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The Cyclist House 10 bonnes résolutions cyclistes pour 2022 et comment les tenir

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8 resolutions for 2023 and how to hold them

In this Article

Posted on January 3, 2023

New year, new goals. Many kilometers, a healthy diet and new disciplines are sure to be part of what comes to mind when thinking of a better cyclist year.

After having falted and drunk during the holidays, it's time to decide what you want to accomplish on two wheels in 2023, and we have some ideas to offer you. And the most important, some tips on how to hold them.
The Cyclist House 10 good cycling resolutions for 2022 and how to hold them

Exceed yourself

Do you know how far you can browse in one go? Or over several consecutive days? Cycling over long distances, whether on a road bike, a mountain bike, a hiking bike or your old but reliable city bike, can be unforgettable.

Test your limits, see how far you can go by your own means and learn to be autonomous.

Participate in a cycling event

If you have never participated in a race or event, add that to your list. This will give you a goal, a training goal, a date to be respected and, if you convince some friends to register, training partners too.

There are so many from which to choose: long-term audax events and multi-day mountain bike races for endurance enthusiasts, crit or cross-country races for those who love the adrenaline of competition in close contact With other cyclists, and charitable and social hikes for those who want something a little less competitive.

Be serious in your workout ... be fit

The oldest resolution. It is a good goal to achieve, if it is addressed with a healthy attitude. The problem is that this resolution is quite vague. If you want to make better use of your time and improve your fitness in record time, this is the perfect time to establish a training plan. To achieve this, it is important to remain structured and consistent. The goal of participating in an event or race is a great way of motivation to stay on track.

Another objective often cited next to fitness and can be vague is weight loss. It's actually losing fat, rather than muscle mass or water. Fat loss can be rewarded: greater endurance and ease in climbs, less resistance in descents, and health benefits in general.

With these goals, it's important not to forget to keep having fun! It's one thing to set a goal, but you have to keep cycling because you like that. The idea is to interrupt the training outputs by simply fun outings, and you will be more inclined to continue rolling.

Try something new

The variety is a little salt of life, is not it?

To keep your motivation throughout the year, try new challenges on two wheels, instead of simply kilometers from the club's weekly race. There are some advantages to mix things, whether you are a road cyclist trying campaign roads or a mountain facility tackling the tarmac.

Vétistists will see their physical condition improve considerably by browsing kilometers on the road and trains up, while road cyclists will see their bike skills skyrocket once they have mastered the cornering and rugged terrain.

If the road cyclists want to keep your head cold, why not try the Cyclocross, which is traditionally a winter sport, but which is very fun when you decide to borrow riders' alleys. If it puts you appetite for a little more mud, you can even try mountain biking!

Put order in your diet

If you have managed to put in order in your workout, the next step is to put order in your diet, which can make a real difference if your workout has been used before as a practical excuse for slices extra cake and a double portion of dinner. [Link to the article on Nutrition TCH]

Instead of refueling Coco Pops for the club race, make the effort to get up 15 minutes earlier to prepare a bowl of Porridge, and instead of throwing you on the cookies when you are hungry when you come home , have a protein recovery drink at hand to repair your muscles and prepare them to reset the next day.

The important thing here is not to fall into the trap of fashionable plans - there is no miracle solution. The key is to change your lifestyle in a durable way: add more fruits and vegetables to your diet, reduce processed foods and sugars, and make more outputs on your bike.

Need some inspiration? Check out our tips for eating well to help you achieve your goals in 2023.

Efficiency is the key word, make the most of each day ... and make the most of your trips

After having had free time during the holidays of the end of the year, the 3rd of January the sad reality is necessary to you, because this little boring thing that is the "full-time work" begins again across your coaching.

If you want to achieve your goals in 2023, cycling to go to work is a great way to train regularly during the week. It is better to ride that not rolling, but if you really want your home-work trips have an impact on your fitness, you have to do more intense exercises, like sprints to avoid traffic lights, or find a route Less traveled to make longer efforts.

Keep a good balance Training / Privacy

For a last new year resolution that could please your loved ones, why not spend a little less time on your bike and re-evaluate your work / privacy balance in 2023?

By abandoning the "trash kilometers" and replacing them with shorter and better training, you can become even faster over the next 12 months while succeeding more time with your family and friends. It's important to set clear settings: How many weekends can you devote to your business? How much money can you spend? Doing it at the beginning of the year allows you to establish a clear plan and avoid conflicts that may occur later.

Finally, if you plan the coming year with a partner, make sure it is fair. Share the chores and the free time, that they have bike or not. They may have their own resolutions to hold!

Initiate someone else to cycling

Do you like cycling, we understood, so why not share it with your loved ones?

It is proven that the bike improves mental and physical health, which it can satisfy the desire for competition and that it is a means of economic and sustainable transport. Children can do so, adults can do so, families can do it, friends can do it and couples can do it. In fact, as far as we are concerned, there are very few disadvantages, so why not introduce someone at the bike this year?

Now that you have defined your New Year's resolutions, you can find tips on how to respect them.

Once you have set your goal, it's time to break it down in small steps. Set a deadline, or use the deadline for the event you are preparing. Then divide your goal according to this period. For example, if you want to be able to pedal for 20 minutes more over a period of 4 months, you will need to improve 5 minutes each month.

The Cyclist House 10 good cycling resolutions for 2022 and how to hold them

Now that your goals are fixed, it's time to make sure you respect them. There are many methods to help you!

  • Put your goals in writing. We recommend that you write your goal and display it at a place where you will see it every day. So, when you see it, you will remember it and think about how you can reach it in your day.

  • Respect your agenda. Configure reminders on your phone so you do not forget to go that day or do what you planned.

  • Share your training with other cyclists - if you wish. As we have already mentioned, joining a community or a group of cyclists is a great way to stay motivated. If you do not have nearby, find a partner with whom you train. The ideal is that you are pursuing the same goal. You will then be able to exchange advice, encouragement and keep you company when you exercise.

  • Maintain your equipment correctly. Make sure your bike and equipment are in good condition. A good quality and in good condition can make a huge difference in your time, your fitness and your pleasure.

  • Reward yourself. If you reach your goals, please make fun. This can be a day off, a new jersey or bike shoes! Why not, you deserved it.

You now have all the tools to get your cycling at the upper level in 2023, so good training and good road!

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