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Coach VTT avec un groupe prêt à s'élancer dans une descente technique

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Meet a coach: Roxy

In this Article

Published on April 13, 2023

At The Cyclist House, we're building a platform to help cyclists spend as much time as possible riding. On the road, gravel paths or mountain bike trails, our mission is to find you the best bike at the best price with warranties that allow you to ride without worries. You ride, we take care of the rest.

In addition to offering you exclusive offers on bikes from the best brands, we are constantly looking for the most exciting deals to support you in your practice: equipment, maintenance advice and training advice. And who better than professional coaches for that?

Today, we meet Roxy, mountain-bike-technique coach. Roxy is a German native, based in Spain where she finds the best conditions to offer specific mountain bike courses all year around, for bikers of every skill level. She is also very active on Youtube where she shares her tips to help bikers improve their riding technique, mindset and support them on their learning journey.


Mountain bike coach for beginners and professionals

Hello Roxy tell us a little about yourself. How did you discover mountain biking as a sport?

Hi Marie, thanks for inviting me to the interview! My "biking career" honestly started in a random and not so great way. After a knee injury, I was looking for a sport that was easy on my knees and my friends got me into mountain biking. On my very first riding technique course, I slammed my face into a rock at quite high speed. After that fall, I developed a strong fear that completely blocked me. I was so intimidated that I didn't even dare to ride on rough roads anymore. However, since I basically enjoyed mountain biking and the nature experience that came with it, I was determined to overcome my fear. So I started to sign up for all kinds of technique courses and then even took training courses to become a riding technique coach after a while, because I wanted to understand how to teach this sport without it having to be "risky" for the participants. I practiced like a world champion, read dozens of books on the subject of fear, buried myself in scientific texts on the subject of motor learning and learned not only myself to overcome my fears, but also how to accompany other bikers in protecting them from the experiences I had made and learn quickly and safely. Mountain biking does not have to be risky! You can also learn it without hurting yourself.

That's how I became a coach... And I love it!

When did you decide to work as a professional coach?

I followed my passion 14 years ago - and I never regretted a single day!

What do you enjoy most about coaching?

What brings me the most joy is when my participants understand things that have long been a mystery to them. It is so rewarding to see them begin to feel the security and suddenly skills become easy for them that were so difficult before.

What is the best part of your job?

What I love most about my job is that I can choose what and who I want to spend my time on and know that this time is not "empty time", but time filled with meaning and joy. I am also very grateful to contribute to making the sport of MTB safer and always pushing the international MTB riding technique teaching, as I also train other MTB riding technique trainers worldwide for BICP Europe.

How did you end up in Spain?

I came here for a vacation and immediately fell in love with the country! Then someone offered me a job and two weeks later I quit my job in Germany, packed my suitcase and started as a mountain bike guide in Mallorca. I have never regretted taking this step! Because 18 months later I took out a loan, ordered bikes and opened my own Bikestation. A few years later I had 7 full-time employees and over 70 rental bikes and was the leading MTB tour operator on Mallorca with up to 4 tours daily. At that time, I could not have imagined that one day I would sell my Bikestation to focus only on coaching. However, I simply followed my passion - because if this enriches the world, then it carries you to what you are in this world for.

Drivetrain Mountain biking with a professional coach in Spain

What do your clients like most about your coaching?

My clients appreciate my honesty, my passion and my competence. Coaching with me is not always easy, but always effective. I see my role as a guide, but also as a treasure hunter: I accompany my clients to find their own hidden treasures and guide them to ride with more ease - on the trails, but also through life! Even though this may sound " freaky".... I believe that my clients appreciate my psychological training as well as my unquenchable thirst for learning and my love for constant growth, and that this inspires them to search for their own meaning.

You also do psychological and mental coaching. Why do you think this part is important and deserves more attention?

Our head can control us - unless we control it. Mental training is largely underrated. It's natural to be afraid, but that doesn't mean our fear should stop us from going down the paths we want to go (or trials)! In my opinion, learning to overcome your fear and regulate limiting emotions is in many ways a necessary process. Most people seem to be aware of the importance of the mental aspect of biking (and more), but at the same time there is a tremendous lack of understanding and especially a lack of proven methods to address this mental aspect. I give my clients these methods to build their mental strength, influence their emotions and achieve more flow - on the bike and in their daily "ride" through life.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start mountain biking?

Be accompanied by the best possible trainer. Especially as a beginner you are like a dry sponge: you soak up everything! If you learn the "right" things right away during this time, you will save yourself many frustrating hours! Because it takes much longer to break "bad habits" then to learn new "good habits". So invest in your riding technique before you invest in the best bike. Start with a used bike and then get a professional trainer for the savings - I guarantee you, the cheaper bike will ride much better with good riding technique than the most expensive bike you could have afforded!

Can anyone participate in your coaching or clinics?

Yes, of course, I coach all levels: from beginner to pro. Most recently I coached an XCO Olympic participant, here in Spain I also coach Spanish racers, but I also coach very very many beginners and other hobby bikers. However, I only coach adults, because children learn differently.

As a professional cyclist and coach, how do you think the cycling industry can be more sustainable?

I think there are small things we can all do to be more sustainable: wear our clothes longer than a season and resell them, eat less meat, use bikes instead of cars, and of course, buy used bikes and use solar energy to recharge electric bikes!

What do you think about The Cyclist House ?

I think it's a great idea to offer used bikes that are professionally serviced and have a warranty! It's a great way to contribute to sustainable development, while offering the pleasure and security of buying a "new bike".

What advice would you give to cyclists looking to buy a used bike for their practice?

First, I would recommend researching information about the bike and pay attention to the details. I would also try to get in touch with the seller and talk to them about questions I have about my riding and the bike.

Find all the information about Roxy's training courses and coaching offers on its website:



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