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Épreuves gravel françaises en 2022

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7 100% French gravel bike events not to be missed in 2022

In this Article

Posted on February 21, 2022

The Gravel bike allows you to drive on any type of terrain, from bitumen to rocky trails. Discover below 7 tests of choice mixing pleasure and performance:


1. Héraultaise

When ? April 2 and 3, 2022

Where ? Gignac, Hérault Valley

The Héraultaise welcomes more than a thousand cyclosportifs each year and set out to Gravel in 2019. The result: a 68 km course with an elevation of approximately 1400m which will promote climbing enthusiasts.

The main thing is, anyway, to take advantage of the landscape-you will be in one of the most beautiful corners of France, mixing vineyards and unique views on Pic-Saint-Loup and Canigou.

Hérault: 100% French gravel test in 2022

More info on: https://heraultaise.com/index.php/gravel/


2. La Tro Bro Gravel

When ? May 14, 2022

Where ? Pays de Léon, Brittany

The Tro Bro Leon ("Tour du Pays du Léon" in Breton) was born in 1984. This race is a kind of little Paris-Roubaix Breton with paths strewn with stones. His nickname ? "West Hell".

The Tro Bro Gravel is the more affordable version of the event. Shorter than its elder, it offers 68km in Armorican lands, between small departmental and vicinal paths.

More info on: https://www.trobroleon.com/tbc2019


3. The Gravel Trophy

When ? June 4 and 5, 2022

Where ? Between Valberg and Vence, Alpes Maritimes

Unlike many events that offer the Gravel declination of an older race, the Gravel Trophy has been fully thought of for the discipline. Its third edition will take place in 2022. On the program: a great Alpine adventure on unique courses around Valberg, in the Alpes Maritimes. Three courses to choose from: "Discovery", for beginners, "challenge", for confirmed rollers, and "explore", for enthusiasts, with more than 165km over 2 days and 5300D+.

Gravel Trophy: 100% French Gravel event in 2022

More info: Gravel Trophy


4. Schlitte Gravel

When ?July 4 and 5, 2022

Where ? Xonrupt-Longemer, Vosges

The Schlitte Gravel is a unique opportunity to discover the Vosges by bicycle. For 2 days, wind between forest paths, ridges and singles in forests. On the program, 2 beautiful outings for athletes and lovers of beautiful landscapes:

  • The race: 54km of course (90% off road) timed
  • Rando: from 60 to 120km (70% off road)

More info on: http://schlittegravel.fr/


5. Sea to peak

When ? From July 16 to 30, 2022

Where ? A departure from Pointe Bretonne to reach the Alps after an all -terrain journey of more than 2000 km.

An all -terrain bikepacking test that will cross the most beautiful regions and landscapes in France. It’s not a race, but a patent. No ranking will be published, the goal being for the participants to live a real adventure and to surpass themselves physically and mentally.

The participants will have to follow the GPS trace provided. Control points set up by the organization will validate the patent.

The participants will be equipped with a tag for live follow -up via a dedicated application.

There will be 2 starting waves:

  • Saturday July 16, 2022 - morning
  • Sunday July 17, 2022 - morning

The last checkpoint will have to be crossed before Saturday July 30, 2022 - 9 p.m. An arrival in the middle of the alpine peaks which will leave you an unforgettable memory!

More info on: https://erminig.cc/epreuves/la-sea-to-peak/


6. The French Divide

When ? From August 6 to 21222

Where ? Flanders in the Basque Country

Should we still present the French divide? This is an opportunity to cross France from Flanders to the Franco-Spanish border by bicycle!

We still speak of 2200 km to complete in total autonomy, in 15 days maximum by largely following the path of Saint-Jacques de Compostela. A test that may well become a great bikepacking classic.

The French Divide: 100% French gravel test in 2022

More info on: http://www.frenchdivide.com/


7. La Gravel du Roy

When ? September 18, 2022

Where ? Cognac

At the dawn of the harvest, come and discover the cereal plains and the hillsides planted from UGNI-Blanc, the grape dedicated to the manufacture of cognac. La Charente, including François 1er, a native of the city, said that she was “the most beautiful river in the kingdom” will enchant you with her calm and her points of view.

Two choice of routes (100 and 150 km - 380 and 670 D+ respectively)

More info on: https://www.gravelpassion.fr/evenements-calendrier-gravel/la-gravel-du-roy/

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