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Marque de vélos française Adris

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Adris: The Breton and family-owned brand of high-end bicycles

In this Article

Published on January 25, 2023

Attention to fans of made in France and small-scale businesses: Adris is arriving in our stock! Still relatively unknown to the general public, this French bike brand designs, draws, and assembles bikes in Brittany. Adris is gradually making a name for itself in the professional world. We've notably seen them shine on... the Tour de Bretagne of course: stage victory for Nolann Mahoudo of the CIC U Nantes Atlantique team (ahead of Pierre Thierry who also rides an Adris)!

While waiting to perhaps one day equip a World Tour team, Adris offers high-end bikes at prices that defy all competition! The Cyclist House is very proud to offer you new and guaranteed Adris bikes, but as always, at reduced prices! In this article, we'll tell you all about this family brand from the west!

Adris: Story of a French and Family Bike Brand

This Breton brand (and proud of it!) was created in 2009 by two brothers, Adrien and Romain Duault. Very quickly, their two sisters and their parents joined the young company.

Today, Adris employs 35 people in Brittany and assembles 85 bikes per day in its workshops! The catalog has gradually expanded to include road, triathlon, mountain biking, gravel, and cyclocross models. A very comprehensive range, worthy of the biggest bike brands. And the great adventure is far from over as Adris continues to innovate to offer high-end bikes at consistently competitive prices.

Family values and the work/life balance are very important topics at Adris. For example, working hours are adjusted so that employees are free on Wednesday afternoons.

Adris Know-How: Quality Made in Brittany

When we say "Brittany", you might think of salted butter, legends of the Brocéliande forest, or even kouign-amann (to be eaten in moderation if you want to keep performing 😅)... You now need to add bikes to your list of Breton specialties!

Adris also benefits from the famous "Produit en Bretagne" (Made in Brittany) designation (with the little lighthouse) displayed on their bikes, alongside the UCI sticker! This label rewards companies that contribute to the region, showcase it, and engage in responsible practices.

Only the manufacturing of parts (as is the case for the vast majority of brands) is done in Asia. Everything else (design, prototyping, assembly, sales, communication, etc.) is 100% made in Brittany!

There is a distinct visual identity, carefully crafted and claimed, making Adris bikes quickly recognizable pieces.

Alongside the carbon frames of the most high-performance models (the "Vitesse" and aptly named "Performance"), there are excellent aluminum bikes. The welds are clean, barely visible. On some models, Adris goes as far as fully integrating the cables, which is very rare on aluminum models.

It's worth noting that the brand only goes through retailers to sell its bikes. A small detail we really like: they maximize the reuse of packaging and cardboard from the components they receive for their shipments 🌍

The Adris Airline: One of the Best Beginner Road Bikes

French bike brand Adris: Adris Airline

Now that you know a bit more about the Adris brand, you probably understand why we're so happy to have a few bikes in our stock.

The model we offer is the Adris Airline. It's the perfect bike to start cycling. Let us explain why right away.

The riding position is comfortable, not too leaned forward. This bike gives you time to get used to the specific position of a road bike. Thanks to the geometry of the handlebar/stem, you have the option to adopt an aero posture to gain some watts, but you can also ride with a more upright posture to relieve your lower back.

Regarding transmission, Adris has opted for small gears, suitable for beginners: 50-34 at the front, 11-34 at the back. With that, you can work your thighs for a while before switching to something tougher later if you want.

The price is also an argument for beginners in road cycling who aren't yet sure if they'll become addicted to this sport (you will quickly 😉): only 1300 euros with us! The bike is new, but always checked by our mechanics, and the frame is guaranteed for life! French quality at highly attractive prices.

At this price, we're obviously talking about a Shimano Tiagra group, which is rather entry-level, but superior to Shimano Sora or Shimano Claris for example.

The aluminum frame (with a carbon fork) has a sleek aerodynamic design, and the overall aesthetic is very appealing, like all Adris bikes.

Without a doubt, the Airline is a bike that will accompany you for thousands of kilometers before showing its limits!

Other Adris Road Bike Models

French bike brand Adris: the Vitesse

In addition to the Adris Airline, other road models are offered by the Breton brand.

The Vitesse

This is the brand's aero model. The geometry is meticulously crafted to minimize aerodynamic drag as much as possible. One notable feature is how close the diagonal tube comes to the front wheel: truly original!

A very beautiful bike that weighs only 7.2 kg with Shimano Dura-Ace in size M.

It's clearly a competition model for very fast races!

The Performance

With the Performance, we're sticking to a model aimed at competitors or sportive riders who like to push watts. The difference is that this model will really show its potential as soon as the road starts to climb.

And naturally, it shows on the scales: we're under the 7 kg mark with this bike (of course) in carbon.

Versatile, it's airy when climbing, without sacrificing comfort and aerodynamics to ride fast between difficulties.

The Endurance

The title says it all... This bike is designed to ride longer and farther. Whether you're a lover of ultra-distance or a newcomer to the world of gran fondo, you'll appreciate its comfortable geometry that doesn't hinder performance. Whatever the terrain, you'll find a faithful ally in it, ready to take you to the ends of the earth (if your legs hold out!).

The Asphalte

Like the Airline, this is more of a model for beginners in road cycling. However, it's hard not to notice less refined aerodynamics and a general geometry less inclined towards performance compared to the Airline models we offer.

It's a very good bike to get your legs moving before moving on to something else.

At the price level, it's unbeatable for a quality bike assembled in France: just over 1000 euros. At this price, you'll obviously have to make some concessions, especially with rim brakes and the Shimano Sora groupset.

Adris Bikes: MTB, Gravel, and Cyclocross

French bike brand Adris: the Sous-Bois

Even though the road range is the most extensive, the French brand has also invested in other disciplines.

Starting with cyclocross. And one almost feels like saying "of course," because Adrien Duault (one of the two co-founders) raced at a high level in CX for many years.

The model from Adris is called "le Sous-Bois" (the Undergrowth). With its weight of 7.6 kg, handlebar width ranging from 400 mm (in XS) to 440 mm (in XL), and a perfectly elevated bottom bracket, this CX bike is extremely maneuverable. A model worthy of the best in the discipline!

If you don't want to think about timing and competition when you're in the woods, don't worry, Adris also has gravel bikes!

👉 By the way, if you want to know all the differences between cyclocross and gravel, we have an article on the subject!

Regarding gravel, Adris offers two aptly named models: the Vadrouille (Stroll) and the Aventure (Adventure).

The Vadrouille is the weekend gravel bike for fun rides (although it's possible to attach luggage everywhere). The Aventure, on the other hand, is clearly more of a bikepacking model, designed to ride for a very long time... and loaded up!

And finally, in the MTB range, the catalog is very comprehensive with a full-suspension and a hardtail.

The Flexible is a full-suspension for trail lovers. Adris has focused on comfort and versatility thanks to a geometry designed for maximum maneuverability.

The Résistant, on the other hand, is a cross-country hardtail, much more competition-oriented. Its weight of 10 kg (almost 3 kg lighter than the Flexible) puts it in the lightweight category. The geometry of its frame (with a highly inclined top tube) offers an excellent seat tube angle, ensuring perfect weight distribution.

It's with passion that this French family bike brand is acquiring its nobility in the world of high-end cycling. While it's still less known than the French giants Lapierre and Look, the Adris brand clearly compares with its two illustrious compatriots. And who knows, perhaps one day we'll see Breton bikes shine on the roads of the Tour de France! In the meantime, make them shine on your training routes with one of the Adris bikes from our stock! 😉

Brand bikes Certified Pre-Owned by The Cyclist House

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