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We buy your bike!

Cycling can quickly become a passion that comes back to you very expensive. Indeed, the bicycles that own can sometimes prevent you from evolving through your passion because they take space and money. If you have a quality bike and in good condition, The Cyclist House can help you get rid of it and get the best price. A stone, two shots!

Whether you want to sell your bike directly or exchange it against a new from our website, we will make you the task easier and faster. We are a must-see reference to buy and sell your bikes used, and we buy most bikes either: road, mountain bike, evatt, gravel, triathlon, or track.

At The Cyclist House, we think only one thing is even better than your new bike: your next new bike. Our process of sale / exchangehas been specially designed to help you sell your bike quickly and simply. And this, to allow you to buy your next bike as soon as possible.

If your used bike has the following qualities, we will be interested in buying it:

  • A nine selling price of 1500 € or more
  • It is upscale, in perfect condition, it has full of high-end components and is worth several thousand euros
  • He's somewhere between the two    

Sell ​​your used bike

If you are ready to sell your used bike, go to our page Sell ​​/ exchange

Follow the instructions for submitting your bike and you will receive an offer for the value of your bike within a business day.

That's what we offer at The Cyclist House. We are bicycle enthusiasts and selling your bike used, you will give it a second life and you will earn money, all at the same time.

Do not hesitate, sell or exchange your old companion who has been sleeping in your garage for too long. You will free space and money for your next purchase!

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