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10 événements cyclistes en 2022

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10 cyclist events to do in 2022

In this Article

Posted on 17 January 2022

What we all love in cycling is the outdoors, speed, wind, and go beyond its limits. In the last two years have often prevented us from achieving our goals and ride as we wanted. At The Cyclist House, we are full of optimism for 2022 and we offer a series of 10 cyclist events not to miss this year!


When :April 2, 2022

Or : Flanders, Belgium - 217 km from Antwerp | 177 km, 136 km and 72 km from Audenarde.

Why we love it : The Flanders Tour is a great classic professional cycling on the road, and those who dream of making the same course as the pros can do the day before the great race. You will fight on these climbs and cobbled, you will appreciate the picturesque and winding roads of the Flemish countryside and you will be carried away by the unique atmosphere of "We Ride Flanders". You have the choice between 72, 136, 177 or 217 km. Traditionally, the longest distance from Antwerp, the other three Olds.
We Ride Flanders | THE CYCLIST HOUSEMore information : https://www.werideflanders.com/fr/


When : April 16, 2022

Or : 170 km from Busigny, France | 145 km and 70 km from Roubaix, France.

Why we love it:Just like We Ride Flanders, the Paris-Roubaix Challenge offers amateurs the opportunity to realize the route of the best professional cyclists in the world, a few hours before the mythical race. Three courses are offered, on roads open to traffic but secured by many volunteers and bikers. There is a race for everyone, on 70 ,145, or 170 km. So get ready to face "Northern Hell" and finish the route in the historic Roubaix velodrome.

More information : https://www.parisroubaixchallenge.com/en/

3. Mallorca 312

When : April 30, 2022

Or : Platja de Muro, Majorca, Spain

Why we love it: The landscapes, the beautiful beaches, the climbs and the itineraries are numerous on the island, so it was logical to organize Ungrand cycling event there. The Mallorca 312, as its name suggests, is a 312-kilometer race with 5,050 meters of altitude. The challenge: participants must finish in 14 hours. Shorter races are also proposed: The Mallorca 225 includes 225 kilometers and 3,973 meters of elevation, with a time limit of 10 hours. Mallorca 167 is a 167-kilometer race with a total altitude of 2,475 meters.
Mallorca 312 | THE CYCLIST HOUSEMore information: https://milestoneseries.cc/event/mallorca-312

4. Bikus dessertus

When : Between April 23 and May 01

Or : Beginner in Anglet, France - ending in Nerja, Spain.

Why we love it : If you dream of doing something coming out of the ordinary, dessertus bikus is perfect for you. The road bike is highly recommended, but adapt your tires to mix road / track, because three of the four checkpoints to be achieved are in different deserts. This 1250 km race allows you to draw your career. Several choices are possible depending on mileage, altitude difference, wind. Everything so you feel like a real explorer, in tribute to the first riders of the Paris / Dakar race of the 80s.

More information : https://desertusbikus.com/

5. Gran Fondo Quebrantahuesosos

When : June 18, 2022

Or : Sabiñanigo, Pyrenees - Spain

Why we love it : For cyclists who are not afraid of the sun or heat, the quebrantahuesos, or the "bone breaker", is perhaps the event you need. Spain's most popular cyclist sports event takes place in the Pyrenees, where time is Clement in summer. The landscape is breathtaking when you browse the 200 km from the course, with four mountain passes crossing two countries (France and Spain). The entrance is limited to a number of cyclists, so you have to be quick to register and be part of the lottery process for places. Like most sports, a shorter 85 km long course is available, called Treparriscos.
Gran Fondo Quebrantahuesos | THE CYCLIST HOUSEMore information : https://www.quebrantahuesos.com/fr/entree/

6. Maratona Dolomites

When : July 3, 2022

Or : Departure from the villa - arrival in Corvara, Italy.

Why we love it : In terms of distance (138 km), it may not be the longest event, but what seems to be missed in km is largely offset by the altitude. The race takes you to an altitude of 4200 meters. It should be expected when you see the mountain passes that are borrowed on the course. Passo Campolongo, Passo Pordoi, Passo Sella, Passo Gardena, Passo Giau, Passo Valparola and Mür Dl Giat are all here! So get ready to be cut off, not only because of the effort but certainly because of the landscapes.

More information : https://www.maratona.it/en/

7. The stage of the turn

When : July 10, 2022

Or : Between Briançon and the Alpe d'Huez, France

Why we love it : It's your chance to do one of the epic steps of the Tour de France. The 30th edition of the stage of the Tour de France will take place on the same course as the 12th stage of the Tour de France, between Briançon and the Alpe d'Huez, or 170 km with more than 4,700 meters of cumulative positive elevation, whose climbs of the Galibier and Iron Cross passes.

More information : https://www.letapedutourdefrance.com/fr/la-course/parcours

8. Cyclassics Hamburg

When : August 21, 2022

Or : Hamburg, Germany

Why we love it : One of the most important cyclists in Europe comes back this year for its 25th edition. This real bike festival, open to all types of cyclists, offers entirely closed roads in the city, which not only ensures maximum security, but also allows participants to see Hamburg from another eye. With three different courses, 60, 100 or 160 kilometers, you will surely find the race that suits you best. The finish line being located in the heart of downtown Hamburg, you will be encouraged by thousands of spectators. Nothing like feeling a professional runner the time of a day.
Cyclassics Hamburg | THE CYCLIST HOUSEMore information : https://www.cyclassics-hamburg.de/en/das-event/

9. High road

When : From August 21st to 27th, 2022

Or : Departure in Nice - Arrival in Mégeva, France

Why we love it : An excellent week to work legs, the flagship event of the high-road cycling series is a challenge like no other. The course is filled with climbs, made famous by the Tour de France, as well as collars more than 2,000 meters of altitude. The race will leave Nice and will head north, in the heart of the Alps, for a triumphal arrival in Megève. Known as the most demanding amateur cycling race in the world, it has been the ultimate challenge for the last ten years for serious riders who want to repel their limits like never before.

More information: https://www.hauteroute.org/fr/events/overview/alpes-2022-fr

10. The Eroica

When : 01 October - 03 October 2022

Or : Gaiole, Chianti - Italy

Why we love it : To close the calendar in beauty, direction the largest retro cycling festival in Europe. The Eroica is not just a race, it's a way of maintaining traditions alive. The Eroica has been launched as a foundation to protect and preserve the last gravel roads in Tuscany. All the bikes of the Eroica are road race bikes built in 1987 or before, with or without speeds. These bicycles usually have a steel frame with speed levers on the diagonal tube and brake cables that pass outside and above the handlebars. Participants can choose to face a race of 46, or 209 km to get tired of the legs through the magnificent fields of Tuscany.
Eroica | THE CYCLIST HOUSEMore information: https://eroica.cc/fr/gaiole

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