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Les vélos de route sont-ils encore abordables en 2023 ?

In this Article

Can you still ride a road bike without breaking the bank? Our selection under €2,500

In this Article

Not easy to keep a cool head when you see the price of the new bikes that brands promote every year... However, it is still possible to have fun, at a reasonable price, on the new market. Before sharing our favorite models under 2500€, we take our chance on the the question that has been agitating the bike world for a while now: the road bike price increase: real news or hoax?

Some bikes cost more than a car

Have bike prices really increased in the last few years?

Has cycling become a sport for the rich? If we believe the recent evolution of the prices of new bikes, it seems that we are heading in that direction... At The Cyclist House, we like to check the information ourselves 🕵 

We've isolated the prices of a few well-known models from 2019 to 2022, none of which have undergone any major component changes during that time. While the price increase varies from model to model, none of them seem to be resisting it; even a brand like Canyon, which is known to be resilient to the economy, shows a slight upward trend. How can this be explained? Mainly because of the technological development of our sport and the widespread use of the latest components. A simple aluminum bike equipped with the bare essentials does not cost more today than in the 1990s. What makes prices go up is the refinement of materials (carbon fiber) and the sophistication of peripherals (groupsets and brakes).


Group, frame material, brakes

Price evolution in €





Specialized Allez Sport

Sora, aluminum, skates





Specialized Roubaix Sport

105, carbon, discs





Trek Emonda ALR 5

105, aluminum, discs




Trek Domane SL 5

105, carbon, discs




Cannondale CAAD13 Disc 105

105, aluminum, discs




Cannondale Synapse Carbon Disc 105

105, carbon, discs




Scott Addict 30 Disc

Tiagra, carbon, discs




Canyon Endurace CF SL Disc 7.0

105, carbon, discs




Which road bike to buy under €2,500 ?

Is it worth it to buy a new bike when you have a "small" budget? Yes, as long as you don't go after the wrong target. Top 5 of our favorite models, classified by increasing price.

Specialized Allez Elite - €1,800

See on the Specialized website

The Allez Elite may be a road bike, but it's also road bike (aluminum frame and brakes with pads), it doesn't make many concessions... is both reliable and lightIt is both reliable and light, but it is especially its group, SRAM Rival 22, which makes its strength. Whether you're looking to get into biking or just want a new bike at a low price, the Elite might just be the one for you. a good choice. Go for it!

Canyon Endurace CF 8 - €2,299

See on the Canyon website

Do you smell a good plan? We won't lie, this one is our favorite! Designed for endless rides, the Endurace CF 8 offers an impressive quality/price ratio: carbon frame and Shimano Ultegra groupset for 2 299 €, you can only find that at Canyon. To tell you the truth, mounted in Tiagra, the Scott Addict 40 is displayed at the same price. In 105 version (still not Ultegra), the Addict 30 costs no less than €2,799...

If you're looking for a racing bike (not an endurance bike), have a look at the Ultimate CF SL 7 Disc sold new for at €2,199.

Cannondale CAAD13 Disc 105 - €2,399

See on Cannondale website

A benchmark competition bike at an affordable price. With four decades of innovation in aluminum frame design, Cannondale boasts that the CAAD13 is "the best combination of stiffness and comfort on the planet. Handy and fast, equipped with a Shimano 105 groupset and hydraulic disc brakes. Solid.

Trek Emonda ALR 5 - €2,399

See on Trek website

Direct competitor of the CAAD13, the Emonda ALR 5 shares many of its main characteristics, namely the material (aluminum), the groupset (Shimano 105), the brakes (disc) and the price! Light and responsive, with an aluminum alloy frame "as good as a much more expensive carbon model" and superior components. Place your bets.

If your budget is more like €2,000, take a look at the Emonda ALR 4. Tiagra has replaced 105, but the result is there.

Looking for a less aggressive geometry? Don't miss the Domane AL 5 Disc for €2,049.

Lapierre Pulsium 5.0 - €2,499

See on Lapierre website

Born in 2014 from Lapierre's collaboration with the FDJ pro team, the Pulsium is a carbon endurance bike of pretty bluff quality. For even more comfort (is it worth it?), treat yourself to the Pulsium SAT 5.0 and its patented technology Shock Absorption Technology for a budget of €2,799.

The 5 best road bikes from €2,500 to €3,000

We can't resist the pleasure of expanding our selection to a budget of €3,000. Not so much to encourage consumption as to reveal some nice surprises. Our 5 best picks.

Giant TCR Advanced Disc 2 - €2,600

See on Giant website

The Taiwanese touch in our ranking. In 1997, the the first TCR revolutionized the road bike world with its shape, performance and weight. From the first model, Mike Burrows' masterpiece, to this 9e generation, Giant has continued to innovate and improve its model competition model.

Van Rysel EDR CF Ultegra Disc - €2,750

See on the Decathlon website

True to its reputation, the French brand has designed a high-end bike at a moderate price. Frame It features a high modulus carbon fork, Shimano Ultegra R8000 groupset, hydraulic disc brakes, Fulcrum Racing 3 DB tubeless wheels, 7,7 kg on the scale... all for less than €3,000€! That's a lot for one bike. Strong.

Specialized Roubaix - €2,850

See on the Specialized website

Is it still necessary to present the great Roubaix? Specially created for the "Queen of the Classics", the Roubaix is the most successful bike in the history of this race. There are 7 models of Roubaix, the most affordable of which, mounted on a Tiagra, costs 2 850€, and the most expensive of which (whose price we won't mention out of respect for your wallet) is said to be the most performing road bike ever built. Yes, yes.

Specialized Tarmac SL6 - €2,850

See on the Specialized website

This one's not bad either: designed "to dominate everything," the Tarmac SL6 is a model of aerodynamics. Long climbs, windy plains, Grand Tour stages or local competitions - Specialized has designed a race bike that's meant to take it all in. That's right, Julian Alaphilippe ?

Trek Domane SL 5 - € 2,999

See on the Trek website

Trek's equivalent of the Roubaix, the Domane has no reason to be ashamed of its counterpart: it too has won races! Equipped with a Shimano 105 drivetrain, disc brakes and internal storage space, the Domane SL 5 incorporates IsoSpeed damping technology to reduce fatigue on difficult sections.

Available at the same price in its racing version: Trek Emonda SL 5 Disc.

What about The Cyclist House?

Certified Pre-Owned bikes in perfect condition up to 60% cheaper than new!

As attractive as this top 10 may seem, buying new without breaking the bank necessarily reduces the range of possibilities. Why not take an interest in the second-hand market? The Cyclist House has one of the most extensive catalog of Certified Pre-Owned road bikes: in addition to knowing what you are buying, you have access to machines at reduced or even broken prices, potentially out of your budget if they were new. The condition of the bike is described in detail to avoid any surprises at the time of purchase. Follow the guide to learn more.

The best brands, 1 year warranty, delivered in 3 days...Great deals guaranteed!

See all road bikes in stock under €2,500.

If you are not yet familiar with the used bike market, we have written practical guides to help you navigate this new Eldorado for bike lovers:

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