and on the road. The Terra is made of aluminum.

This gravel has been declined in 3 versions: H30-D; H40-D; H-60D.

The H-30 is the best equipped with Shimano 105 derailleurs, the H-40 is in Shimano Tiagra which is the mid-range of the brand and the H-60 in Shimano Claris.

Prices for these Terra range from 1 349€ to 1 999€.

Which Orbea electric bike to choose?

To find out if Orbea electric bikes are eligible for national and/or regional purchase subsidies, see all the conditions in this article

Electric road bike

When it comes to electric road bikes, it's simple: Orbea has only one model: the Gain. However, it is available in 15 different models ranging from 3 000€ to 10 000€. Frame Carbon or aluminum, mechanical or electric groupset: there is a Gain for every taste (and budget). The fork allows to mount tires up to 35mm for a gravel practice.

Orbea Gain

The technology developed by Orbea focuses on a discreet assistance, which consumes little and is optimal when the cyclist reaches its maximum efficiency (between 75 and 95 rpm).


There are 4 models of electric mountain bikes: the Wild, the Rise, the Urrun and the Keram MTB. Before looking at the different VTTAE models offered by Orbea, I invite you to read this article on how to choose an electric mountain bike.

Wild (Enduro)

The Wild FS is available in 3 different models: 100% carbon, half-carbon half-aluminum = carbon front triangle and aluminum rear triangle and the latest 100% aluminum version.

Orbea Wild FS

To understand the different versions of this bike, this article on the Orbea website explains it very well.

To summarize, and with the information we have already given you, the M-LTD is the top of the range, below it we have the M-TEAM and below that the M10. These 3 versions are entirely in carbon. The M20 is half carbon, half aluminum. And finally the H10, H15, H25 are all 3 in aluminum.

Prices range from 4 999€ to 11 999€.

Rise (Trail)

This ATV model is designed to be as light as possible and to allow you to ride on any terrain.

Orbea Rise

The Rise has been declined in the same way as the Wild FS. For this bike, prices range from 5 299€ to 10 999€.

The next 2 bikes are for people who want a Hardtrail, that is to say a bike with a front suspension but no shock on the rear triangle.

Urrun (Hardtrail)

"Urrun" means "far" in Basque. It is a bike designed to take you as far as possible. Visually, it could almost pass for a mountainbike normal.

Orbea Urrun

For this bike, 3 models are available: the Urrun 10; the 30 and the 40.

Prices range from 3 299€ to 4 999€.

Keram MTB (Hardtrail)

The Kerram has a more imposing look than the Urrun, and is designed for cyclists looking for more comfort.

For this bike there are 2 versions: the Keram 10 at 3 099€ and the Keram 30 at 2 499€. The difference between the two models is only in the wheels.

Orbea Kerram

Why buy your Orbea bike from The Cyclist House ?

At The Cyclist Housewe build a platform to help cyclists spend as much time as possible riding. On the road, the gravel paths or the mountain bike trails, our mission is to find you the best bike at the best price with guarantees that allow you to ride without worries. You ride, we take care of the rest.

What does that mean in concrete terms?

🤑 The best prices on the market for all bikes, whether they have been ridden for 5 years or 5 days

🧑‍🔧 Revised bikes, Certified Pre-Owned and prepared by professional mechanics in our warehouse in Alsace

🏅 One year warranty on frame and components. The majority of Orbea bikes offered on our site are covered by a lifetime manufacturer's warranty in addition to the warranty The Cyclist House.

📨 Delivery in 3 to 5 days throughout Europe

👌 30-day trial period, satisfied or your money back

Customize your bike with MyO

The Orbea brand offers its customers the possibility of customizing the bike of their choice by choosing, in addition to the components, the colors: finishes, main and secondary frame colors, details and logos.


You've found the Orbea bike of your dreams! Now you have to choose the right size, with this article no chance of getting it wrong 😉

And sf you're not sure which models to buy, I invite you to read our various buying guides to help you make your decision.

👉 Buying guide for gravel bikes

👉 Road Bike Buying Guide

👉 Mountain Bike Buying Guide


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